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1. PERSONALIZED MOBILE COVERS 2. CMP PRODUCT This product is exclusive because MaperGlas adapt the retractable roof to the customer necessity. OUR WORK IS OUR SURETY AND OUR CLIENTS OUR BACKUP 3. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE Project planning Structural design Surface treatments Covering and finishing the methods Wheel assembly Motor power transmission Cover locking systems Cover retention systems Electrical controls Maintenance and guarantees 4. GENUINE QUALITIES his type of covers from MaperGlas maintain also the genuine characteristics of MaperGlas products: Air and water thightness Silent operation Minimum maintenance Total reliability 5. SOME OF OUR PROJECTS DIR DIAGONAL FITNESS CENTER, BARCELONA, 2006 The biggest swimming pool enclosure in Spain. The swimming pool has Olympic dimensions. 6. SOME OF OUR PROJECTS BAK TENNIS ACADEMY, AZERBAIJAN, 2012 7. SOME OF OUR PROJECTS ULL DEL MONTSC, GER, LLEIDA, 2004 A retractable dome that allow people see the constellations after seeing a tutorial in the astronomic center of ger. 8. SOME OF OUR PROJECTS SANTURTZI, PAMPLONA, 2004 9. ANOTHER POSSIBILITY CIRCULAR RETRACTABLE ROOF This type of retractable roof makes possible to cover a circular surface installations such as bullfight arenas, convention centers, circular pools, a circular terrace or patio, etc. 10. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION


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