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  • Peter D. Neff, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Associate

    University of Rochester Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

    227 Hutchison Hall Rochester, NY 14627 | cell: +1 (360) 839-0118 | office: +1 (585) 273-2147

    Glaciology Geochemistry Ice Cores Paleoclimatology Polar and Alpine Ice Coring


    2015 Ph.D. Geology Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic and Southern Ocean dust transport pathways: forward-trajectory modeling and rare earth element source

    constraints from the RICE ice core.

    2012 M.Sc. Geological Sciences University of Washington Ice-core net snow accumulation and seasonal snow chemistry at a temperate-glacier site: Mount Waddington, southwest

    British Columbia, Canada.

    2009 B.Sc. (w/ distinction) Earth & Space Sciences University of Washington


    Post-Doctoral Research Associate Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA August 2015 present -14CO in Antarctic ice core samples -Amundsen Sea coastal ice dome ice coring project development

    PhD Candidate / Research Assistant Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington and GNS Science, Wellington, New Zealand March 2012 June 2015 -Trace element geochemistry (Thermo Element 2 and Element XR sector-field ICP-MS) -Ice core driller, 2012-2013 austral summer, 130 764 m depth, Roosevelt Island, Antarctica -Roosevelt Island ice core processing and continuous flow analysis, 2012, 2013, 2014 austral winters -Electrical conductivity measurements, 50 764 m depth

    MSc Candidate / Research Assistant Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA September 2009 March 2012 -Logistics lead and field co-lead, 2010 boreal summer, Mt. Waddington, BC, Canada ice coring, 0 141 m -Mt. Waddington ice core stable isotope, black carbon, dust, and lead (Pb) analysis, UW *IsoLab and Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV -Results published in Journal of Glaciology

    WAIS Divide Science Coordination Office Representative University of New Hampshire / US National Ice Core Lab, Denver, CO, USA June August 2011 -Chief SCO representative, WAIS Divide core processing line, 10 weeks, 1950 3330 m depth -Coordinator of primary-investigator participation, weekly science talks for core processing personnel -Weekly blog updates for WAIS Divide ice core community


    WAIS Divide Science Technician University of New Hampshire / WAIS Divide Ice Core Project, West Antarctica November 2009 February 2010 -Ice core handler, 1514 2564 m depth

    Research Assistant University of Washington Stable Isotope Laboratory (*IsoLab), Seattle, WA, USA September 2006 June 2009 -Technician processing ice cores and samples for water stable isotope analysis (US-ITASE, WAIS Divide) -Operating, maintaining mass spectrometers and cavity ring-down instruments (Micromass IsoPrime, LGR DLT-100) -Analysis of N-15 and O-18 of nitrate from ice core samples -Contributions acknowledged in peer-reviewed journal publications, including Science

    Elementary Science Teacher Bellevue Montessori School, Bellevue, WA, USA September 2008 May 2009


    2015-2016 austral summer - Taylor Glacier, Antarctica Ice core drilling and gas extractions for in-situ cosmogenic and paleo-atmospheric 14C study. Vasilii Petrenko, PI. 2012-2013 austral summer - Roosevelt Island, West Antarctica

    Deep ice core drilling, 130 765 m depth. Alex Pyne, drilling lead, Nancy Bertler, PI. 2010 boreal summer - Mt. Waddington, British Columbia, Canada

    Alpine ice core drilling, 0 141 m depth. E. Steig, D. Clark, E. Pettit, and J. McConnell, co-PIs. 2009-2010 austral summer - WAIS Divide, West Antarctica

    Ice core handling, 1514 2564 m depth. K. Taylor, PI. 2007 boreal summer - Summit Camp, Greenland

    Air sampling for University of Washington study of N and O isotopes of nitrate in ice cores. E. Steig, PI.


    February 2016. Guest lecture, University of Rochester, EES 218 Atmospheric Geochemistry, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.

    February 2016. Guest lecture, University of Rochester, EES 105 Intro to Climate Change, Climate Models. January 2014 & 2015. Guest lecture, Victoria University of Wellington, ESCI 201 Climate Change and New

    Zealands Future, Antarctic Ice Cores. August-October 2012, 2013. Teaching assistant, Victoria University of Wellington, ESCI 132 Antarctica: Unfreezing

    the Continent.


    Reviewer for Journal of Glaciology, Annals of Glaciology, Science of the Total Environment, Environmental Research

    Contributor, Carnet Glac: Journal de bord d'une mission scientifique en haute montagne. French-language book documenting PhD students experience at Mt. Waddington ice core site. Published December 2014, Editions Libel.

