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  • 1. We are a small school with 88 pupils. Pilling St Johns School serves a rural community just south of Lancaster.

2. Welcome to Pilling St Johns school 3. Pilling St Johns Church of England School Comenius Project Autumn 2013 Forest! 4. History of Forest School at Pilling St Johns School We have extensive grounds at school. Part of these grounds have a small woodland area and this has been used to develop our work for Forest School over the last few years. We have been developing outdoor learning across the curriculum. 5. We launched our Comenius Project by planting a tree in our school grounds.We celebrated Grandparents Day and they came into school to help us with planting we took the opportunity to plant a special tree to celebrate the beginning of our project. 6. We held events to publicize our work.We supported the Forestry Sustainable Councils event FSC Friday and emphasised the importance of our forests to children, staff and parents. As an eco school we are developing our understanding of how important our forests are. 7. The English School Curriculum Prescribed by the Government Pressure to raise standards in the basic skills of English and maths A full timetable which sometimes makes it difficult to be creative Our approach we link the curriculum subjects together to help us be creative whilst developing those essential basic skills. 8. For example: Through our forest project we have been able to develop English reading skills using the theme forest to develop reading skills through developing research English - writing skills reports, instructions, poetry, story Maths in some year groups using the forest to develop skills counting, shape and size Geography looking at forests in different places rainforest, local environment Art sketching what we see in the forest, producing sculpture ICT research, presenting information Physical Education adventurous activities building Examples of our English work can be found in the booklet. 9. Our booklet shows you a variety of work we have completed since September 10. Year 2 children visited a local wood.We identified the plants which we could find.We sketched them and took pictures.This work links to our science and art curriculum. 11. We have horse chestnut trees in our grounds.The fruit of the horse chestnut are conkers and there is a history of children collecting these to play conker games. 12. Christmas we collected woodland plants and brought them into school.The children created decorations for tables. As we worked we learned about the different evergreens. 13. Next Steps! We are looking forward to the next steps in our work together. Our children are excited as we develop our work. We are also seeing a growing interest in our children to learn about your countries and this will be another success gained from the project.

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