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Personal training in Chelsea and West London: Train in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or in one of Kensington and Chelseas many parks and green spaces, with one of Londons top personal trainers.


  • One of the top personal trainers in London and the UK, if not the world. He can transform you but dont take my word for it, read the reviews! - Benny P

    Great value personal training all over London

  • Just want to say that his insulin diet lost me fat i ve been trying to lose for years Mary K

    Trystan is without doubt one of the leading personal trainers in London, he adjusted to my lifestyle and budget and got me back to a healthy weight. Also he was right near i work in

    Liverpool Street - Joe P

  • East London boy needed a personal trainer for Mens Health magazine. I live in Hackney and travelling to Old street or Moorgate was really convenient and look what he did to me in 12

    weeks Jamie C

  • London personal trainer BigT-Fitness

    Fat/ weight loss - Muscle gain/ muscle tone - Sport-specific strength and conditioning

    Bootcamps - Kettlebell training - Caveman training - Tyre & hammer training

    MMA strength training & fitness drills - Muay Thai training & fitness drills

    Personal training is for everyone, not just celebrities! I can help you with all aspects of personal

    fitness training, whatever your training history.

    I train clients all over London, at our gym in Shoreditch, City of London, or in the comfort and

    privacy of your own home. I can train you one to one, or in groups.

    I can transform you! I dont have a magic wand but I do have ten years experience in whipping people into shape read my testimonials. I have the worlds best personal training qualifications: PICP levels 1 and 2 as well as training in the Bio Signature hormone testing

    system. I am fully insured for indoor and outdoor training.

    Contact me with your questions about training and prices (on a budget? tell me!) or visit my

    prices page.

    About personal training and personal trainers

    Personal trainers are fitness professionals who motivate clients

    by setting goals. We use fitness assessments to measure clients strengths and weaknesses, and to monitor improvements in physical fitness. We design training to improve strength and achieve

    higher workout intensities and higher perceived exertion.

  • Even experienced exercisers sometimes get stuck in a rut. If you are suffering from exercise

    boredom, I can bring some variety to your workouts, a fresh perspective and new ideas to

    challenge you.