    Science Advisor, New Zealand IceFest, September-October 2014. Content creation and review for Antarctic Time Travel exhibit; invited speaker for public events Fresh Faced Antarcticans and Climate Change is Generation Ys issue? 27 September to 12 October, 2014, Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Reviewer/Contributor, American Meteorological Society Climate Studies Textbook, April 2014. Chapter 9: The Climate Record: Paleoclimates.

    Ice core drilling,, March 2014. Blog-style article on ice drilling at Roosevelt Island, Antarctica.

    Radio New Zealand Our Changing World, August 8th, 2013. Melting Ice Cores from the RICE project.

    Scientists-in-the-Classroom Mentor, 2013-2014. Sinagua Middle School, Flagstaff, AZ, USA. Remote advising on student research paper and science game exploring climate and glacier change.

    Anna McKee artist collaboration, 2009-present. Presentations and gallery showings featuring the work of Anna McKee, 2009-2010 US Antarctic Program Artist in Residence.

    Mt. Waddington reliquaryMt. Waddington drill camp landscape (pencil, paint)

    WAIS reliquary: 68,000 years and 3400 m depth represented by actual water samples from every meter of the WAIS Divide ice core.


    2013, 2014 VUW Antarctic Research Centre Endowed Development Fund research grant

    2012-2015 Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution PhD Scholarship, Victoria University of Wellington

    2011 American Alpine Club Research Grant

    2009 National Association of Geoscience Teachers/U.S. Geological Survey Summer Field Camp Award

    2009 University of Washington Department of Earth and Space Sciences Undergraduate Service Award

    2005 National Science Olympiad 1st place winner, 3rd place team overall (Prairie HS)



    Winton, VHL, Edwards, R, Delmonte, B, Ellis, A, Andersson, PS, Bowie, A, Bertler, NAN, Neff, P and Tuohy, A (2016). Multiple sources of soluble atmospheric iron to Antarctic waters. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, doi:10.1002/2015GB005265.

    Tuohy, A, Bertler, N, Neff, P, Edwards, R, Emanuelsson, D, Beers, T and Mayewski P (2015). Transport and deposition of heavy metals in the Ross Sea Region, Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, doi: 10.1002/2015JD023293.

    Neff, PD and Bertler, NAN (2015). Trajectory modeling of modern dust flux to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 120, 9309-9322, doi: 10.1002/2015JD023304.

    WAIS Divide Project Members (incl. P Neff) (2015). Precise interpolar phasing of abrupt climate change during the last ice age. Nature, 520, 661-665, doi: 10.1038/nature14401.

    Neff, PD (2014). A review of the brittle ice zone in polar ice cores. Annals of Glaciology, 55(68), 72-82, doi: 10.3189/2014AoG68A023

    Souney, JM, Twickler, MS, Hargreaves, GM, Bencivengo, B, Kippenhan, M, Johnson, JA, Cravens, E, Neff, PD, Nunn, R, Orsi, AJ, Popp, TJ, Rhoades, J, Vaughn, BH, Voigt, DE, Wong, GJ and Taylor KC (2014). Core handling and processing for the WAIS Divide ice-core project. Annals of Glaciology, 55(68), 15-26, doi: 10.3189/2014AoG68A008.

    WAIS Divide Project Members (incl. P Neff) (2013). Onset of deglacial warming in West Antarctica driven by local orbital forcing, Nature, 500, 440-444, doi: 10.1038/nature12376.

    Steig, EJ, Ding, Q, White, JWC, Kttel, M, Rupper, SB, Neumann, TA, Neff, PD, Gallant, AJE, Mayewski, PA, Taylor, KC, Hoffmann, G, Dixon, DA, Schoenemann, SW, Markle, BR, Fudge, TJ, Schneider, DP, Schauer, AJ, Teel, RP, Vaughn, BH, Burgener, L, Williams, J and Korotkikh, E (2013). Recent climate and ice-sheet changes in West Antarctica compared with the past 2,000 years. Nature Geoscience, 6(5), 372-375, doi: 10.1038/ngeo1778.

    Neff, PD, Steig, EJ, Clark, DH, McConnell, JR, Pettit, EC and Menounos, B (2012). Ice-core net snow accumulation and seasonal snow chemistry at a temperate-glacier site: Mount Waddington, southwest British Columbia, Canada. Journal of Glaciology, 58(212), 1165-1175, doi: 10.3189/2012JoG12J078.

    In preparation, submitted, in review, or accepted

    Emanuelsson, BD, Bertler, NAN, Renwick, JA, Markle, BR, Baisden, WT, Keller, ED and Neff, PD. The role of the Amundsen-Bellingshausen Sea anticyclonic circulation for marine air mass intrusions and West Antarctic cl