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<ul><li><p>Written and illustrated by</p><p>Copyright (c) 2004. 2005 by Miz Katz N. Ratz. Patent pending</p><p>aa votr wo eh lS</p><p>MizMiz KatzKatz RatzRatzN.N.</p><p>A Progressive Phonics bookT.M.</p><p>Book One </p><p>Dont rush it. Body builders </p><p>dont train in a day neither </p><p>does a child.</p><p>And most important of</p><p>all, HAVE FUN!</p><p>If your child is having difficulty, he/she</p><p>might need more practice with the alphabet.</p><p>Get a fun book about the alphabet, and</p><p>read that lots of times. Then come back</p><p>to Progressive Phonics.</p><p>Quick Start Guide</p><p>Read the book WITH your child. You</p><p>read the regular text, and he/she reads</p><p>the big, red words, sort of like reading</p><p>the different parts in a play.</p><p>Help your child sound out </p><p>the words as needed.</p><p>c - a - t</p><p>cat</p><p>Read the book several times. This </p><p>helps develop the eye muscles and </p><p>left-to-right reading patterns that are</p><p>necessary for reading.</p><p>CAB C</p><p>AB</p><p>BCA</p><p>Book</p></li><li><p>Short vowel a word list </p><p>at bat cat fat hat mat pat rat sat</p><p>bad dad had mad sad</p><p>cab dab gab</p><p>bag gag wag</p><p>am ham jam Pam Sam yam</p><p>an can Dan man pan ran van</p><p>cap lap map nap rap tap yap</p><p>has as </p><p>a an</p><p>I am looking my little </p><p>she is not the behind the tree;</p><p>she is not the </p><p>with the cup of tea. </p><p>I am looking my little </p><p>my is covered in orange stripes,</p><p>and my is wearing ballet tights.</p><p>at cat</p><p>cat</p><p>cat</p><p>at cat</p><p>cat</p><p>cat</p><p>b</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>I want to buy a baseball .</p><p>I want to buy a baseball . </p><p>I need a so I can play</p><p>baseball, baseball every day. </p><p>hat</p><p>bat</p><p>bat</p><p>b</p><p>Do not throw a ball me </p><p>because of this , I cannot see.</p><p>The is so big it covers my eyes.</p><p>I need a thats more my size.</p><p>at</p><p>hat</p><p>hat</p><p>hat</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>You ask if I want to your ,</p><p>but I dont want to your .</p><p>Im sure your is very nice,</p><p>but hes a and we are mice </p><p>pat rat</p><p>pat rat</p><p>rat</p><p>rat</p><p>My , so very big and ,</p><p>upon a big,</p><p>.</p><p>My liked </p><p>to wear a ,</p><p>and my </p><p>liked my brothers .</p><p>Every day my big, </p><p>beside my brothers ,</p><p>and smiling with her big, teeth,</p><p>she dreamed of the day when she could eat </p><p>my brothers , so warm and fuzzy. </p><p>She wanted to eat the because he</p><p>was a and she was a , </p><p>and that was all she thought about that.</p><p>cat fat</p><p>sat </p><p>fat mat</p><p>fat cat</p><p>hat</p><p>fat cat</p><p>rat</p><p>fat cat</p><p>sat rat</p><p>fat </p><p>rat</p><p>rat</p><p>rat cat</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>Pat</p><p>bat</p><p>pat</p><p>Pat pat pat</p><p>bat bat bat</p><p>pat</p><p> mud pies with </p><p>a baseball </p><p> until theyre nice and flat.</p><p>, , </p><p>with the , , </p><p> until theyre nice and flat</p><p>When I was a baby,</p><p>I a yellow duck.</p><p>When I was two, </p><p>I a red truck.</p><p>When I was three </p><p>I a chimpanzee </p><p>and now that Im four, </p><p>I have a lot more. </p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>had</p><p>had</p><p>had</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>My mother said I to be quiet.</p><p>My sister said I to go away.</p><p>My brother said I to share.</p><p>My other brother said I to stay.</p><p>Why does everyone tell me what to do? </p><p>I think Ill scream until I turn blue. </p><p>had</p><p>had</p><p>had</p><p>had</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>My sister says my manners are .