Personal Hygine & Grooming

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Personal Hygiene & Grooming

Personal Hygiene & Grooming

Objective The importance of Personal Hygiene and Grooming Hospitality Grooming Standards How to wash hands correctly When should we wash hands

2Personal Hygiene & Grooming

What is Personal Hygiene?Personal hygiene may be described as the principle of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the external body

What is Personal Hygiene?PERSONAL HYGIENE

Why is personal hygiene important?

To Kill Bad Bacteria (germs)

Avoid Bad Breath & Body Odor

Good Health & Prevent Sickness

When should you wash your hand?Before..

When should you wash your hand?After.

How to wash your hands?

What is Grooming? The act of grooming is to make yourself look nice, neat and clean.

Uniform Your uniform must be.

Clean Ironed/Pressed Hairnet in cap Aprons

Hairstyles Ladies Should be well groomed with a net appearance at all the timesNatural looking no bright colorsLong hair tied backHair away from faceHair accessories plain, simple natural colours

11Personal Hygiene & Grooming

Hairstyles Men

Short / trimmed , Not fall over the ears eyebrows or even touch the back of the collarNatural looking no bright colours will always present a neat appearanceFace to be clean shaven

Nails To be kept short (Trimmed)Clean No colored nail polish

Jewelry Wedding RingEarrings (Ears and ladies only) sleepers or earrings 1 pair onlyNo WatchNo visible necklace

ShoesClean and Polished

Black socks

Be Professional at WorkDo NotChew GumUse mobile phoneNo Hands in the Pockets LeanPoint at PeopleRun

Be Professional at WorkDo.

Be friendly and PoliteBe HelpfulGive Eye ContactListenStand Straight and always Smile

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