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  • 1.By ZlochevskayaDana Ivanova Sonya10 V (2013)

2. HISTORYPink Floyd is famous English rockgroup. This group is widelyacknowledged, because it has philosophical texts, acousticexperiments, grandiose show. Pink Floyd was founded in 1965by classmates from the University of London Architecture. Firstparticipant were Syd Barrett, NycMason, Roger Waters and RichardWright. 3. The name of this group is dedicated bluesartists from North and South Caroline. Thefirst record were made in 1967. It was thesingle Arnold Layne But this song wasbanned, because had so hard mind. 4. In August in 1967 PinkFloyd released the debut album, named ThePiper at the Gates ofDown. As a rule its the example of psychedelicmusic. 5. The uncommon album of Pink Floyd was the Dark Side of theMoon. Songs from this album areabout pressure from modern worldon human psyche. The singleTime described the approach ofold age. Money is about influentmoney of over life. Brain Damage is about the madness. 6. The most popular single was theAnother brick in the wall Thissingle(from album The wall) canopen over eyes to the problem ofeducation in school. 7. The Wall-Live in Berlinwas a live concertperformance by Roger Waters andnumerous quest artist, of PinkFloyd studio album The Wall 8. The show was held inBerlin on 21 July 1990,tocommemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall lightmonth earlier.The show had a sell-out crowd of over 350,000people, and rightbefore the performance started the gates wereopened which enabledat least another 100,000 people towatch 9. Can you imagine 450,000 people at the concert? 10. The show was attended by almost all the stars of this time, such as: Roger Waters Scorpions Sinead OConnor, etc. 11. The Wall is a rock opera that exploresabandonment andisolation, symbolized by ametaphorical wall. Thesongs create on approximate storyline ofevents in the life of the protagonist, Pink. 12. This film adaptation of the albumThe wall 13. Thanks for your attention!