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Personal Safety On and Off Campus Preparing for Emergency Situations Severe Weather Driving Safety Safety Doesn't Happen by Accident Slide 2 Personal Safety Information: On Campus Never leave your belongings lying alone (in a classroom, the library, etc.) If you take a nap on-campus, stay in a public location and secure your valuables If you need to get around campus after dark, request a campus escort: Call 274-SAFE (274-7233) and ask for an escort A police or security officer will walk you to your on-campus destination Slide 3 Campus Crime Statistics ( Crime Alerts are e-mails, printed bulletins, or web posts announcing criminal activities that are reported on campus. Every university is required to produce these alerts IUPUI has very few compared to schools of similar size You can use this information to learn of any potential risks on campus Year2000200120022003200420052006200720082009 Violent Crime Total 55512105656 Murder0000000000 Forcible Sex Offense 0010131001 Non-Forcible Sex Offense 0000000000 Robbery4440171135 Aggravated Assault 1101003521 Property Crime Total 383399475533453418404441407379 Burglary1110 5753871057465 Larceny363324456511436353293321310299 MV Theft9791791224152214 Arson0000100011 Num Police Officers 34 32 33 3639 Slide 4 Personal Safety: Around the City Use a map to help you get to know different areas of the city, whether driving, taking a taxi, or walking. (Ask others about areas to avoid when you are alone.) Dont walk alone late at night, even for short distances. Stay in well-lit, public areas. Walk with purpose. If someone is making you uncomfortable, get near a crowd of people and ask for help. Slide 5 Personal Safety: Apartment living Keep doors and windows locked, no matter where you live Get to know your neighbors introduce yourself Make sure you have a working smoke detector, fire extinguisher, first aid kit Dont let unknown persons into your home Memorize phone numbers for contacts who can help you in an emergency. Dont rely on having numbers in your cell phone. Purchase a Renters Insurance policy Slide 6 Personal Safety Information: Alcohol The legal drinking age in Indiana is 21. You may find yourself in situations where alcohol is being consumed irresponsibly and dangerously. Instead of participating, try to remove yourself from the situation. You are legally responsible for your actions while you are under the influence of alcohol, even if you are not conscious of what you are doing Never drink and drive Slide 7 Campus Emergency Notification System (IU-Notify) Enter your phone number and/or e-mail in OneStart: Notifications IU-Notify Slide 8 Emergency Stations Look for these stations all across campus. Only use them if you need emergency assistance. You will immediately be connected with Campus Police Service. Slide 9 Preparing for an extreme emergency situationfor women Sexual assault happens in every culture, but is discussed and reported more openly in some cultures than others. IUPUI Campus Police offer a Rape Aggression Defense (RADS) Program It is available to any female associated with the University. The course meets Tuesday evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:40 pm during the spring semester. To take the course for credit, sign up for the HPER-E 100 course, class number 25414. To take the class but not for credit contact R.A.D. via E-mail.R.A.D. via E-mail Slide 10 Preparing for an extreme emergency situationactive shooter scenario The prevalence of guns in American society stems from the U.S. Constitution, which gives citizens the right to own guns but not foreign citizens Laws allow legal gun owners to defend themselves and their homes but with that prevalence comes the risk of guns being used in crime. Examples are recent university/school shootings reported in the news media. The likelihood that you will experience such an incident yourself is very small, but by knowing how to react you can improve your chance of escaping harm Slide 11 Personal Safety Information: Emergency Numbers In case of emergency, whether crime, fire, accident, or life- threatening health emergency, call 911 anywhere in the U.S. Be ready to state your location; if you dont know, describe what you see around you Answer all questions as best as you can Stay on the phone until help arrives On-campus, you can call 317-274-7911. This connects you with IUPUI Campus Police for faster response. Slide 12 Severe Weather Severe Thunderstorms Tornados Severe Winter Storms Slide 13 Severe Thunderstorms Frequent from Spring through Fall Strong straight-line winds, hail, lightening strikes Severe Thunderstorm Watch -- conditions are ideal for a storm to develop Severe Thunderstorm Warning -- a storm is occurring and you should take shelter SirensIf you can hear them, take shelter Stay inside a building, stay away from windows If outside, stay in open area away from trees, fences, and other vertical objects that may attract lightning Slide 14 Tornados Most common from March through June, but can occur any time Tornado Watch -- conditions are ideal for tornados Tornado Warning -- tornado has been detected; seek shelter immediately Sirens--If you hear sirens, seek shelter immediately Slide 15 Severe Storm on Weather Map You are here Slide 16 Tornado on Weather Map Hook Slide 17 Where to Find Shelter-Tornado Indoors: Lowest level of the building Interior room or hallway Far from windows Outdoors: Find a sturdy building Do NOT try to outrun the tornado in a car! If a building is not available, find a ditch or low open area (no trees, fences, etc.) Lie down flat and cover your head Slide 18 Severe Winter Weather Freezing rain may cause very dangerous driving conditions Heavy snowstorms with winds and low visibility Stay home! No special shelter is necessary Check IUPUI website for status of classes. (Or, sign up for IU Notify) Watch news for information about road conditions Drink some hot chocolate, build a snowman! Slide 19 Stay safe on ice walk like a penguin! Reminders Wear appropriate shoes. Walk in designated walkways. Watch where you are walking. Walk slowly. Slide 20 General Safety Information: Your Car Lock doors and shut windows Keep valuable items out of sight Keep vehicle well maintained Keep emergency supplies such as a tire jack, a spare tire, a blanket, and a small shovel Never drive without your drivers license, car registration and proof of car insurance Keep photocopies of your immigration documents in the car Consider joining AAA for roadside assistance ( Slide 21 Being Prepared for a Traffic Stop Traffic laws are enforced by regular police officers If you see a police car behind you with lights flashing and siren on, slow down and stop in the first safe location off the street or highway. If the police car stops behind you, stay in your car and open your window to speak to the officer. Keep your hands where the officer can see them. The officer will ask for your drivers license and car registration. Remain seated in your car while the officer checks your information in the police database system. Slide 22 Winter Driving for Beginners Watch for an announcement from the OIA for a Winter Driving Workshop usually in December Slide 23 Questions & More info Talk to campus police you see patrolling the campus, ask an advisor, etc.