Picture lights to accent and highlight paintings or artwork in your home

Download Picture lights to accent and highlight paintings or artwork in your home

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<ul><li><p>Picture Lights to Accent and Highlight Paintings or Artwork in Your Home </p><p>A wall does gain in beauty when you have a beautiful painting adorning it or when you place a </p><p>beautiful artwork in front of it. It does become the focal point of your room and can be the object </p><p>of many a conversation. </p><p>Bring out the glory and charm of your prized painting or object dart by highlighting it with </p><p>picture lights. Picture lights are created just for that purpose. If you have given your house a </p><p>makeover, you would ideally have thought of positioning the painting and including strip </p><p>lighting, recessed halogen spot lights or diffuse border lighting around the frame for a smoothly </p><p>integrated look. If that is not the case, you can still achieve a startling effect by the use of </p><p>appropriate picture lights. Choose the same picture lights selected by art galleries for the best </p><p>effect. </p><p>Picking picture lights deserves some consideration. Consider the picture or art object. If the </p><p>painting has an area that needs highlighting then you could pick something like the house of troy </p><p>lectern light to add a point of visual interest to the painting by lighting it up brightly. If the </p><p>painting depicts nature scenes, you may want wider and softer illumination. This can be achieved </p><p>with a House of Troy 24 inch or 36 inch picture light, depending on how large the painting is. </p><p>These days you can also pick power saving LED strip picture light with just the right color </p></li><li><p>temperature to achieve the perfect result. Color temperature is important and should receive due </p><p>consideration. Color temperature of 5000 deg. K is considered equivalent to natural sunlight. </p><p>Color temperatures in the range of 3000 to 4000 deg. K have a decidedly warm yellow cast. </p><p>Color temperature above 5000, up to 6500 deg. K have a pure white to blue cast, ideal if your </p><p>painting has plenty of white-blue spaces or colors. </p><p>It may be difficult to retrofit picture lights since it involves wiring that can mar a beautiful decor. </p><p>In such instances you can pick battery operated picture lights using LEDs, the perfect and </p><p>compact space saving solution. LEDs, like filament bulbs, can be dimmed, making them still </p><p>better to illuminate pictures and art objects. Apart from low power consumption and the ability to </p><p>operate off batteries, LEDs have the advantage of long life and no UV radiation, thus avoiding </p><p>the issue of colors fading over time. The Troy Classic 14 inch LED light is perfect. It has an </p><p>adjustable, flexible arm to help you direct light on the painting. </p><p>Whether it is a huge painting that occupies a major portion of the wall or a small object dart, </p><p>make sure you have picture lights installed to accent and highlight the area. </p></li></ul>