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Photos of my initial ideas for my digipack cover and other sides that will be showing.


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2. All these pictures are no good, as they are slightly blurry and not quite in line as their a little bit lop-sided. I feel in these 3 shots that there is too much empty space on either side of the bus stand. Plus it shows to much grass/garden, when I want to get an inter-city urban feel to fit with the music video, so this obviously wont work. This idea fits quite well with what I want to achieve. As it needs a little bit of space on one side so that the bus can be put over the top and actually fit within the frame. However I dont feel I can achieve the effects I want to as the character is to close to wear the glass will be smashing from the buses impact, so it could over the picture, with to much going on in a little space. More ideas on next slide. 3. This is for the idea of my character putting his had up to the bus and stopping it. However I dont feel there enough space left on the edge of the frame for the audience to fully understand and see what's going on. This is another idea I had during the production, of the character turning his head away as if he knows and doesn't care. However the shot is slightly lop-sided so this wont work. Plus it looks like the character looking up at something and not just looking away from the bus that would be crashing into the side of him. 4. This isnt the same location (alley) I wanted as I was going to the original alley I was going to use during phase 2 of the shooting of my ideas. This is due to ideas 1, 3 and 4 are far away and close together so I was going to do them all together and do idea 2 and any other ideas I have together, which are nearby. So below are my new ideas I had in this new alley I was using for now before I would go and use my original location in phase 2 of shooting. Heres one of my new ideas, as I thought the character could create a V.I symbol against the bollard. V.I standing for Violently Inserted. The V and I could be created on Adobe Photoshop and act as a brand image. However a brand image isnt really needed for my artist as he isnt really big enough to have one made for him. The closest thing to brand image my artist has is the AVALAF group. Plus this doesn't really go along with my metaphor idea. 5. I had an idea that A signposts words could be changed to violently inserted and the symbol of the man could be changed to the AVALAF symbol. However I didnt feel this was enough so I added my character into the frame. But again it made the piece not look urban enough. Even though these shots aren't that good to me as theres plants in it and that wouldnt fit with the image I want. I like the idea of my character playing DJ Cretin standing in that position as it makes him look fearful and powerful and if the bollard wasnt in the way it would be even better, as it would make the audience feel narrowed and pushing them down the filter gap (the alley) towards DJ Cretin who will violently insert his music into the audience member. 6. These are the pictures I was talking about in the previous post, as I think they give a really good indication to what the whole theme of taking drugs, as the effect Ive got from the pictures are as if through the eyes of someone who has just taken drugs. I think they look great and think ill use them to base my whole digi-pack upon. As the metaphor idea still works with these photos. As if we use these pictures along side the music video. And think that when drugs are violently inserted it has effects upon the person to see the world in a different way, such as the album cover giving an example of this. Plus if I use the posing shots of my character looking powerful from the slide before, above these blurred pictures, itll connote that the music he makes is violently inserted into the audiences mind through its heavy bass etc. Because of his powerfulness which can be played upon more with effects within photoshop. So it sets up the expectations of the audience to see what genre and style the music within the digi-pack is. If I continue with The DJ Cretin, powerful, Idea I feel this shot shows the perfect stance I want, as when added onto the blurred background, it will clash from what is real and what is not. Which adds to the paradox between reality and hallucinations of the drugs. And if DJ Cretin is shown just standing there looking powerful (Neon Outlining him) will make him look as though he is responsible for the violence of the music. 7. Obviously some pictures are better then others, but I will use four of these pictures as the base for the four sides I need to design for my digipack. They will also be slightly adapted (text etc) to fit my needs. But I feel that the general theme Im trying to connote over to my target audience is efficiently shown in these pictures. 8. On my random snapping trip I managed to get some real-life examples of posters I was trying to explain earlier on in the blog, this will give me a good base to build my poster around as I now have a real-life example to help me construct my own. 9.

  • I have decided to stop my shooting for the digipack, as I feel I have found what I want and need, to make my digi-pack look professional, and fit with the ideas and messages I want to give other to the target audience.
  • I am now going to experiment on Photoshop to find which photos work best together and what I can do when I adapt some of them.
  • After deciding on which pictures I will use I will create my digipack I will be in full production of the cover.
  • I will also be constructing the poster and advert at the same time so that I can continually make sure the styles are all followed through on all formats so that they all link and are recognisable to my target audience.