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Sierra LSA Pilot's Handbook Version 1.2

IntroductionThank you for purchasing this aircraft. I have spent many hundreds of hours working on this aircraft and have tried to make the best possible model within the limits of my own abilities and the limitations of FSX. I hope you enjoy flying the Sierra. The Sierra is a sleek lightweight 2 seater modern aircraft constructed in Italy from aluminium sheeting over a steel frame. The aircraft uses the 100hp Rotax 912 engine and will happily cruise at over 110kts. Even though the aircraft is not cleared for aerobatics it still displays stable, agile handling, crisp control response and excellent take off and climb rate performance. Primarily designed as a trainer in the new light sport aircraft category it also makes a good cross country tourer with a range of over 600NM.

System RequirementsThis aircraft was developed with the FSX SP2 SDK. You therefore need either Microsoft's Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration or FSX Gold. The minimum PC specs are more difficult to be exact about as even similarly specced PC's can give such varying performance. For reference I created this aircraft on an Intel E8500 core 2 due 3.16Ghz CPU with 4GB ram and an NVidia 9600GT 1GB video card running Windows XP. To run the Sierra Setup program Microsoft .NET 4.0.30319 or later needs to be installed.

SupportIf you are having problems with the operation of the aircraft please email me at support@antsairplanes.com. Problems with downloading the package should be directed to the retailer as they are responsible for delivery of the download.

Quick StartFor those people who like to dive right in there is a quick start guide which covers the basics of flying this aircraft. The Quick Start is also available in the FSX kneeboard reference page.Ant's Airplanes 1

Sierra LSA Pilot's Handbook Version 1.2

InstallationThis aircraft is designed for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X. Installation is handled by an installer program which places the files into the correct location. Simply click on the installer to start the process. The installer will read FSX's location from the registry. Ensure that this is correct and that the installer is pointing to your Flight Simulator X folder. If you have installed the demo Sierra LSA it is recommended that you uninstall the demo first.

Upgrading from version 1.0 or version 1.1 to version 1.2The AntsSierraV120.exe installer will overwrite the files in version 1.0 so there is no need to uninstall the earlier version. However, make a backup of your aircraft.cfg file if you have added any repaints as this file will be overwritten. After you have installed version 1.2 you can copy the fltsim entries from your backup to the new aircraft.cfg file. Any repaint textures you may have added should not be affected by installing 1.2 and repaints made for early versions are compatible with version 1.2.

Features- Smooth 3D gauges. - Custom made radios. - Bump and specular mapped textures. - Custom engine management and startup. - 13 liveries included. - Genuine engine sounds. - Switchable wheel covers and nose wheel fairing. - Animations for tiedowns, wheel chocks and pitot covers. - Special model for RealityXP GPS compatibility (both 430 and 530).

Things to knowBefore we get too far into this manual I will list some of the items unique to this aircraft that may cause some confusion. There are no mixture or prop controls. The engine features constant depression carburetors that automatically adjust for density altitude and the prop is a fixed pitch prop. Stop the engine by turning off both ignition switches. There is no generator switch. The generator light comes on in the event of a failure or if the engine is not running. There is no differential braking. The brakes are operated by a lever on the centre console (you can still use toe brake pedals to apply the brakes in FSX). Yes, the engine does rev that high. The engine has a maximum rpm of 5800 and uses a 2.428 gear reduction before going to the prop. Flaps in the real aircraft are continuously variable. FSX doesn't handle continuously variable flaps so, as a compromise, the model has been set up to increment the flaps by steps of 5 degrees.

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Sierra LSA Pilot's Handbook Version 1.2

Demo LimitationsIf you are using the demo the following limitations are placed on the model. Purchasing the full version will obviously fix these limitations. - Demo written in inconvenient places - Propeller does not rotate - Only one all white livery (full version includes 10 liveries) - No Reality XP version (full version includes a model that allows the Reality XP 530 or 430 GPS (sold separately) to be used). The demo should provide a good representation of the performance and framerates you would get from the full version.

