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This is my personal deliverable project for my online class that has to do with social media I explain how some Early Childhood Educators should use social media and what sites are best!


  • How I plan on using social media to benefit my career as an Early Childhood Educator is by using the websites Pinterest andTumblr.
  • On average a visitor spends more than 98 minutes per month on Pinterest ( teachers-guide-to-pinterest/) Pinterest is a website where people post their ideas such as activities for children to enhance their gross motor skills or have interesting art and craft ideas that moms or teachers have used before. Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things that inspire you. ( Pinterest is a great resource to use if youre a teacher or an Early Childhood Educator because it helps you to find new ideas for upcoming activities you want and keep it organized
  • You use things called boards and each board has its own title so for example you could use Arts and Crafts. There can be pictures of all different art activities and you can save them to your board to help you remember the website it came from and if you would like to look back on the activity and do it again.
  • When youre on the website you can type in a key word and a whole bunch of pictures will come up. There are thousands of different things you can find such as activities, decoration ideas, fitness activities and so much more. The DIY and Crafts category on Pinterest is a great way to find project ideas for school.Teachers can definitely use this to get ideas for crafts and even parents can get inspiration for summer family projects. ( pinterest/ )
  • This can benefit so many Early Childhood Educators because it helps us to use social media to find new ideas to help enhance childrens learning and also to share good ideas that we have come up with to show the whole world. By having Pinterest it also helps you collaborate with other teachers who have lessons plans projects and teaching ideas for you.You can also use your Pinterest to show parents upcoming ideas and activities you would like to do with the children. Parents can go on Pinterest to see what their child may be doing that week and if they enjoy the activity they can go do it at home with their child and or siblings. Its a great way to keep the parents involved and have them included in your planning for their child. Also showing parents new books that maybe they havent read to their child or books the children seem interested in the teacher can post that on Pinterest and parents can look and see that and find the book for their child.
  • ?v=4QatyT8GgeU Tumblr is a website where you can create your own blog. You can post things like pictures, videos, messages, and also links to websites that you would like to show people. You can also reblog other peoples post that you may find enjoyable or you may want to show other people about.
  • By making your own blog for your classroom parents can go online and see what their child has been doing. For example by having a classroom blog you can have it private or only the parents in the classroom can see what you do is post pictures of the child and their artwork they did that day or even during circle time when you were singing a song you can video tape the children singing and post that on your blog and when the parents have a chance they can see what their child was doing. So many parents leave their children at school and daycare for most of the portion of the day because theyre at work they only get to see them when they come home for dinner and after that they end up having to go to bed and go through the same processes all week.
  • By having this blog the parents will feel more connected to their children and the activities theyre doing in the classroom that they missed while at work.There are many Early Childhood Education blogs that you can follow and get updates when they post things this can help you find a good article. For example if you are with infants or toddlers and theyre starting to get teeth you can find an article off of other peoples blogs or online and post it for parents to help them notice signs of teething and what they can do about it.
  • Technology is an integral part of today's modern world and improvements are being made every day.This means that your kids have the ability to access information and satisfy their curiosity instantly! Encourage your children to search on the web for answers to their questions or watch credible how-to or news videos. ( educate-your-children-outside-the-classroom/#page=8 )
  • Having good communication with parents is key when working with children.You and the parents work as a team to help their child grow and develop. Parents know more about their child than you do and its best to talk to them about certain things they do at home and work together to make the child grow up and be developing the way they should be. By sharing the things parents miss while at work is such a great way to have good communication with parents and to inform them on so many other things their child has been doing
  • ECEs Using social media Not a lot of Early Childhood Educators use social media as much as I think they should. I think social media is such a huge part of our world now and by doing this it can benefit so many people in my field. A lot of them use Pinterest to find ideas but I havent heard of anyone with a blog or any having their own websites to let parents stay involved with their parents. The one blog I found on pinterest was They post a lot of activities that you can do with preschool children.
  • Tumblr blog One other blog I found onTumblr was and Early Childhood Educator who has been working for 17 plus years. She posts articles about children and things that can help parents such as food ideas or what is happening in early childhood today.
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