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  • 1. Creating Your Personal Brand & LinkedIn Prospecting By: Joel Katz Sales Engineering Manager 407-628-6624
  • 2. Agenda Creating Your Personal Brand What Is branding What Is My Personal Brand How To Beef Up Your Personal Brand Prospecting In Social Media World Searches Groups Contact Based Prospecting Be Information Provider Additional Info.
  • 3. 84 Million Users in USA (259 Million Worldwide) 184 Million Unique Visits to Linked In Monthly 40% of Linked In Users Check Everyday 38% of Linked In Visits Are Via Mobil Device Average Time Users Spend on Linked In 17 Min./Month 3 Million Business Pages & 1.2 Mil. Featured Products and Services. 2.1 Million Groups on Linked In Average Number of Groups Members Join 7 Most Used or Over Used Adjectives: Responsible, Creative * Stats According to Digital Marketing Rambling
  • 4. 78% of those who use social media in sales outperform those who dont. The Impact of Social Media on Sales Quota and Corporate Revenue, A Sales Guy Consulting
  • 5. Creating Your Personal Brand
  • 6. The Wikipedia definition of brand begins with Branding includes a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service
  • 7. The Wikipedia definition of brand begins with Branding includes a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service
  • 8. Awareness
  • 9. Awareness Trust
  • 10. Awareness Trust Perception
  • 11. Awareness Trust Reputation Perception
  • 15. SEARCH =
  • 16. COPY =
  • 17. =
  • 18. =
  • 19. A brand is the sum of all feelings, thoughts and recognitions positive and negative that people in the target audience associate with a company, a product or service. - Steve McNamara, AdCracker.Com
  • 20. A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. Jeff Bezos
  • 21. More solid brands mean strong identities both for the products and for the people using them. Jeff Bezos
  • 22. We choose one over the other on the basis of our perception of its reputation Shivam Dhawan
  • 23. Perceptions are verbs:
  • 24. Apple Thinks Different IBM Solves Nike Exhorts Virgin Enlightens Sony Dreams - Jean Marie Dru, Disruption
  • 25. Just like PERSONALITIES
  • 26. What is your BRAND?
  • 27. Develop A Personal Brand for Yourself WHAT do I DO? WHO do I do it FOR? HOW am I UNIQUE? (WHERE do I do it?) = YOU: The Brand
  • 28. For Most of Us Linked In is our Online Brand (Remember the four components of branding) Awareness Who we are: Name, Title, Photo, Summary Trust Our Credentials, Our Experience Reputation Skills, Achievements, Recommendations Perception Interests, Personal Details, overall feeling from profile (Hopefully a Verb) YOUR PROSPECTS ARE CHECKING YOUR PROFILE OUT TRY TO DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF!!!
  • 29. Awareness: Good Use Of Photo, Name, Title, Summary Use a professionally done head shot photo if possible (Smile) Change your default work title, Try To Say: What you do Who you do it for Change Linked In URL to your name. Make The Summary Engaging: Say how you do what you do Make It measurable if at all possible Write It from your prospects point of view Have a call to action if at all possible Include Samples of your work
  • 30. Trust and Reputation Highlight Work Experience Especially if you can show how you helped prospects achieve measurable results Highlight Special Skills Trainings Certifications Ask and Use Recommendations: Others vouching for you is great, especially if it is customers Best way to get recommendations is to give them
  • 31. Lets Look At Some Examples
  • 32. Good Photo Good Title Good Summary
  • 33. Good Examples of Work
  • 34. Good Use of Recommendations
  • 35. Good Photo Good Title Good Summary Different Style
  • 36. Good Use of Recommendations
  • 37. Good Title: Who I am what I do, and for who
  • 38. Good Summary, (A Bit To Long Though) Sample of my Work and Who I Am Following at Bottom
  • 39. Good Use of Recommendations CTL Company Link Included
  • 40. Good Photo Good Title
  • 41. Dont Do This!!! Look at the Title!!! But Funny though Certainly a Differentiator
  • 42. Lets explore some ways to use LinkedIn for prospecting.
  • 43. Searches and Advanced Searches You can search contacts You can search companies (you can follow them as well) You can save searches and it will notify you of changes in your search profile Searches will show you 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level connections to that person. Prospecting Class on BMI Social Warrior Site http://bmi.corp.intranet/bmgq/socialwarrior/prospecting
  • 44. Groups!!! Choose Groups Where Your Contacts Are Industry Based Education / Charity Based (Alumni Associations, ETC.) Max Group Membership 50 Different Groups Observe First Ask Questions On Discussion Threads Start Relevant Discussion Threads Post Relevant Articles To Group NOT SALES INFO OR ADVERTISING Groups Allow You to Send In Mail To Other Group Members Even if They Are Not Your Contacts
  • 45. Develop Contact Based Prospecting !!! Often Takes Between 10-12 Emails and Phone Calls Before You Have Relevant Contact With Prospect You Are More Likely to Get Sales Call Returned if You Have Personal Connection Check Profile to see if you have people in common Check if you have University or Company in Common When you reach out to them make sure you mention commonality. This increases your odds 3x When Mutual Connection calls on your behalf for introduction , this increases your odds 4x When you contact direct connection odds increase 12x Cultivate contacts similar to your ideal prospect. Go Where they are off line and online Initiate Conversations Keep in touch with them
  • 46. Keeping In Touch With Prospects Become a Content Provider Sift through info. to find articles valuable to prospects. (Doing this Daily or Weekly is best.) This elevates your credibility in prospects eyes Be Constantly on look out for relevant info. Industry News Letters Business Press Videos and Magazines Prospects likely to read Send your Prospects short note with article link attached. Can send same note to multiple prospects. Share Articles online via Linked In, Face book, Twitter. Simply click on share icon for relevant service Post to your profile, or actually send to your contacts or group. If you post to profile, when contacts sign on they will see your post.
  • 47. To Summarize!!!
  • 48. Other Relevant Info. Social Warrior Success Stories http://bmi.corp.intranet/bmgq/socialwarrior/success-stories Social Warrior Tutorials http://bmi.corp.intranet/bmgq/socialwarrior/tutorials Dont Be A Pest: LinkedIn Settings Mistakes 4/01/25/the-important-linkedin-settings-mostpeople-miss/
  • 49. Do what you want to be famous for Because you are famous for what you do - Kristian Anderson
  • 50. Thank You ? Joel Katz Sales Engineering Manager 407-628-6624