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This app connects fitness trainers all over the world to the people who have started or are already going to the Gym. Through this app a large number of people can be helped with their health and fitness which is very essential part of life and also the fitness trainers will get a base where they can connect to a number of people and guide them.

OBJECTIVE AND MISSIONTo train and transform as many people as possible.Target local business and strengthen image of the app by providing personal fitness and wellness programsAcquire the awareness of potential customers of the app and attain credibility


MARKET OVERVIEWCustomers using android phones and care for their health are the target customers.

People going to the gym are the potential customers.

Can be collaborated with known gyms so that a large number of potential customers can directly be connected with the trainers through gym.

The biggest opportunity is that people can get fitness trainers at a minimum cost as compared to the regular gyms and also people who cannot afford personal training can take help of this app at a cheaper price.

The biggest threat is that the customers who have gained experience in gyms will not use this app for a long period of time and also other app with free workout plans are available. So to gain market prices for the trainers have to be kept very low which will lead to very less profit in the beginning.

MARKETING POSITIONINGThe market will be both national and international and border will not confine.

Overall fitness trends will be looked upon to identify the most popular trends in the market which will be followed.

The major goals will be: 1. Weight loss 2. Bodybuilding 3. Proper nutririon

GOALSIncrease the number of downloads to 1 million in first 3 years

Give the most effective results in the customers health as compared to other similar apps

Register up to 10000 fitness in the first 2 years

TARGET MARKET STRATEGYOffer different and broad programs to the customers and find niche with individual needs. Also create a more fun atmosphere in the app and offer excellent service to the customers.

The main collaborators will be gyms, yoga centres, TV channels and radio partners, famous brands providing fitness equipments. These collaborators will help in expanding the market and help with the establishment of the app in every horizons.

Similar competitors are apps such as Workout trainer, GYM trainer, etc. But they are different on the aspect that they offer free workout and nutrition plans and not personal trainers which lags them behind as people cannot follow the same routine and need to change their workout routine which will be given in this app.

ECONOMIC ANALYSISEconomic downturns and booms can effect the business positively and negatively. Prices have to be kept very low in order to gain the market.

Since it is online personal training so number of clients per trainer will be more and profit will increase with increasing number of people.

TECHNOLOGICAL ANALYSISTechnological advancement can create excellent opportunities and threats since their is no competitor with similar concept.

Through technology customers and trainers can be reached worldwide without meeting them in person and customer database can be easily constructed as most of them use online services to buy equipments for gym.

Marketing for the app is easy with the help of internet and social media.

MARKETING TRENDSPRODUCT AND SERVICESThe app basically connects the fitness trainers all over the world with the customers who are either going to gym or are willing to go to the gym. The fitness trainers will be divided into different classes based upon their experience. The users will select a particular trainer depending upon their budget and that trainer will be assigned to them. The app will contain different type of workout and nutrition plans which will be given to the customer and regularly changed according to their health by the fitness trainer assigned to them.

BRANDThe name of the app is Personal Trainer. The logo is:

The slogan is:Transforming people

PRICINGThe app will have two versions:FREEPREMIUMThe free version will be for the first month of signing up and the premium version will be after 1 month. The price for the premium version will be $1.3-$1.7.

INCENTIVETheir will be a wallet for the app which will contain cashback based on invites eg. If a person invites his friend then he will get Rs.100 on his friend signing up and his friend will get Rs. 100 on signing up.

The app will contain other discounts based upon the plan taken by the user. If a user takes an yearly or 2 year plan then he/she will get a discount. Also their will be a rating for both user and trainer where the trainer and user will rate each other. Bonus will be given every month to the top 3 customers and trainers.

The app will collaborate with other protein brands and sports clothing and equipment brands. So if a customer buys these products from the app then he/she will get an additional discount on buying through the app which will help in marketing of both the app and also the brands which are the collaborators of the app.

COMMUNICATIONThe app will use various ways for advertising such as: 1. Newspaper 2. Social media 3. Internet 4. Television

The incentives, product, brand, etc. Will be communicated to the target customers also through the gyms in which they are going. The collaborators will help in marketing of the app and encourage the customers to download the app.

IMPLEMENTATIONINFRASTRUCTUREThe business unit comprises of the following: 1. Web development team 2. Advertising team 3. Consulting team 4. Fitness experts

The above teams will be the backbone of the app. The collaborators will help the advertising team, advertising team and fitness experts and form the base and guide them in marketing of the app.

PROCESSThe app development team will create the app and maintain it and continuously update it with new features. The team will always be working on creating the app more attractive and customer friendly.

The advertising team will be advertising and marketing the app and implement new promotion strategies. They will use different methods such as conduct campaigns in well-known gyms and continuously update promotions in social media like whatsapp, twitter and facebook. Different type of membership will be offered such as gold membership which will be most expensive and the users taking gold membership will be offered free t-shirts.

Since the app will be on a global level so there will be a need of consulting team who will be keeping a check on time-zones and new consultants will be hired who will bring various skill sets to the company. Offices will be opened in different cities so that the team can provide more local contacts and bring more number of customers.

The fitness experts will be keeping a check on the fitness trainers whether they are being given proper nutrition and workout plan according to their health and fitness.


RECAPDiscussing about the app and spreading the idea of what it is

Finding the objective and mission

Make the marketing strategy

SWOT analysis

Economic and technological analysis

Discussing the marketing trends and overview

Finally implementing the offerings of brand, pricing, etc. And making the schedule for it