</p><p>She says it all the time </p><p>its to spit, its to burp,</p><p>its to run when youre inside.</p><p>But then she said I no manners,</p><p>which really made me </p><p>if I have no manners, </p><p>then how can they be ?</p><p>bad</p><p>bad bad</p><p>bad</p><p>had</p><p>mad</p><p>bad</p><p> b</p><p>b</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>I am at my dog.</p><p>My dog is . </p><p>I some shoes </p><p>now theyre doggie chews. </p><p>mad</p><p>bad</p><p>had</p><p> b</p><p>My cat is very today </p><p>she is very, very .</p><p>She is because </p><p>our fish is gone,</p><p>and she found his bones </p><p>out on the lawn.</p><p>sad</p><p>sad</p><p>sad</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>7</p></li><li><p>My says he a lot of hair</p><p>when he was really young. </p><p>He says he a nose so funny -- </p><p>he also a lot more money.</p><p>But then my kids,</p><p>and its really rather .</p><p>I got the hair, Jims nose is funny </p><p>but we want to know, </p><p>who got the money?</p><p>dad had</p><p>had</p><p>had</p><p>dad had</p><p>sad</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>A little of green,</p><p>a little of blue </p><p>I am making a picture </p><p>of me and you.</p><p>A little of grey </p><p>I think thats a turtle. </p><p>A little of red </p><p>and your nose is purple.</p><p>dab</p><p>dab</p><p>dab</p><p>dab</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>gab</p><p>gabgab</p><p>TAXI</p><p>I like to ride in a taxi .</p><p>I like it when the driver </p><p>likes to .</p><p>When I grow up, </p><p>I will drive my own --</p><p>I will talk as I drive, </p><p>I will , , </p><p>cab</p><p>gab</p><p>cab</p><p>gab gab gab</p><p>b</p><p>b</p><p>b</p><p>I do not want to eat this stuff </p><p>it makes me want to </p><p>and throw it up. </p><p>Lets put it in a garbage </p><p>if I dont see it, I wont .</p><p> b</p><p>b</p><p>gag</p><p>bag</p><p>gag</p><p>9</p></li><li><p>I when I eat tomatoes.</p><p>I when I eat French fries.</p><p>I when I eat most anything,</p><p>except banana pies. </p><p>gag</p><p>gag</p><p>gag</p><p> b</p><p>Ive got a of candy.</p><p>Ive got a of treats.</p><p>And if my dog can his tail,</p><p>hell get the to eat.</p><p>But if I had no of candy,</p><p>and nothing else to eat,</p><p>my dog would still </p><p> his tail --</p><p>he does it in his sleep. </p><p>bag</p><p>bag</p><p>wag</p><p>bag</p><p>bag</p><p>wag</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>10</p></li><li><p>I Sam.</p><p>I five years old.</p><p>I very, very glad </p><p>that I eating from this bowl.</p><p>After I have eaten, </p><p>I going to brush my teeth.</p><p>But now, </p><p>I much too hungry</p><p>to do anything but eat. </p><p>am</p><p>am</p><p>am</p><p>am</p><p>am</p><p>am</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>My name is . </p><p>I a cat. I glad </p><p>I so nice and fat.</p><p>I have a friend, his name </p><p>is , he eats a lot of </p><p>honey . likes </p><p>to share his with me.</p><p>He says, , have </p><p>some it is so yummy </p><p>Pam</p><p>am am</p><p>am</p><p>Sam</p><p>ham Sam</p><p>ham</p><p>Pam</p><p>ham</p><p>b</p><p> b</p><p>Pam Sam</p><p>11</p></li><li><p>My brother, ,</p><p> read this book.</p><p>I too </p><p> let me look.</p><p> and I</p><p> read very well.</p><p> also</p><p>write and spell. </p><p>Dan</p><p>can</p><p>can</p><p>Dan</p><p>Dan</p><p>can</p><p>Dan can</p><p>b</p><p>A down the road.</p><p>A dog too, but </p><p>said, No. The as </p><p>fast as he could. The dog </p><p>faster boy, he was good. </p><p>Go away, said the </p><p>as he out of breath.