Piezoaeroelastic Energy Harvesting

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Talking @ PASI (Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute) Workshop 2012 - CMS4E, Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile, January 9-20, 2012, Santiago - Chile


<ul><li> 1. PIEZOAEROELASTIC ENERGY HARVESTING Vagner Candido de Sousa vagner@sc.usp.br Aeronautical Engineering DepartmentSao Carlos Engineering School University of Sao Paulo BrazilPASI Workshop 2012Computational Material Science for Energy Generation and ConversionJanuary 9 20, Santiago, Chile</li></ul> <p> 2. Outline Vibration-based energy harvesting E.H. from aeroelastic vibrations Piezoelectrically coupled airfoil typical section Case Studies Linear model (interaction power - aeroelastic response) Nonlinear model (broadband generation) Conclusions 3. Vibration-based energy harvesting Motivation Vibrations are available in the environment Additional (long-term) power source Reduced power requirement of small devices Flow-induced energy harvesting Aeroelastic vibrations Potential application: UAV Piezoelectric transduction (direct effect) 4. Airfoil section for energy harvesting2-DOF (Erturk et al., 2010)3-DOF (Tang and Dowell, 2010) DOFs: plunge (h), pitch () and control surface rotation () 5. Piezoaeroelastic equations of motionI ( I b(c a ) S ) S h d k M ( I b(c a ) S ) I S h d k M S S (m me )h d h h k h h v p L lvpC vp eqp h 0Rl 6. State-space representationI 0 00 x 0 I 0 0 x 00 K M 0 x BD s x 0 0 I0 x a E1 E2 F 0 x a eq 00 0 C p v p 0e 01 / Rl v p 0I0 0 M 1K M 1B M 1D M 1 s AE1E2F0 0 1 / C eq p e01 / C p (1 / Rl ) eqx Ai x a i 7. The experimental system 8. 2-DOF Linear piezoaeroelastic response Load resistances (Rl): 102, 103, 104, 105 and 106 2-DOF ULF = 12 m/s 9. 2-DOF Linear piezoaeroelastic response 10. The linear problem U &lt; ULF: damped oscillation U &gt; ULF: growing amplitudes of oscillation U = ULF: the ideal scenario for energy harvesting U = ULF is a very particular situation Nonlinear model Opportunity for persistent power generation 11. Nonlinear model Structural nonlinearities can induce subcritical LCOs The linear torsional spring is replaced by a bilinear spring I ( I b(c a ) S ) S h d k f fp ( ) M k fp fp f fp ( ) 0 fp fp k fp fp2-DOF with bilinear spring3-DOF with bilinear springSousa et al., 2011, Smart Mat. Struc. 3-DOF: Power with airspeed (70% ~ 98% ULF) 12. Summary and conclusions Piezoaeroelastically coupled typical section forenergy harvesting Harvests energy from linear and nonlinearaeroelastic vibrations Nonlinear aeroelastic phenomena can providepersistent power generation in a wide range ofairflow velocities 13. Thank you! Questions? The author gratefully acknowledge PASI 2012 CMS4E organizing committee CNPq </p>