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A short talk about the impact of Piracy on Mobile apps -specially on games and specially on Android-, how to minimize the impact and how to live with it.


<ul><li> 1. Piracy on Apps Raul Portales @sla_shalafi Platty Soft @plattysoft </li></ul> <p> 2. Is it real? 3. The platform matters 4. Some recent reactions 5. It can happen to you 6. Look at other media Music and Movies 7. What you can NOT do Beat them 8. Opportunity Cost There is more to piracy than just money 9. Opportunity Cost Easy to obtain 10. Opportunity Cost Ethics / Moral 11. Opportunity Cost Safety 12. Opportunity Cost Price / Value 13. What you CAN do Work out the opportunity cost 14. What you CAN do Offer free options (Freemium) 15. What you CAN do Price according to perceived value 16. What you CAN do Embrace other models (Free2Play) 17. What you CAN do Improve accessibility (In-app purchases) 18. A pirated copy is NOT a lost sale 19. What you SHOULD do Always look at the bright side of life 20. Questions? Raul Portales @sla_shalafi Platty Soft @plattysoft </p>