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  • Personal BrandingHow To Stand Out & Differentiate Yourself

  • Branding

    Personal Branding

    3 Steps To Start




  • You Are in a Competitive Job Market

  • Very Crowded

  • Hard To Stand Out

  • Complicated To Impress Recruiters

  • Similarities

    Hard To Differentiate Yourself

  • Messy To Discover Your Identity

  • 80%Hidden Jobs

    Difficult To Find a Job

  • You Need Help!!

  • You Need to Stand Out From The Crowd

  • And Differentiate Yourself

  • And Discover The Best of You

  • Start With Branding!!

  • Is A Unique Promise Of Value

  • Strong Brands Have a Unique Promise of Value

  • What Do These Logos Mean To You?!!

  • Brand Commodity

    What is The Difference Here?!


  • CommoditiesCompete On Price

    The Difference is

    Brands Deliver Value


  • Showing Your Job Title You Act Like Commodity

    Show Your Value To Become a Brand

  • So. What is Personal Branding?!

  • Its Your Unique Promise Of Value

  • What Do These Persons Mean To You?!!

    Steve Jobs Martin Luther KingOprah Winfrey

  • 3 Steps To Start Personal Branding

  • 1- Discover Your Core Identity

    2- Differentiate Yourself

    3- Show Your Brand

  • 1- Core Identity

  • Who Are You?

  • Your Tasks & Activities

  • Your Passion

  • 2- Differentiate Yourself

  • Identify Your Target Audience

  • What Makes You Different For Them?!

  • To Your Customer

    What is Your Value

  • Value Customer

  • 3- Show Your Brand

  • Keep Online Visibility

  • Build Credibility

  • Tell Your Customer How You Can

    Help Them

  • One More Thing

  • Try Personal Branding CanvasThe One-Page Method for Developing Your Personal Brand

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