</p><p>But the dog didnt listen </p><p>the dog was deaf. </p><p>man ran</p><p>ran man</p><p>man ran</p><p>ran</p><p>man</p><p>ran</p><p>b</p><p> b</p><p>b</p><p>12</p></li><li><p>This shows where treasure is </p><p>buried. I got the from someone </p><p>scary. I asked my mom to help me </p><p>with the she said it was time </p><p>to take my . Oh, its hard to be </p><p>a pirate when youre only three. Its </p><p>hard to use a when you cant </p><p>even read. Its hard to take a </p><p>when youre never sleepy. I dont know </p><p>what to do being me isnt easy. </p><p>map</p><p>map</p><p>map</p><p>nap</p><p>map</p><p>nap</p><p>b </p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b </p><p>I always wear my favorite baseball </p><p>. I never take it off, not even</p><p>for a . One day the wind blew</p><p>off my I did not know, I was </p><p>taking a . When I went outside, </p><p>my friends all screamed. They were </p><p>really scared, or so it seemed. Put </p><p>your back on, they begged for </p><p>hours where the once was I </p><p>was growing flowers. </p><p>b</p><p>b</p><p> b</p><p>b</p><p>cap</p><p>nap</p><p>cap</p><p>nap</p><p>cap</p><p>cap</p><p>13</p></li><li><p>My brother a lot of toys,</p><p>so why does he play with mine?</p><p>My brother a lot of books,</p><p>so why does he chew on mine? </p><p>I am glad my brother a cage </p><p>I cant wait until hes more my age.</p><p>has</p><p>has</p><p>has</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>Sometimes an s at the end of a word</p><p>sounds like zzz like in buzz, fuzz and </p><p>was. Lets try it...!!</p><p>My cat eyes.</p><p>My cat teeth.</p><p>My cat a name </p><p>Miss Furry Feet. </p><p>has </p><p>has</p><p>has</p><p> B</p><p>14</p></li><li><p>Johnny to wash his face.</p><p>Johnny to brush his teeth.</p><p>Johnny to go to say goodnight,</p><p>and Johnny to go to sleep.</p><p>has</p><p>has</p><p>has</p><p>has</p><p>My cat is big a dog.</p><p>My dog is big a wall.</p><p>My dad is big a tree,</p><p>and Im smaller than them all. </p><p>as as</p><p>as as</p><p>as as</p><p> b</p><p>15</p></li><li><p>aaWhen youre reading, and you see an A all </p><p>by itself, it usually means ONE of something.</p><p>Like.... a dog, a mouse, a car, a house....</p><p>This kind of a doesnt sound like other A sounds... </p><p>it usually sounds like this...</p><p>uh dog, uh mouse, uh car, uh house....</p><p>You try...</p><p>A man </p><p>A cap </p><p>A pan </p><p>a cat </p><p>a rat</p><p>a bat</p><p>I like to play silly game </p><p>the game is so silly </p><p>it doesnt have name.</p><p>You climb tree, </p><p>you pretend youre bird,</p><p>you eat lot of worms</p><p>that you dig from the dirt.</p><p>Just kidding!</p><p>a</p><p>a</p><p>a</p><p>a</p><p>a</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>16</p></li><li><p>I wish I had puppy. </p><p>I wish I had .</p><p>I wish I had monkey.</p><p>I wish I had .</p><p>But where would I keep them?</p><p>My room is very small. </p><p>So I drew picture of them all,</p><p>and I put the pictures on the wall. </p><p>a</p><p>a cat</p><p>a</p><p>a rat</p><p>a</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>ananThe word an is sometimes used </p><p>instead of the word a.</p><p>When a word starts with a letter a, we </p><p>dont say a apple we say, an apple.</p><p> airplane an </p><p> alligator animal</p><p>When a word starts with a letter e, we </p><p>dont say a elephant we say</p><p>an elephant. </p><p> egg elevator elbow</p><p>an ant</p><p>an an </p><p>an an an</p><p>17</p></li><li><p>And same with words that start with </p><p>the letters i, o and u </p><p>wrong</p><p> animal</p><p> elephant</p><p> idea</p><p> orange</p><p> umbrella</p><p>Lets practice... </p><p> b</p><p>a</p><p>a</p><p>a</p><p>a</p><p>a</p><p>right </p><p>animal</p><p>elephant</p><p>idea</p><p>orange</p><p>umbrella</p><p> b</p><p>an </p><p>an </p><p>an </p><p>an </p><p>an </p><p>I saw alligator eat</p><p> apple as he sat </p><p>by empty pool.