photography post processing examples

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Photography Post Processing

Photography Post ProcessingEditing pictures in Photoshop

Original Image

levelsLevels recalculates the light balance in the image, by moving scale downwards, therefore effecting the image and making it either lighter or darker.Lighter: Darker:

Changing the Brightness/ContrastBy changing the image brightness, the image will either lighten or darken upBy changing the image contrast, the image will lose its colour quality whilst also becoming eerie and washed out.

Adjusting layersOpen Adjustment Layers, got into levels and adjust settings therefore effecting the image.Photoshop will then add an adjustment layer on the right hand side of the screen, click on the eye to turn settings on and off

Changing the SaturationChanging the Saturation makes the image lighter or darker. When an image is over-saturated, they tend to come out grainy.