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  • 1. This is where my film willtake place it is a 3bedroom house where all mycharacters live together.The overall appearanceof the house seemsnormaluntil the narrative revealsthe strange activitybetween the characters.
  • 2. This Close up will be the first shot established in my teaser showing the door number 13. I will aim to zoom into the 13 and begin with this to convey a meaning of this numberthroughout and allow the audience to photographically remember 13 as a symbol of importance.
  • 3. An extreme close up or match on action of my characters as they are both using a mobile phoneto show create an assumption they are trying to get in contact with each other.As the teaser is an insight to my film, I will achieve these ECU shots to create some suspicion toviewers as to who my characters are phoning.
  • 4. Mid levels and high angle medium shots will be used. These quick glimpses (or montage) willcreate an arousal of fear and panic for the audience as the shots are revealing danger, shock andfearful facial expressions.
  • 5. Close up of a key chain being used in order to close the door and secure the victims in the house. This shot similar to other shots I will achieve will only reveal parts of Emelinei.e. her hand and as well as making the audience feel trapped by Emeline.
  • 6. At this point, Emeline and Danni come into contact after her change with her friendDanni but without revealing much, I want the audience to only see the back of Emeline and quick shots of her going through her unexpected change.creating some suspicion and at the same time not revealing much of her merely distinguishing the fear on Dannis face.
  • 7. Medium shots
  • 8. This extreme close up of Emelines eye will createa sense of fear for the audience as I intend to notreveal Emelines full face and features.
  • 9. This shot will require dolly wheels for a medium shot to be ableto follow the fast movement of Danni as she tries to escapefrom Emeline.
  • 10. A point of view shot will be achieved whilst filming as if one of mycharacters were being chased. The camera will intentionally shake tocreate this effect, in order for the audience to feel fear and tense.
  • 11. To achieve this shot, I will need to position the camera at a highangle using a tripod to establish the fact that Emeline is in thehouse with a weapon. The long shot will act as a graphic matchwith Blaise looking up with a hand gesture showing shock.
  • 12. For this shot, I intend to show Emeline through a mid level hiding her identityas it is a teaser trailer but reveal the weapon she will use to kill Blaise or Danni.
  • 13. A quick glimpse of a character running will be shown to arouse the audience intoassumption as to who is it who has escaped.
  • 14. The Teaser will end with a Pan and then a closeup to establish the house number being13 and the connection it will have with the release date and other horrific aspects.