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Photograph Dimensions. What are the standard photograph dimensions and do they all show the same images?. By Tamim El Moatassem. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Photograph Dimensions

Photograph DimensionsWhat are the standard photograph dimensions and do they all show the same images?By Tamim El Moatassem

+IntroductionPhotographs come in sizes when you print them. And there are lots of possible sizes. But dont they change when it gets bigger? Well in the upcoming slides you will learn if photographs are still the same picture when they are enlarged. If you were to continue onto the next slides you will see some of the standard sizes that the photo shops may use. +What are the Standard Dimensions for Photographs?HeightWidth2.53.53.55465781011131620These are some examples of standard dimensions that photographs are printed by. +DimensionsHeight 3 inWidth 5 in This is a photo I found. It is the size it was made by. If I were to change the dimensions would it change the picture?

+If I multiply one side by 2 then is this the same picture? The answer is no because it is distorted. As you can see it is now taller than the original and is not the same picture.

+In this picture I have changed the dimensions of the picture from 3-5 cm to Both sides have been multiplied by 1.5, they are evenly increased. This means that with these dimensions the picture stays the same but is enlarged. This is based on the principals of similar shape which is that if each side of a shape is multiplied by the same number then the shape is enlarged and not distorted.


Here I have multiplied both dimensions by 2 and the picture has not been distorted or cropped. +ConclusionAs you have seen in the previous slides by multiplying height and width by the same number the picture will stay the same. But if we were to change them unequally then the picture would not get bigger, it would just be distorted or cropped. So the formula to make a picture bigger by increasing the dimensions is: (NxH)NxW=SN is the number you multiply the height and width byS represents similar shape because all of this is based on the principals of similar shapesH is heightW is width +Thank You For Watching+