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  • Piano Music | Buzzle.com

    Be it Beethoven, Mozart or Yanni, musicians have found solace in expressing themselves with thepiano. The soulful music that the piano can create can be compared to no other, In fact, it is the onlyinstrument with which 2 octaves can be played simultaneously. Read on to know more about thisclassy musical instrument.

    Piano Tuning Cost

    The average piano tuning cost depends on a number of reasons, like the duration since the lasttuning and the expertise of the tuner. The cost of tuning changes accordingly. In this followingBuzzle article, we will take you...

    Different Types of Pianos Explained with Pictures

    Piano manufacturers design their instruments according to the purpose and the performer. If youare looking to purchase this instrument for yourself, it is important that you consider the varioustypes of pianos first, and then...

    Information About Spinets

    A spinet is very popular version of a keyboard, such as a smaller piano or an organ. These areprimarily known for their unusual angle of the strings used in the construction of the instrument. Inthis article, we shall study about...

  • Piano Wire Size Chart

    In this Buzzle article, we give you a detailed list of all the piano wire sizes available in the market tomake it easy for you to know... all under one page!

    What to Look for When Buying a Brand New Piano

    Buying a piano is a lifetime promise of symphonic enjoyment. Therefore, before investing in one,make sure you know what to look for when buying a piano. Buzzle discusses the parameters such assize, cost, and questions you should...

    Detailed Information about the Console Piano

    Piano is considered one of the most valuable and unique musical instruments. Over the years, therehave been many variations in piano. In this Buzzle article, we will take a look at the console piano indetail including its...

    Learning Piano Notes to Play Songs

    The piano is an excellent musical instrument to learn; it gives you a thorough look at the world ofboth technical and expressive music. And it all starts with learning the notes the keys and what youcan play with them.

    Best Piano Songs to Learn

    When it comes to good piano songs to learn, it is better if you choose those which can be easilyplayed using single notes. This article focuses on the best piano songs to learn...

    Learn How to Play the Piano

  • If you want to learn how to play piano chords and other skills, the easiest option to understand thebasics is taking online lessons. This article centers on ways of learning to play the piano.

    Easy Piano Songs

    I hold the opinion that everyone should learn some form of music in their lifetime, the piano beingthe best one of them all. And the simplest way to start up is to learn some easy and fun to play songsthat you can enjoy.

    Digital Stage Piano Reviews

    Digital stage pianos from Yamaha are considered to be the best in terms of functionality, reliability,and most importantly the price...

    Yamaha P95 Review

    The Yamaha P95 has attracted a lot of attention from pianists looking for a great tone in a smallpackage. But what is more interesting is that most of the reviews of this product are positive...

    Easy Songs to Play on Piano for Beginners

    Here is a list of some easy songs to play on piano for beginners. These are not just simple andpopular, but practicing them will also sharpen your finger movements over the piano keys, not tomention the joy you will derive from...

    Learn Piano Notes

    Listening to the soothing music of the piano is quite mesmerizing. Leaning to play the piano is anart. There are many means by which one can learn piano notes, both to read and play...

  • Piano Songs

    The following article compiles some of the most popular songs that majorly employ the piano, as wellas some that are easy for beginners and kids to play on one. Read on to know more...

    How to Move a Piano

    Moving any piece of furniture can be quite difficult but shifting the place of a piano needs extra carebecause most of these musical instruments are heirloom pieces which can get ruined even by theslightest of fall.

    Piano Songs for Kids

    Here is a complete list of 100 piano songs for kids. Check out these songs and start teaching yourchild one song at a time.

    Best Piano Songs

    Here you get the list for the best piano songs. Read the content and get to know the most melodioussongs ever composed.

    Piano Songs for Weddings

    Some piano songs for weddings are perfect to make the first dance an unforgettable memory. Take alook at some such romantic songs mentioned in this article.

    How to Read Piano Notes

    Reading piano notes efficiently is a difficult task, and it is equally difficult to read and play at thesame time. This article gives you a brief idea about how to master the art of reading music notes andplaying a piano...

    Piano Songs for Beginners

    There are many songs that can be played on the piano by the beginners. Mentioned below are someeasy songs, so find some of your favorites!

    How Many Keys Are on a Piano

    Before you begin your piano lessons, it is important to learn how many keys there are on it. It mayseem a very childish question to ask, but not many are able to answer it correctly.

  • How to Teach Yourself the Piano

    Developing the ability to teach yourself the piano is not a difficult task. In fact, there are somesimple ways to do it. In this article, we show how to develop a flair for the piano.

    Beginner Piano Sheet Music

    Every individual who takes up the piano must study a piano sheet, as it helps in training the ear andenhancing a person's ability.

    Famous Piano Players

    This article lists some of the most influential piano players in history. Read on to know certain lifefacts of these great musicians.

    Popular Piano Songs

    Playing the piano is a favorite hobby of many music enthusiasts and this article presents somepopular songs that one would love to play.

    How to Tune a Piano

    Do you wish to avoid the extra expense of hiring a piano tuner, and take up the task yourself? Readthe Buzzle article for steps on how to tune a piano, and make the minute adjustments.

    How to Play a Musical Keyboard

    Musical keyboards are one of the first musical instruments that children and wannabe musiciansturn to. Here is a simple guide on how to play a keyboard.

    Quotes About Piano

    "Life is like a piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it." The following articlementions famous quotes related to the piano.