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Galaxy Finishing School providing various industrial training for SEO, Java, PHP, .Net, Hardware and Networking, Graphics designing and iPhone in Indore and Madurai.


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    Welcome to Galaxy's Finishing School

    After you finish your basic education in college you need just that finishing touch which makes

    you market ready. That is where we play a vital role by moulding your talents in a path that will

    make you easily absorbable by the leading companies of today.

    Galaxy Finishing School has successfully completed 3 years in training and recruiting market

    ready web developers. Teaching is an art, many people can learn a technology, but only few can

    teach others. With quality teaching and 50% time dedicated on practical work, GFS gives you an

    edge over your competitors. With proper examinations, a practical test, explanatory course

    material and quality teachers, this vocational course is as good as any regular academics.

    GFS today has 4 branches- 3 in Tamil Nadu and 1 in indore. With experienced project handlers,

    giving you live projects that not only teach you the technology but give you actual training

    experience. You get real world experience of meeting the deadline.

  • Developed by Galaxy Weblinks Call Now US & Canada 888-666-4316

    Why Java?

    In software development, Java Interface Definition Language or Java IDL, is an implementation

    of the CORBA specification and enable interoperability and connectivity with heterogeneous

    objects. Java can be used to create complete application that may run on a single computer or be

    distributed among servers and client in a network. It was designed to have the "Look and feel" of

    the c++ languages, but it is simpler to use than c++ and enforces an object oriented programming


    We Offer:

    Software Development using open source J2EE Frameworks like struts.

    JSP/struts based web application Development.

    Application server migration(Weblogic,Websphere etc)

    J2ME Application Development.

    Apart from the course:

    We will also be teaching Language skills-give proper English speaking training for all

    students irrespective of the course they have taken.

    As you all know with horizons expanding, knowledge of english is what makes us stand

    out a prospective employee when recruiters are from other countries.

    Get great oppurtunities in the IT industry.

    Improve your technical expertise.

    Get tips on interviews for future jobs.

    Get placement guidelines after completion of training.


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