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<p>Most of us are told as kid that the God of Abraham placed the rainbow in the sky as a reminder to the world that He would never flood the world again. You know, I dont recall that being in the Bible but as you may know, my memory is really bad.Let us take another look into Filipino culture.I would guess that most cultures have a myth related to how the rainbow came to be.The Rainbow According to Philippine LegendsOnce upon a time. There was a farmer that noticed that a fence he built kept getting knocked down during the night.So he decided to wait up one night to find out who was tearing down his fence and to show them some Filipino justice.But, he is surprised to find three star maidens frolicking about his wall. According to this legend, the farmer hid the wings of of the star maidens so she was unable to escape. Soon they were married and they had a son. But, she wasnt very happy as she was captive.Eventually the star maiden found her wings and escapes back to her world in the sky.The farmer was very sad, he missed he beautiful wife and his son.The gods saw this and felt sorry for him. They took pity on him and placed the rainbow on earth so that it would reach up to the sky.</p> <p>Philippine LegendsDid you know according to Philippine legends that the sun and the moon were once married and they shared the sky together? Well, it is true but the sun messed up as men often do.One day the Suns wife, the Moon had to go to harvest vegetables for their children. She</p> <p>Philippine Legendsasked the Sun to watch over the children but reminded him not to get to close as he would burn them.As a dutiful father, he doted over the kids and wanted to give them a loving kiss. As he bent down to do so he watched in horror as his children melted.When his wife, the Moon returned she was angry and they began to fight. The Sun though took the vegetable and threw them at her. He then quickly ran away from her.To this very day, on a clear night one still see the leafs of vegetables imprinted upon her face! There is no man in the moon, shes a woman!Now the Sun misses his wife and wanted to reunite with her and thats why the Sun follows the Moon. He is to this day chasing her, hoping for his forgiveness. Their children have become stars.</p> <p>Philippine LegendsPeople Living In The Philippines have some wonderful legends. I will start posting a series of these Philippine legends and folklore. I would enjoy the help and input of Filipino. I suspect but dont yet know, that these stories take a slightly different twist depending on where one is living in the Philippines.The first one I will share is known as how the Philippines came to be. I find it a little humorous that tsismis (gossip) played a role in the creation of the Philippines.You see, in the beginning, Philippine legends tell us that there were only three beings living in the Philippines, in fact of all the universe. These three beings are: A Giant Bird The Sky The SeaThe Bird grew tired of constantly flying between the sea and the Sky. You see, the Bird had no place to rest during his flights but</p> <p>Philippine Legends From Rdsan18wanted to visit with his best friends. The Bird developed a strategy to end his fatigue. He decided he would start trouble between his friends the sky and the sea.The Bird told the Sky that the Sea planned to drown him. The crafty Bird then told the Sea that the Sky would hit her with stones.The Sea becoming angry and fearful began to increase the size of her waves. When the Sky noticed this, he first moved further away. The Sea responded with even higher waves. When the Sky saw this, it began to throw soil at the Sea.This quieted the Sea and created the 7107 island of the Philippines.And that is how the Philippines came to be.For people living in the Philippines this is a well known story. There Philippine legends about how the rainbow came to be, why many Filipino have a flat nose, why the sea is salty, how a fish got its scales and many more.I will soon add a new page to Living In The Philippines The Cebu Experience about all the legends I can find. Im going to try to pry some more stories out of Jessie and hopefully get her to write a few. She often has the very short version but Id really like to get her version of these Philippine legends.Many are fairly short, feel free to share them in a comment if you like. Id really like to find a Filipino to help me with this. If youd like to write articles for this website on Philippine legends or any other topic, please tell me!As for this installment of Philippine legends, one might say the bird enjoyed tsismis. Perhaps this is also the beginning of tsismis.