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this is my personal business idea, i will apply after completion of my BBA.


  • 1. Presentation Content My Business plan. Strength of My business. Source of money. Source for start petrol pump. Suitable Location . Threads for my business. Profit and Expenses in my Business. Criteria for loan. Procedure of loan. Thank you .
  • 2. Strength Most suitable place. Never goes in loss. Analysis market. No waste. Big space so I can start with more store. Maintain relation ship. Strong planning.
  • 3. Sources of Money Personal saving (40%). Bank loan (60%). Petrol Pump.
  • 4. Sources of Petrol Pump Land. Equipment. Water. Electricity. License. Furniture.
  • 5. Location of Business Fathgunj to VIP Road. Pani Gate to Urmi School.
  • 6. Threads New enter into the market. Inflation. Competition. No gas pump available .
  • 7. Profit and Expenses Profit Petrol Lubricants. Diesel Lubricants. Expenses Employee Salary. Electricity Bill. Water Bill . To pay Service Station.
  • 8. Criteria for Loan Government License. Local Municipal License. HP Certificate. land Document. Business Report. Income and Expenses of Business.
  • 9. Procedure of loan Present the plan. Security against loan. Tell us Strength of Business. Tell us Profit and Expenses of Business. Tell us location and Target Market To fill the Application for loan. To give the required document.
  • 10. Thank You Any questions?