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  • 8/20/2019 PERU Geograpy


  • 8/20/2019 PERU Geograpy


  • 8/20/2019 PERU Geograpy



    30 814 175

    Natura !"#ion$ inPE!U


    1&'85('15 )*'

    Po+uation ,-.


    Coa$t 1' 532

    Li*a cit% i$ 3'

    Mountain 30 3721

    un#" 58 /23

  • 8/20/2019 PERU Geograpy


    Mu$ic an anc"$:

    T"e classic An*ean tune ;El Con*or Pasa< b) !imon = Garfun5el is .orl* famous# but n

    man) people 5no. it .as compose* b) Peru&ian musician +aniel Alomia Robles- T"

    music c"aracteristic of t"e "i,"lan*s is >8ua)no>

    On t"e coast# t"e t)pical ca?ones .ere ori,inall) in&ente* b) African sla&es- No.a*a)

    t"ese ca?ones or *rum cases c"eer up percussion *ance parties-

    Musica [email protected] # sin,er E&a A)llon is le,en*ar) in t"is ,enre-

    T"en t"[email protected] [email protected] ;national *ance

  • 8/20/2019 PERU Geograpy


  • 8/20/2019 PERU Geograpy


      i#an$: T"is is t"e mountainous re,ion of Peru# ."ere t"e An*es mounta

    ran,e *ominates t"e lan*scape- T"e lan*scape of t"e !ierra is c"aracteri(e* b

    impressi&e# partl) sno.cappe*# &alle)s an* plateaus- T"e sierra "as t.o season

    summer April to OctoberD .it" sunn) *a)s# col* ni,"ts an* little rain t"is is t"

    perfect time to &isitB an* .inter No&ember to Marc"D# ."en it rains "ea&il)-

      un#": Locate* in t"e east# t"is is a &ast re,ion of plains co&ere* b) &e,etation

    t"e Ama(on Ri&er basin# ."ic" be,ins at t"e confluence of t"e MaraJn an* ca)a

    ri&ers- It is [email protected] lar,est re,ion# an* consists of "i,"lan* ?un,le# or ce?a *e montaJ

      t"e [email protected] e)ebro.s# o&er K66 meters abo&e sea le&elD# ."ic"

    c"aracteri(e* b) its clou* forests# an* lo.lan* ?un,le less t"an K66 meters abo&

    sea le&elD


  • 8/20/2019 PERU Geograpy


    Free*om of reli,ion is a fun*amental ri,"t in [email protected] culture# alt"ou," Cat"olicism is t"e

    main reli,ion-

    9OO O9 PE!U

    Peru&ian foo* is a mi7ture of 'apanese# C"inese#

    African# !panis"# Italian tra*itions# an* An*ean in,re*ients- Ia fusion# but a &er) balance* fusion-

    Peru&ian cuisine is uniue fla&or to t"e mi7 of t"e ocean# t

    An*es an* t"e influence of centuries of forei,n influences- T

    col* 8umbol*t Current cools t"e sea an* allo.s t"e ,ro.t" of a .ealt" of fis" an

    s"ellfis"- Anot"er essential in,re*ient to t"e mi7 are t"e 666 *ifferent &arieties

    potatoes# corn an* ,rain from t"e Peru&ian "i,"lan*s- Last but not least# t"e ric" "erita,

    of !panis" settlers# African sla&es an* 'apanese immi,rants ,a&e birt" to Criolla cuisin

    .it" its spic) meat *is"es an* fabulous *esserts-

    C"e&ice# Perus fla,s"ip *is"# combines ra. fis" or s"ellfis"D *ice* in 1cm cubes an

    marinate* in lime ?uice# ser&e* .it" ra. onions# s.eet potato an* corn-

    Ot"er musts are anticuc"os s5e.ere* beef "eartsD# rocoto relleno# stuffe* peppers an

    spic) e lomo salta*o strips of beef frie* .it" tomatoes# onions an* frie* potatoesD are

    must for an) tra&eler ."o .ants to learn about Perus culinar) si*e-

    Perus fa&ourite coc5tail# Pisco !our# is a bri,"t an* intense mi7 of pisco# su,arcane s)ru

    e,, ."ite an* lime ?uice-

  • 8/20/2019 PERU Geograpy


    9LO!A AN 9AUNA

    [email protected] *r)# san*) *esert coast is co&ere* in s"rubs an* ,rasslan*- A lar,e population

    sea bir*s: pelicans# cormorants an* ,annets li&e off t"e ric"es of t"e sea-

    T"e "i,"lan*s !ierraD are co&ere* .it" eucal)ptus trees- T"e area aroun* 8uara(

    particularl) famous for its Pu)a Raimon*i- T"is ,iant bromelia* can ,ro. up to ten mete

    t"e stal5 can ,ro. up to 4 metres-

    In t"e altiplano aroun* la5e Titicaca bus"es of "ar* Ic"u9,rass are most common- Fo

    t)pes of cameli*s ,ra(e on t"em: t"e llama# t"e alpaca an* t"e &icuJa- %ou ma) also sp

    a An*ean fo7 an* an An*ean *eer-

    Mi,"t) ea,les fl) abo&e t"e roc5) slopes of t"e Colca Can)on-

    T"e Eastern !ierra is abun*ant .it" orc"i*s an* t"e famous Cantua# Cantua /u7ifoliPerus national plant- T"e area also An*ean bears an* coc59of9t"e9roc5s-

    T"e *ense rainforest an* t"e Ama(onian ?un,le are "ome to &ast .ealt" of tropical plant

    ."ere parrots# maca.s an* toucans li5e to pla) "i*e an* see5- A list of o&er 666 specie

    "as been re,istere*: butterflies# ?a,uars# anacon*as# i,uanas# turtles# so on- it" its fe

    in len,t"# it is t"e lar,est fres".ater fis" in t"e .orl*: t"e Paic"e-