</p> <p>Philippine Legends and Folktales</p> <p>Once upon a time in the Philippines there was an old woman with strange magical qualities. The local villagers had noticed her house seemed brighter at night even though there was no electricity. According to local tsismis (gossip) some had even seen dwarfs helping a mysterious and beautiful girl at night. No one ever discovered the source of the mysterious night time glow.She lived in the forest on the outskirts of a fishing village and was famous for her beautiful flowers. The fisherman would barter their treasured catch for her flowers.A young couple came to visit the village. They were haughty and were not from around there. A proud pair that hated anything they thought was ugly. They would make fun of anything they thought was ugly.They were out exploring the village one day and came upon the old woman in the forest. Since they found her ugly, they mocked her. After making fun of her, the old woman asked them to leave but they refused.To punish them, she said Since you only like beautiful things I will turn you into the most beautiful insect. She tapped them with her cane and they became the first two butterflies.Personally, I hope they became the first two butterflies eaten by a beautiful Eagle Owl of the Philippines.Perhaps, one could always find the beauty in a thing. Nearly everything has its own beauty and people should always be respectful as you never know when you might be turned into bird prey.Now you know another of the Philippine legends about the first butterfly.</p> <p>Once upon a time,there was a meeting between gods and goddesses.All of them was happy except for goddess Jai Ling. jai ling was so sad because she couldn't do anything. god then asked what jai ling wants. jai ling then replied that she wants to create a country. then god agreed with her. she then put the soils in a basket then she wents. after the long time gathering soils,jai ling didn't notice that the basket has already a hole. then after then a small island was formed. jai ling noticed it first and it was beautiful! she then named it philippines.</p> <p>Read more:</p> <p>LEGEND OF THE COCONUT TREE</p> <p>The coconut tree its one of the most important trees on the Philippines, it was born from the true love of a princess and a gardener.</p> <p>The coconut palm or tree is consider on the Philippines the second national tree, also is the only one that is 100% usable (people use the fruit, leafs and the trunk). But do you know how the coconut tree came to be?.One legend says that a long time ago, in the kingdom of Bangonansa Polangui (Kingdom by the River), used to have a kind Ruler, but the kingdom was better know for her beautiful daughter Putri Timbang-Namat.From all over the seven seas admirers came to see Putri, but she wanted no one. When the Ruler saw all the pretenders, but not interest from her daughter, he told her:"I want a baby boy to take my place when I die, I would love to carry him and see him before I'm gone". And so, he decided to create a contest to decided who would marry Putri.But what the Ruler didn't know, it's that Putri met a young gardener in the Palace garden with the name of Wata-Mama. One day Wata told his past to Putri, that he was a royal descent, but that his father was killed by his uncle and he was vanished out of his kingdom when he was three. Putri answered: "We love each other, that's all matters".One of Putri's pretenders saw her with wata and got jealous, so one night he hid on a dark corner and waited for the lovers, when he saw them walking near him, he struck Wata's head, cutting it off. Putri, fearless, picked up his lover's head.Putri buried Wata's head and aftewr a few days she noticed a tiny plant growing on the spot the head was buried, and suddenly grew into a big tree, reaching Putri's window, also it produced a fruit of the size of a man's head.</p> <p>Another version of this legend says that a long time ago, a Chamorro family that was part of the Achote tribe, had a young daughter and she was very beautiful, for this reason she had many admirers.One day the young girl was very thirsty and she asked people for the juice of a special fruit, everyone tried to find the fruit to give to the young girl, but they couldn't find it. Sadly the girl got sick for the thirst and died.The father, full of sorrow, took the girl's body and buried it on a hill near the village. Then he put a beautiful headstone, which was covered with flowers by the people.One day, the villagers saw that a plant they never saw before started to grow on the girl's grave, they built a shelter to protect the plant. After some years passed by, the plant grew twenty feet tall.The plant also had a strange fruit that grew in it and one of them felt to the floor and cracked open. The chief called the father of the girl to eat the fruit, but he didn't do it, and called the girl's mother to eat it. She did it and described the fruit as chewy and sweet.From that day on, the plant was called coconut tree, and it became one of the most love trees of that people.