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Business at Speed is what PHC brings to the mix! Our software speeds up and improves the way companies do business by streamlining their communications and improving their business processes. Ultimately, we offer technologically advanced business solutions that enable companies to focus on being profitable by improving the core areas of their business, reducing costs and increasing productivity.


<ul><li> 1. Business Software </li> <li> 2. Our Mission USE OUR BUSINESS EXPERIENCE TO BUILD BUSINESS SOFTWARE OPPORTUNITY CAPABILITY SPEED SUCCESS </li> <li> 3. Our Goal WORK TO INCREASE PROFITS FOR BUSINESSES SINCE 1989 We work to strengthen our biggest asset: Grow when you grow. </li> <li> 4. Provide the best business solution and enable our customers to increase their profitability. </li> <li> 5. EXCELLENCY VALUES TEAM SPIRIT ETHICS </li> <li> 6. Our Products BUSINESS SOFTWARE FOR SERVICE COMPANIES +123.000 Users worldwide CUSTOMER/SERVER PHC CS DIGITAL CS CORPORAT E BUSINESS AND ERP TECHNICA L SUPPORT CONSTRUCTI ON ADVANCED ENTERPRIS E FINANCE HUMAN RECOURCE S LOGISTICS AND DISTRIBUTION RETAIL FLEET CRM TEAM MANAGEME NT CLINIC RESTAURANT MANUFACTOR MANAGER EXECUTIVE INDUSTRY AND PRODUCTION </li> <li> 7. Our Products BUSINESS SOFTWARE FOR SERVICE COMPANIES +1500 Users worldwide SAAS PHC FX net Edition max Edition </li> <li> 8. Our Results 8,5 MILIONS TURNOVER 29,6% GROW 2013 </li> <li> 9. Our Offices LISBON PORTO MADRID LUANDA MAPUTO </li> <li> 10. Our Partners +420 PARTNERS PHC FX PARTNER TIERS PHC CS PARTNER TIERS </li> <li> 11. Our Customers </li> <li> 12. Our Management Team Ricardo Parreira Miguel Capelo CEO SRC OFFICER Francisco Caselli Cludia Raposo Manuel Martins Miguel Bilimria DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR QA DIRECTOR SUPPORT DIRECTOR TRAINING DIRECTOR Cu Mendona Pedro Tavares Edite Valente SALES DIRECTOR MARKETING DIRECTOR LOGISTIC DIRECTOR </li> <li> 13. Our Contacts Portugal Spain Lisbon Lagoas Park, No. 3, 2nd Floor 2740-266 Porto Salvo (Oeiras) T. (+351) 21 472 43 40 Madrid Parque Empresarial San Fernando, Avda. de Castilla, 2 Edificio Francia, Escalera B, 1st Floor 28830 San Fernando de Henares, Madrid T. (+34) 912 311 319 E. W. E. W. Porto Edificio Scala, Rua de Vilar, No. 235 8th Floor 4050-626 Porto T. (+351) 22 606 14 50 Angola Mozambique Luanda Rua direita do Gamek, 5th Block C/2 (A) Luanda T. (+244) 222 006 249 Maputo Av. Samora Machel, 323 3rd Floor Maputo T. (+258) 21 312 744 E. W. E. W. </li> </ul>