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Peterborough City Council. ESCOs, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Base Birmingham 11 April 2013. 2 years ago. Whats happening at the moment.A LOT thats not co-ordinated that does not link into a lot of the councils core policies and strategies of resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Peterborough City CouncilESCOs, renewable energy and energy efficiencyBase Birmingham 11 April 2013

  • 2 years ago...Whats happening at the moment.A LOT

    thats not co-ordinatedthat does not link into a lot of the councils core policies and strategiesof resourceslack of prioritisationconflicting prioritiesmissed opportunities to make real difference


  • Peterborough City Council - Strategic Context

    CurrentFutureStrategic DirectionEnvironment CityEnvironment CapitalTactical DevelopmentNet ConsumerNet GeneratorOperational DeploymentESCoMicro-UtilityContractual DefinitionCustomerCentral Purchasing Authority

  • Converting opportunity to project1234Compliant1Bankable2Structured3Commercialised4

  • ESCO Scope

  • Primary ObjectivesPeterborough Council (PCC) aim to generate up to 171GWh of energy annually from a blend of renewable sources.Sources due to begin generation in 2015 2016.Should fulfill Peterborough City Councils energy needs (demand of 47 GWh)May require a top-up agreement with an energy supplier.Other sources of generation to potentially be added subsequent to 2016 (e.g. CCGT power plant).

  • Business Model

    Generate a profit from the sale of its excess energy;Be scalable / sellable to other councils;Be financially self-sustaining for [X] years;Keep costs of supply/transmission low;Result in a cheap, green Peterborough tariff for local residents;Allow Peterborough to be self-sufficient for energy.

  • Transition from ROCs to CfDs

  • Supply and Sell Model124 GWh p.a. Surplusxm/ MWhSurplus Value171 GWh p.a47 GWh p.a.X / MWhPCC Generated Energy for Energy sold by PCC from PCC Energy sold to market


  • ENPC: Key BenefitsGuaranteed energy performance improvements

    Access to third-party funding

    Using operational savings to reduce capital budget requirements for maintenance and refurbishment

  • BSP & Other CouncilExample EnPCContractorFunderEnPCSavings GuaranteeRepayment from savingsFundingRepaymentSavings GuaranteePaymentBSPFramework3rd PartyCouncilBSPFrameworkCouncilBSPFramework

  • Lessons LearnedGovernance Ownership at Financial Director levelCentralised control Structured approachStrategic Direction Strong Legal, Technical and Financial focusTriage Focus on commercialisationCollaboration Leverage framework and experience to reduce time and costs


  • John HarrisonExecutive Director of Strategic ResourcesPeterborough City Council

    Managing Director, Blue Sky Peterborough (0) 1733 452 520Contact


    *KG*JHOverview of what the ESCo was created to coordinate, and how thats evolved*KG*JH*


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