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  • 1.PERVASIVE COMPUTING By, R.Preethi, M.Sc.,CS Department of IT VHNSN College Virudhunagar

2. WHAT IS PERVASIVE COMPUTING? Pervasive means EXISTING EVERYWHERE Pervasive computing embodies the future of network computing enabling wireless communication between individuals and computing devices and between devices itself. Pervasive Computing devices are tiny, invisible microprocessors embedded in any type of objects like clothes,home,cars,watches etc., Also known as Ubiquitous Computing. 3. PERVASIVE NETWORKING Pervasive networking is the ability for devices to autonomously arrange themselves into local networks and exchange information through these networks. Components of Pervasive networking: Pervasive Network Layer Pervasive Access Layer Pervasive Device Layer Pervasive Human Machine Interaction Layer Pervasive Human Core Layer 4. LAYERS OF PERVASIVE NETWORKING Pervasive Network Layer This layer includes all networks and the networks are connected directly or indirectly to the internet. Server and Gateways are the important parts in this layer. Pervasive Access Layer This layer deals with pervasive network connection issues. Issues considered in this layer are Service Discovery and Management, network access protocols. 5. LAYERS OF PERVASIVE NETWORKING Pervasive Device Layer This layer includes all user interactive devices whether they are interacted directly or indirectly. Issues considered in this layer are Sensors and Smart Devices. Pervasive HMI Layer This layer deals Human interaction with all network accessed devices. 6. LAYERS OF PERVASIVE NETWORKING Pervasive Human Core Layer This layer is the inner layer of the Pervasive networking. Issues in this layer are based on the various applications. Applications considered for human core layer are such as Health care, smart home, business application etc., 7. TELE-HOME HEALTHCARE SYSTEM It monitors the health states of people in Health care System. The monitoring information should be reported to the Hospital Service center. If there is an emergent incident it should detected and reported to relatives, Emergency Health care System. 8. If the home cared Family member has any Emergency Health Problems, the HMI & Service Management will inform the Hospital Service center, Community emergency center and relatives by SMS at the same time. 9. ADVANTAGES OF PERVASIVE COMPUTING Manage information quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. Smart Environments will be embedded with computing technologies that will be mostly out-of-sight Removes complexity of new technologies. Convenient access to relevant information stored on networks, allowing them to easily take action anywhere, anytime. Environment will be supplemented with interconnected digital technologies. Interconnectivity will eliminate mundane tasks. 10. DISADVANTAGES OF PERVASIVE COMPUTING Pervasive Computing is not entirely secure. Frequent line connections that are broken. Slow Connections. Very expensive operating costs. 11. CONCLUSION Removal of wires in the network computing available to everyone everywhere. Information can be accessed when and where it is needed But still Privacy and Security major drawbacks of the Pervasive Computing.


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