</p><p>The alligator laughed </p><p>and didnt jump in </p><p>he needs awful lot </p><p>of water to swim. </p><p>an</p><p>an</p><p>an</p><p>an</p><p>b</p><p> b</p><p>b</p><p>18</p></li><li><p>I had idea </p><p> awful idea </p><p>stuck inside my head.</p><p>So I put the idea </p><p>on piece of bread,</p><p>and I swallowed it down </p><p>with orange and egg.</p><p>an</p><p>an</p><p>a</p><p>an an</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>MMii xx iitt</p><p>uu pp</p><p>When a child is comfortable </p><p>reading the big red words in</p><p> this book, he/she is ready for </p><p>Mix It Up the part of the book</p><p>where the child practices reading </p><p>a variety of short vowel a words.</p><p>19</p></li><li><p>I ugly toad,</p><p>said the toad to his wife. </p><p>I ugly, ugly toad.</p><p>His wife gave smile</p><p>wide mile </p><p>Youre not ugly all,</p><p>youre snuggly! </p><p> am an </p><p> am an </p><p> a </p><p>as as a </p><p> at </p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>I run fast </p><p>your little feet.</p><p>I have two little holes</p><p>so that you breathe.</p><p>I smell good </p><p>your little toes </p><p>you guess what I ? </p><p>I your nose!</p><p> can as </p><p>as </p><p> can </p><p> can as </p><p>as </p><p>Can am</p><p> am</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p>20</p></li><li><p>I down to take .</p><p>I my and my teddy </p><p>bear in my . I took off my</p><p>and closed my eyes then </p><p>the began to , oh, big </p><p>surprise. I told my he</p><p>to be quiet. He talked, ,</p><p>, about the food in his diet. </p><p>I told my he to stop </p><p>the , so he closed his mouth </p><p>and took his .</p><p>sat a nap</p><p> had cat </p><p> lap </p><p>hat </p><p> cat yap</p><p> cat had </p><p> yap </p><p>yap</p><p> cat had </p><p> yap</p><p> nap</p><p>yap</p><p>yapyap</p><p>Put the in the </p><p>with some of that .</p><p>Add little of butter,</p><p>little of </p><p> I good cook? </p><p>Oh, yes I !</p><p> ham pan</p><p> yam</p><p> a pat </p><p>a pat jam </p><p>Am a </p><p> am</p><p>21</p></li><li><p>I my . </p><p>I my .</p><p>They away with my </p><p>baseball . They were told </p><p>to take , but instead </p><p>they took the they </p><p>took of peas, and they </p><p>took of . So if you </p><p>see and big, , </p><p>driving in with baseball</p><p>, tell them, please, to hurry </p><p>back or Ill have to tell my</p><p>that theyve been .</p><p> am mad at cat</p><p> am mad at rat</p><p> ran </p><p> bat</p><p> a nap</p><p> van </p><p>a can </p><p> a can ham</p><p> a cat a fat rat</p><p> a van a </p><p>bat</p><p> dad</p><p> bad</p><p>A cat a nap</p><p> at </p><p>rap tap tap</p><p> cat</p><p>A bad </p><p>as a </p><p> cat am </p><p> a nap</p><p> rap tap tap</p><p>little was taking</p><p>when someone the door went</p><p>, , . Whos there? </p><p>said the , still half asleep. </p><p> big, wolf dressed up</p><p>sheep. </p><p>Go away, said the , I</p><p>taking . But still the wolf </p><p>went , , .</p><p>b</p><p>22</p></li><li><p>Go away, said the , </p><p>I in the shower.</p><p>But the wolf went , ,</p><p> for hour.</p><p>Finally the dialed 911 </p><p>Theres wolf my door, </p><p>and it isnt any fun.</p><p>When the police showed up, </p><p>no wolf was there </p><p>just the and his , </p><p>snoring on a stair.</p><p> cat</p><p> am </p><p> rap tap </p><p>tap an </p><p> cat </p><p> a at </p><p> cat nap</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> b</p><p> bA progressive phonics book</p><p>Copyright (c) 2004. 2005 by Miz Katz N. Ratz, patent pending</p><p>NEXTNEXT</p><p>Book 2: Short Vowel E</p><p></p><p>The endThe end</p><p>Dont forget!Dont forget!</p><p>If you have a moment (and if you</p><p>are willing), email us with your</p><p>comments. Thanks!</p><p></p><p>23</p><p>Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6Page 7Page 8Page 9Page 10Page 11Page 12Page 13Page 14Page 15Page 16Page 17Page 18Page 19Page 20Page 21Page 22Page</p></li></ul>