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  • 1. Phosphorus: Extremists

2. Page 1PanelDescription Dialog1.1A quiet B road crossroads in Kent. A young girl is on her bicycle. She has a glittery jacket, a helmet and stripey socks. The camera is behind and below the back of the bike, so we can see the girls legs and the pedals, and a Hello Kitty sticker on the back of the bike.1.2A police Saab roars across HARRIET (OP) the crossroads as the girl isOf course, the safety of the frozen in fear.civilians is my primary concern,sir!1.3(big)Camera is looking HARRIET directly at Harriet, as sheBut, with respect, London is about is driving. Both hands on theto get a new date to replace 7/7. wheel, talking into a headset. We cant wait! Harriet is a 30 year old Hong Kong born police offier. She has black hair in a tight bob. She is about 5 tall. She needs reading glasses, and has them around her neck. She has a white high necked blouse. In the background we can see the girl standing next to her fallen bike, hands to her mouth in shock.1.4Side view of Harriet, jawMALIK (OP) set in determination as sheDamn it Harriet. I dont want drives. Shes quite little soyou running this Op. If it goes she leans forward. tits-up the papers will have afield day.HARRIETSir, I was assured I would haveequivalent jurisdiction here. Andwe cant afford to wait! 3. Page 2PanelDescriptionDialog2.1Phosphorus: Extremists2.2A bustling train station, looking down on the people scurrying around. The view is extremely high - giving us the feeling of Gods looking down.2.3Val walks through crowds - he is staring up at the departure board- but we only see him looking up, along with everyone around him, like sunflowers. Val is a likeable white geek in his thirties, with shaggy hair, glasses and a goofy grin. He is wearing a crisp white shirt. He wears a tiny crucifix, and is carrying a hessian bag with a Blue Sun logo, covered in badges.2.4More crowds - Val is handing over the coins for a coffee. In the distance we can see Simone, Weiscz and Jack. Jack is a 17 year old white boy, with a heavy dark fringe. He is wearing a The Matrix t-shirt and zip sweatshirt. Simone is a tall 52 year old black woman, with light brown skin and very short frizzy hair, greying. She is wearing a double breasted pinstripe Agnes B trouser suit, low heels. When she is able, she wears a classic butler tails. Weiscz is a pugnacious, shaved ex gangster, about thirty. He is solidly built and has a broken nose. He has a lot of tattoos, celtic abstracts across his torso and arms. He wears rings and a gold neckchain. Weiscz is a relative of Jack. 4. Page 2PanelDescriptionDialog2.5A line of people showing their tickets. Kurt is just in front of Val, who drinks his coffee.. Kurt is a 64 Texan ex Special Forces Marine, late thirties. He is built like Dolph Lundgren and has a Kurt Russell flat top haircut. He is weatherbeaten. He often chews a fat cigar and grins a lot. Given the choice he wears military fatigues. If he needs to attempt to blend in, like now, its Westpoint sweatshirt and jeans. He has a Semper Fi military tattoo on his forearm. Simone, Weiscz and Jack are way behind in the queue. 5. Page 3 This page is divided into three by two diagonal lines. The first is high on the right low on the left. The second is high on the left and low on the right.PanelDescription Dialog3.1Eurostar platform at EbbsfleetHARRIET (OP) International. The train Intel says we have four IC1 males track is lined up to the already on the noon Eurostar. line between this panel andTheyve got firearms, an intent next. The picture should to hijack and crash the train into show the ional of thethe station. name. The train snakes off into the distance. We are at the ticket end. We can see eight figures waiting for the train, in a variety of poses, such as answering the phone, checking for dog mess on their shoes, talking to each other, standing bored.3.2Harriet is surrounded by HARRIET plain clothes armed police Weve not worked together but Im officers - young men and a told British firearms officers woman with concealed shoulderare amongst the best in the world. holsters. One, the commander,Commander? is a little older, black, shaven head. Their faces shown COMMANDER concern and determination, You heard Detective Shen. We use totally focused on her.all the standard protocols. We Reference shot: The Last preserve life, but if we must, we Supper. To the right, the huge take it. nose of the train, pointing towards the apex of the panel on the left.3.3Camera is in the midst of them COMMANDER(OP) as they board the train, the This is for real. Lets do it. shot is like we are watching hand-held footage of the operation. Harriet is at the rear. We can slant the action to the angle of the line between panels. 