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  • Journal of the American Philatelic Research Library

    4th Quarter 2011 Vol. 60, No. 4 Whole No. 233

    Philatelic Literature Review

    APS ArchivesPage 307

  • Philatelic Literature Review

    Journal of the American Philatelic Research Library

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  • 290 PLR Volume No. 60, 4th Quarter / 2011

    APRL Board of Trustees 2011American Philatelic Research Library

    Term APS Member Ballot APS Appointment Founder/Patron20072013 Rob Haeseler John Flannery Larry Nix20092015 Peter Martin Bruce Marsden Stephen Schumann20112017 Patricia Stilwell Walker Roger Brody Roger Schnell

    Administrator Director of Information Services / Librarian

    PresidentRoger Brody

    Vice-PresidentRoger Schnell

    SecretaryRob Haeseler

    TreasurerJohn Flannery

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  • 2011 / Volume No. 60, 4th Quarter PLR 291

    From the APRL Board of Trustees

    Roger Brody, President APRL Board of Trustees

    The sixth Annual Postal History Symposium, sponsored by the American Philatelic Research Library, the American Philatelic Society and the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, was held at the American Philatelic Center September 1617. The Symposium theme was How Commerce and Industry Shaped the Mails. A total of fifteen papers were presented at the well-attended event. The Symposium was held in conjunction with a philatelic gathering hosted by the United States Stamp Society (USSS), whose members celebrated the Societys 85th Anniversary with an exhibition of outstanding stamp and postal history material, a dealer bourse, and a banquet. That very same week, the APS celebrated its 125th Anniversary.

    One of the more pleasurable events over the Symposium weekend was the complimentary luncheons for all attendees, dealers and APS/APRL staff held on Friday and Saturday funded by the APS and USSS. Needless to say, the free lunch proved to be a great success, especially the desserts which were an APS 125th Anniversary cake on Friday and a USSS 85th Anniversary cake on Saturday.

    The luncheons were also an historic event for the APRL. They were held on the sky-lighted second floor atrium of the future APRL library. This was the first time an event was held in the new library space. In my previous message I mentioned that major renovations were being made to areas of the APC that would eventually house a new working library. The library currently is housed in the 7,500 square foot building #1 adjacent to the APC entrance. Numerous journals, periodicals, and library archives are shelved in the 5,500 square foot building #5. Our goal is to relocate the main library into the 15,000 square foot two-story building #3, with an additional 5,000 square feet in building #4 to include rolling shelf storage on the second floor. Ever since the APC was first occupied, complexes #3 & #4 were in significant disrepair with collapsed roofs leaving the units exposed to the elements. I am happy to report that major renovations to both building units were completed a few weeks before the Symposium. The half-million dollar construction included new steel beam internal structures supporting newly poured and reinforced concrete second floors. Additionally, new roofs over each building

    Mental Pabulum

  • 292 PLR Volume No. 60, 4th Quarter / 2011

    were installed with sky-lighted windows running almost the entire length of building #3. We are a step closer to a unified library that will permit us to accommodate enhanced library services along with new technology delivery systems.

    Never having taken Latin in school, my vocabulary of the romance language is limited to a few phrases like habeas corpus, semper fidelis, or mea culpa, but the one phrase that came to mind as I enjoyed the company of fellow philatelists at the Symposium luncheon was mental pabulum: brain food or food for thought. Here we were, dining in the space that one day will hold the worlds largest resource of philatelic knowledge. I cant wait.

    A Two Million Dollar BabySo what will it take to birth this library baby? $1,800,000. And what will

    that buy?

    A place for everyone:

    Room to grow:

    Left: Lunch in the second floor atrium.Below: The atrium of what will be the new library.

  • 2011 / Volume No. 60, 4th Quarter PLR 293

    Serving user needs:

    Meeting at Columbus

  • 294 PLR Volume No. 60, 4th Quarter / 2011

    acquiring and maintaining philatelic research materials. Tara reported that progress was being made on the backlog of materials needing to be cataloged and noted that more volunteers have been recruited to assist in library operations. She also circulated a written report on the Philatelic Librarians Group & Union Catalog.

    The Board unanimously approved a motion to sign a three-year contract with Walsworth Publishing for the production of a print and digital quarterly edition of the Philatelic Literature Review. The new contract will result in an annual savings of $12,000 versus the current print provider. Readers would have the ability to search the web edition. Walsworth is the parent company of IPC Printing Services, which produces The American Philatelist.

    Larry Nix, Chair of The Digital Delivery & APRL Internet Blog Committee submitted a revised preliminary report to the Board.

    I also reported on a project initiated by Smithsonian National Postal Museum and the Royal Philatelic Society London. The project named Philatelic Research National Media Exchange or PRIME aims to create a worldwide internet searchable catalog that will include publications of national and international stamp societies and the holdings of all philatelic libraries. The initial groundwork by the NPM and the RPSL will be expanded to include the APRL and the Union Catalog.

    The Board and library staff extended its thanks to outgoing Board member and Past President Ken Grant for his service to the APRL. Ken will be assuming a new position as Secretary of the APS. The Board also welcomed its newest member Patricia Stillwell Walker, elected by the members of the APS. Pat, recipient of the 2011 Luff Award for Exceptional Contributions to Philately, is an outstanding addition to the APRL leadership.

    The Board elected officers for 2012 as follows:Roger Brody, PresidentRoger Schnell, Vice PresidentBruce Marsden, TreasurerRob Haeseler, Secretary

    All the news thats fit to blogI am happy to report that the APRL Blog has been very well received. Tara

    reports that in the blogs first year, we have had more than 9,700 visits from more than 5,300 unique visitors. We are averaging just over 25 visits a day. The two most popular posts (based on number of pageviews) are Philatelic treasure in non-philatelic libraries and Caring for your personal library. The latter post was based on questions received from blog readers. The Blog has had 109 posts and 62 comments. Our hats are off to Tara, Larry, and David.

  • 2011 / Volume No. 60, 4th Quarter PLR 295

  • 296 PLR Volume No. 60, 4th Quarter / 2011

    The American PhilatelicResearch Library

    The American Philatelic Research Library has resourceson just about every aspect of stamp collecting a subject, a place,

    a time, or even a person. With more than 20,000 books and5,000 periodicals from around the world, the APRL staff

    can assist you with your research needs.

    Knowledge is the key

    www.stamplibrary.orgthe ultimate philatelic research site

    Learn how to use the Library to increase yourenjoyment of the hobby.

    Search our online catalog for books, journals,article references, and name sales.

    We deliver materials by mail and e-mail.

    For a more personal touch, call our friendly staffat 814-933-3803, selection 3.

  • 2011 / Volume No. 60, 4th Quarter PLR 297

    From the Librarians Desk

    Tara Murray APRL Librarian

    Academic scholars who have never picked up a pair of tongs mingled with stamp collectors at the American Philatelic Center during the Sixth Annual Postal History Symposium, held Sept. 1617. Both groups found they have much in common and much to learn from each other.

    Over the course of two days, we heard presenta-tions from a variety of perspectives on How Commerce and Industry Shaped the Mails. Art historian Dan Gifford presented a qualitative analysis of postcards. Economist Erick Lee Erickson told us about an archaeological investigation of an abandoned post office. Andrew Oleksiuk introduced us to network art. Philatelist Terence Hines and economist Thomas Velk collaborated on an study of the postal money order system. Postal historians Robert Dalton Harris and Diane DeBlois gave a presentation on the shape of mail complete with a show and tell of mail bags. At the Saturday evening banquet, keynote speaker David Hochfelder, a histo-rian, gave a timely talk on the future of the U.S. Postal Service.


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