What's new in Version 1.1- Fixed bug where animations could get confused under certain circumstances. - Fixed direction of elevator trim tab and elevator animation. - Fixed night lighting on altitude Kohlsman dial. - Added CRSR clickpoint to the GPS. - Improved flap lever animation. - Added method to allow user to set animations on loading aircraft. - Included alternative textures for VC glass for those that prefer less reflections.

What's new in Version 1.2- New custom 296 GPS gauge. - New Trutrak autopilot. - Reworked lighting system for gauges and panel. - Hot switchable RPM gauge (displays either engine RPM or prop RPM). - Hot switchable airspeed gauge (displays either Knots or km/h). - New Sierra Setup program to set user preferences. - Adjusted animation range of ailerons and rudder. - 3 new liveries.

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Sierra LSA Pilot's Handbook Version 1.2

Selecting the SierraOnce the aircraft has been installed start FSX and click on Free Flight. Click on Change... under Current Aircraft. Ensure Show all variations is ticked. The Sierra will appear as "Tecnam P2002 Sierra". If you are using the filters at the top of the Select Aircraft screen the Aircraft manufacturer is Tecnam, the Publisher is Ant's Airplanes and the Aircraft Type is Single Engine Prop. If the aircraft name starts with Style 1, Style 2 or Style 3 it means this aircraft allows you to change the registration number displayed on the sides of the aircraft by changing the Tail number under "Details". This allows you to easily customise your aircraft to your personal registration and works in exactly the same way as the default aircraft. If the aircraft name has a registration number as part of the name of the aircraft then you cannot change the registration number as it is fixed as part of the aircraft texture (refer to the Customising the Sierra section for information on how to customise aircraft paints). Each variation may also include RXP as part of the name. They will also have a GPS graphic in the lower right of the thumbnail picture. If you have the Reality XP GNS WAAS 530 GPS then selecting this aircraft will use a radio stack with the Reality XP GPS in it. Note that the Reality XP GPS is not included in this package and must be purchased separately. Refer to the Modifying the Panel section for information on how to customise this model if you would like to use other avionics gauges.

On the following pages are some pictures of the aircraft repaints available. Version 1.2 includes an additional 3 repaints which were previously available as separate downloads. The 3 new repaints are VH-JFO, ProSky and ZK-ROZ

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Sierra LSA Pilot's Handbook Version 1.2

Style 1 available in two colour schemes, red and blue (as shown) or blue and grey. The registration number can be changed on these paints.

Style 2 is only available in this red and gold scheme. The registration number can be changed on this paint.

Style 3 is available in blue and grey (as shown) or a blue scheme. The registration number can be changed on these paints.

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Sierra LSA Pilot's Handbook Version 1.2

24-5395 is a fictional repaint. Greg from Airsport QLD flying school at Boonah, Queensland was kind enough to let me record the engine sounds from one of his Tecnam's and in return I have repainted the Sierra in Airsport colours that are flown by his Tecnam Golf (a similar aircraft to the Sierra). The registration number is fixed on this repaint.

24-5239 is an Australian recreational aviation registered aircraft also based at Boonah. The registration number is fixed on this repaint.

ZK-NPS is a NZ registered aircraft based at Ardmore. The registration number is fixed on this repaint.

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Sierra LSA Pilot's Handbook Version 1.2

A UK registered aircraft which I thought looked rather nice. The registration number is fixed on this repaint.

Fuel and PayloadThe Sierra has an unloaded weight of 331 kgs (730 lbs) and a maximum weight of 598 kgs (1335 lbs). The Sierra has two fuel tanks located within the leading edge of each wing. Each tank holds 50 litres (13.1 gallons) of fuel for a total fuel capacity of 100 litres (26.2 gallons). Note that only 99.2 litres (26 gallons) of fuel is useable. Baggage is stored behind the seats along with the fire extinguisher and first aid kit. If you set the baggage to more than 0 and less than 20 pounds one small bag will appear here. If you set the baggage load to more than 20 pounds a second, larger bag will appear. If you set the passenger weight to be more than 0 then a passenger will appear in the aircraft. You can show or hide the passenger by using the Animation Manager (shift+3).

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Sierra LSA Pilot's Handbook Version 1.2

The Virtual CockpitThe Sierra features a fully 3D virtual cockpit with smooth 3D gauges. As these gauges are an integral part of the 3D model


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