</p> <p>THE FIRST RAINBOW LEGEND</p> <p>The rainbow legend from the Philippines its one of the most loved ones</p> <p>A long time ago, there was a farmer that had a small farm. One day he realizes that one of the walls he built a couple of days ago keeps getting knocked down by someone or something, tired of this happening he decided to wait and catch the responsible.One evening while he was in guard he heard something strange near that wall, then he ran and surprises three star maidens. When they saw the farmer they ran trying to escape, two were able to do it while one was left behind. The farmer then got a hold of the star maiden and felt in love with her, afraid that she would run away from him, he thinks in a way to stop this from happening, which is hide her magical wings.Time went by and the farmer and star maiden got married and were blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby boy. They were happy for a long time, until one day that in one of the star maiden's walk she found her magical wings near their house. She then thinks on her sisters and how much fun they use to have, and with this in mind she wears her wings back and with her son next to her, she flew back to her sisters leaving the farmer heart broken.The gods saw this and felt pity for the tears of the farmer, so they decided to build a way for him to climb to the sky and see his son and wife, making a bridge of different colors.Another version of the rainbow legend says that one day Bathala planned a journey to Earth to visit his faithful people. He called his children to bid them farewell. All of them came but Bighari, the Goddess of Flowers.Bathala, who valued promptness, became angry because this was not the first time that Bighari missed their gathering. Thus, he banished her from their heavenly kingdom.Bighari, at that time, was at her garden on Earth. She wept bitterly when she was told of her banishment. But she sought to cope with her sorrow by causing her garden to bloom profusely.The legend of the rainbow says that the people that used to live around her garden grew to love her more and more for bringing beauty to their lives. They resolved, after a time, to build her a bower so that they could see her garden even from a long distance.And so they built it, and decked it all over with colorful blooms. Thereafter, whenever Bighari would travel, people would see her colorful bower against the sky.</p> <p>DAMA DE NOCHE</p> <p>Dama de Noche captures everyonewith her sweet smell.</p> <p>There was upon a time, a nobleman who was used to live careless, going to parties every night, drinking and eating and spending his nights with different women.One night while sitting on his luxurious mansion, the nobleman started to realize that his life was empty, and all of those crazy nights were growing old. With this in mind, embarks in a journey in look for a woman to spend the rest of his life with. After visiting a lot of villages, he finds the perfect woman, and it's called Dama.Dama and the nobleman get married and live happy... At first. Dama used to cook and clean for him, but this was not enough for the nobleman anymore. One night the nobleman told Dama she was not good enough for him and went back to his old life. Dama was devastated, crying, went back to the bedroom, and looking to the sky through the window, asked the spirits for help so she won't lose her husband.Later that night the nobleman came back to his house calling Dama to fix his nightclothes, but she was nowhere to be found. After looking for all over the mansion, he came back to the bedroom, when a sweet smell coming from the window grabbed his attention, he walked to check the window and saw a bush growing in the window, with lots of small white flowers spreading that sweet smell, capturing the nobleman with it.Dama never came back and the nobleman waited for her return in that window, with only the smell of the flower as company.</p> <p>THE MAKAHIYA</p> <p>The Makahiya (shyness in Tagalog)carries the soul of a shy little girl.</p> <p>In a village, a long time ago, it used to live Mang Dondong, his wife Aling Iska and their daughter Maria, who was very loved by her parents. Maria was very obedient, kind and beautiful, but above all very shy, who made her avoid contact with everyone.Maria had a flowers garden which she used as a sanctuary. All the flowers were beautiful and she used to take good care of them. One fatal day, a band of thieves came to Maria's village, Mang Dondong notice their coming, and running back to his house, took Maria and hid her in the garden, while Aling Iska was praying to God to protect her daughter. Suddenly the doors were wide open and the bandits ran inside the house, knocking down Mang Dondong and Aling iska. The thieves trashed the house taking all the money and valuables and fled.As soon Aling Iska woke up, she ran into the garden looking for Maria, but she was not there. She looked everywhere in the house with no luck. Believing that she was taken by the bandits, went back to the garden crying. While she was there, she felt something by her feet. After a while, she noticed a small plant, she knew then that it was Maria, who was transformed in that plant by God to protect her, Aling Iska's tears then...</p>