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  • 1. The Government has been deeply involved in sports scandals and problems since anyone could remember. Should the government put so much effect into something that needs such little attention, when there are much bigger problems in this country today. One Journalist wrote on the website Sports Column I believe the governments priorities are really out of place. Are they?

2. President Obama gives some time to select his 2009 NCAA basketball bracket
3. Afterwards he enjoyed a Georgetown basketball game with Vice President Biden.
4. Leaving the congress hard at work, running the county.
5. is not helping these.
6. American drivers, driving through pothole filled roads, some who are jobless looking for work.
7. Job-less Americans wait in line for mass interviews at one of few companies hiring.
8. The unlucky applicantssoon end up on the streets like the one above, who is making garabage art in the streets.
9. Dont worry. The unlucky ones will find refuge in a camp not faraway.
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