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<ol><li> 1. About Me </li><li> 2. Family is the most importantthing to me.Along with my friends, myfamily is my inspiration </li><li> 3. Favourites </li><li> 4. My Personal Legendo Child and Teen Psychologyo Washington University of St. Louis ? </li><li> 5. Obstacleso Introvertedo Huge procrastinatoro Perfectionisto Unorganized </li><li> 6. every blessing ignored becomes acurse. I don't want anything else in life.But you are forcing me to look at wealthand at horizons that I have never known.Now that I have seen them, and now that Isee how immense my possibilities are, I'mgoing to feel worse than I did before youarrived. Because I know the things Ishould be able to accomplish, and I don'twant to do so (Coelho 58). </li></ol>