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<ul><li> 1. Welcome to Galaxys Finishing SchoolGFS today has 4 branches- 1 in Indore and 3 in Tamil Nadu With experienced project handlers, givingyou live projects that not only teach you the technology but give you actual training experience. You getreal world experience of meeting the deadline.Galaxy Finishing School has successfully completed 3 years in training and recruiting market ready webdevelopers. Teaching is an art, many people can learn a technology, but only few can teach others. Withquality teaching and 50% time dedicated on practical work, GFS gives you an edge over yourcompetitors. With proper examinations, a practical test, explanatory course material and quality teachers,this vocational course is as good as any regular academics.Galaxy Web Links Inc is a one stop solution for all web development needs. We work on many softwareand technologies. We specialize in: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JSP &amp; Servlets, .NET, Flash Action Script,XML Cold Fusion, Joomla, Perl and HTML.Salient Features of the finishing school: The best will be absorbed in-house at Galaxy Weblinks. We have an in-house placement division which will ensure, you get a good placement on successfulcompletion of the course. Practice will be given on live projects in house-We have a team of more than 200 people working onprojects at 4 locations, 3 in India and one in the USA. Courses will not be just theory, but time shared between practicals (on the system) and in theclassrooms will be 50:50. Proper course material will be given in hard copy also. Course material contents developed in house based on the current development. Developed by Galaxy Weblinks Call Now US &amp; Canada 888-666-4316 </li> <li> 2. Why PHP?Being a free open source software more and more people are now turning to PHP. As such demand forPHP professionals is constantly increasing.PHP runs on different OS(Windows,Linux,Unix,etc..).PHP is compatible with almost all servers used today(Apache,IIS,etc,..).PHP is easy to learn and runs on efficiently on the server side..Basic PHP: Software Engineering. Web Programming Introduction to PHP,HTML and CSS PHP as a scripting Language. Variables and Expressions in PHP. PHP Operators,fuctions and Arrays using PHP.After PHP What? There are a lot of opening in the IT sector for people in all cities across the globe.Talented persons inPHP are given a warm welcome in all IT companies. Meritorious and deserving students will get placement oppurtunities in our company. Get a Green collar job that suits your needs. We will help in your placement efforts through our exclusive placement division which already has alot of enquiries from various companies looking for "something more than fresh computer engineers".For More Details about courses in GFS please visit our site Developed by Galaxy Weblinks Call Now US &amp; Canada 888-666-4316 </li> </ul>