6. .Page 4PanelDescriptionDialog4.1Double-seat with table, interior of a Eurostar train. On the table in front of Val is his hessian cloth bag which has a stencilled Blue Sun logo, and has dozens of badges on it, including CND, FoE, Peace Dove, CAAT, Amnesty. Spilled out of it are books. We can see these titles: "Aspects of the Theory of Syntax, by Noam Chomsky" "No Logo, by Naomi Klein" (get the Noam and the Naom lined up) and this Graphic novels: "From Hell, by Alan Moore" and this fictional book "The Trial of the Duke of Gloucester" . He leans his head against the glass and looks bored. He is left handed and has a pen in his hand, over some writing, but hes come to a halt. He is still drinking that coffee, right hand. He is facing towards the rear of the train, this means he is on the left, looking right. Background is the platform at St Pancras, with a Fly Eurostar poster. A passing pigeon is imitating the Peace Dove. There are the heads of other passengers showing in the seats in front and behind. 7. Page 5 .PanelDescriptionDialog5.1Camera over Vals right shoulder, looking through the window on his left. We can see his face partially reflected. He is looking at the guard, who is signalling for the train to depart. The guard is old, with white hair and a full white beard. He is wearing a suit, shirt and tie (slightly loose) over which is a dayglo yellow waistcost.5.2He sees Lou arrive at the barrier - its a Victorian thing made of curly wrought iron, painted white. She has sleek stockings on rose-studded Louboutin heels, a tight grey pencil skirt leading to a snug grey half jacket. Wavy blonde hair long eyelashes and bright red lips. (ref Andrj Pejic, its OK if we dont see Lou too clearly). She has a smart vintage handbag. Pigeons flap about her, wings like angels. Vals face is reflected, showing interest.5.3(Small panel) The guard looks stern. She bites her lip, making Please, please gestures with clasped hands, and pulling a Diana as hard as she can. Vals face showing disapproval.5.4(Small panel)The guard waves her through. Vals face showing eyes rolling up in a self-satisfied, world-weary look. 8. Page 5 .PanelDescriptionDialog5.5(Small panel)Now Val looks at himself in the reflection. He smartens himself up and undoes a button on his shirt. As he is looking straight, we see a different section of station. The guard is walking past, with name tag showing: Revenue Protection Officer: Peter Cephas.5.6(Small panel)Val smiles at his own idiocy, shakes his head as he does the button back up. The station in the background has shifted, as the train begins to move. We see the CRAS of St Pancras on the Victorian-era sign. 9. .Page 6PanelDescriptionDialog6.1(Big Panel) Camera is standing beside Val, so we can see his head bottom left, looking as Lou walks down the carrige. Picture is sexy and sumptuous, iconic. Lous body is androgynous, and her face must be 50% masculine, but her clothes give her femininity and glamour. Reference: Andrej Pejic dressed as a woman, but more importantly ref: William Blakes Satan in his Original Glory: Thou wast Perfect till Iniquity was Found in Thee 10. Page 7 .PanelDescription Dialog7.1Looking down on Val, who LOU (OP) is not making eye contact, Oh its lips pressed together. He is you. reading the Trial of the Duke of Gloucester. The book is LOU upside down. May I travel with you? Id love toknow what you think of it.7.2Val slouches like Adam. LouLOU reaches across to take his Im Lou, by the way, with bag and hand like God (ref Cistine baggage. Chapel).VALUh OK. Val. Pleased to meet you.7.3Lou is sitting down opposite VAL Val, whose face has lit up Im into linguistics! And this with the chance to waffle. is about a Victorian trial. The Typical man. language is really interesting.One of my things is checkingout the court records from thestenographers.7.4Close on Vals book, with hisVAL eyes over the top of it. Back in the day they really didntdo the whole sub judice thing.A lot of testimony was infl...Anyway who isnt interested inJack the Ripper stuff?7.5We look over Vals shoulderVAL at the interior of the book. This books all about the framing It shows a picture of Lou in of the Duke of Gloucester, but Victorian garb. Lou is sat inwhat really interests me is an identical pose, making it the language of this woman who clear that she is the woman of testified. whom Val is speaking. 11. .Page 8PanelDescription Dialog8.1Train carriage whizzing alongVAL (OP) through suburban London. Its part of a pattern ofanomalies from all differentdates and places.8.2A drinks cart has come toVAL where they are sat and Lou Im trying to figure it out. If I is buying a bottle of Pepsi, can make sense of it theyll give smiling kindly at the slightly me a prize. Until then the data camp young vendor in his tight just makes me look stupid. waistcoat and trousers. Val has put the book down to gesture.8.3Val looks sheepish, LouVAL laughing. Camera is at the I mean more stupid. height of the Pepsi bottle, looking up at them.8.4Close on Lou reading the book, VAL (OP) smiling with nostalgia.Anyway, what do you think?LOUWell, this copys a littledog-eared but the contents rightup my street.8.5Angle is from someone standing be


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