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Galaxy Finishing School providing various industrial training for SEO, Java, PHP, .Net, Hardware and Networking, Graphics designing and iPhone in Indore and Madurai.


<ul><li><p> Developed by Galaxy Weblinks Call Now US &amp; Canada 888-666-4316 </p><p> Welcome to Galaxy's Finishing School </p><p>After you finish your basic education in college you need just that finishing touch which makes </p><p>you market ready. That is where we play a vital role by moulding your talents in a path that will </p><p>make you easily absorbable by the leading companies of today. </p><p>Galaxy Finishing School has successfully completed 3 years in training and recruiting market </p><p>ready web developers. Teaching is an art, many people can learn a technology, but only few can </p><p>teach others. With quality teaching and 50% time dedicated on practical work, GFS gives you an </p><p>edge over your competitors. With proper examinations, a practical test, explanatory course </p><p>material and quality teachers, this vocational course is as good as any regular academics. </p><p>GFS today has 4 branches- 3 in Tamil Nadu and 1 in indore. With experienced project handlers, </p><p>giving you live projects that not only teach you the technology but give you actual training </p><p>experience. You get real world experience of meeting the deadline. </p></li><li><p> Developed by Galaxy Weblinks Call Now US &amp; Canada 888-666-4316 </p><p>Why Java? </p><p>In software development, Java Interface Definition Language or Java IDL, is an implementation </p><p>of the CORBA specification and enable interoperability and connectivity with heterogeneous </p><p>objects. Java can be used to create complete application that may run on a single computer or be </p><p>distributed among servers and client in a network. It was designed to have the "Look and feel" of </p><p>the c++ languages, but it is simpler to use than c++ and enforces an object oriented programming </p><p>model. </p><p>We Offer: </p><p> Software Development using open source J2EE Frameworks like struts. </p><p> JSP/struts based web application Development. </p><p> Application server migration(Weblogic,Websphere etc) </p><p> J2ME Application Development. </p><p>Apart from the course: </p><p> We will also be teaching Language skills-give proper English speaking training for all </p><p>students irrespective of the course they have taken. </p><p> As you all know with horizons expanding, knowledge of english is what makes us stand </p><p>out a prospective employee when recruiters are from other countries. </p><p> Get great oppurtunities in the IT industry. </p><p> Improve your technical expertise. </p><p> Get tips on interviews for future jobs. </p><p> Get placement guidelines after completion of training. </p></li></ul>