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This EFL / CLIL lesson was written to encourage my students to talk about, instead of just read about philosophy. It contains three short situations that the students stop and discuss before reaching a final conclusion. hope you enjoy it!


  • Talking Philosophy A lesson by Seth Dickens.
  • Talking Philosophy Is it okay to kill Davide painlessly if his organs will save the lives of all the others.
  • Talking Philosophy Should you kill one person to save the other students? If in this story you should kill one to save three, why not in the previous, medical story?
  • You work in a railway junction box. Its a nice quiet job
  • Today there are men working on the rails
  • Suddenly you hear a voice from the radio.
  • Will you turn the train to the left and kill one man? Or leave it on the right and kill three?
  • Talking Philosophy Would you turn the train or leave it on the same track? If you turn the train, shouldnt you kill the hostage and kill Davide? Isnt The right thing to do the same in every situation?
  • Immanuel Kant quot;Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law. You should always do the right thing to do in every single situation. It should always be the same.
  • This lesson was Inspired by the BBC article Four philosophical questions to make your brain hurt.


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