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These photos are taken surroungind brisbane


  • 1. Trying Photography all photos are taken in Brisbane Queensland thanksthekumar47 if you are interested about my West Nepal & its wildlife Adventure, then pleaseclick here

2. Moon through the cloud in the night 3. An owl behind the home 4. Same owl 5. Kurilpa Bridge 6. View through Kurilpa bridge 7. Sky through Kurilpa bridge 8. A tree besides Kurilpa bridge 9. Beautiful flower, but I do not know the name 10. A Plant 11. A small insects found in Cultural centre Library 12. Lights in Cultural centre Library 13. The Moon 14. A Bird like magpie robin behind the home 15. View from the Brisbane River 16. Brisbane River from Citer Ferry 17. Story Bridge from Kangaroo Point 18. Culture Centre 19. Leaf 20. Leaf 21. Found in the street 22. New parking, Time pass in Main street 23. Evening View from Kangaroo Point 24. View II from Kangaroo Point 25. View III 26. A Plant 27. A statue 28. Way to rock climbing 29. A spider 30. An animal like possum,


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