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PERSONAL BRANDING Dr. Kwasi Baffour Gyimah.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, But people will never forget how you made them feel.

The What??? A personal brand is a unique identity, well designed & deliberate.Its not wholly dependent on the career or business.It a self-projecting tool that is meant to put the BEST version of YOU out there.There are some differences between a commercial brand and a personal brand though both share a common principle of image.

Setting a brand image Personal & Commercial

Differences! Commercial & PersonalNameLogoTag lineDesignAwarenessReputationPerceptionTrust

What it isnt. A personal brand isnt an alter egoNeither is it a fake personality / Image.Its not meant to be static; it evolves with the persona.Be minded; it wont make you popular!

Building an Effective & Compelling Personal BrandBe yourself.clich??? Certainly not!

Be honestBe confidentBe adaptable _ Its not the strongest of species that survive; its the most adaptable- Charles Darwin.Understand your terrain and market - depending on what your brand targets.Learn to introduce yourself

Develop tools of the trade; email, resume, cover letter, online profile, voicemail message, caller ring back tunes, blog and websites.Be professional and measuredBusiness cardsDress appropriately and within YOUR budget!!

Analyzing your brand.Brand identity analysis: SWOT AnalysisAssets:Do people have a positive awareness about you?Are you associated with effectiveness and quality?Are you trustworthy?Do you understand you?Believe in your talents?Experienced in your field / Willing to learn.

Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.

Lao Tzu

Define yourself in 3 words!

Your Shuttle Pitch!Imagine getting on a campus shuttle at the academic area shuttle stop and sitting next to you is the Head of Human Resource of your dream company who is about to give a talk on campus about new vacancies.He indicates that hell get off at the next stop at the universities administration block.You have less than 1 minute to pitch brand YOUGO!

4 Simple Steps! KNOW YOURSELFPast experiencesStrongest skillsCareer goalsJobs/ companys you are pursuingWhat sets you apartCRAFT YOUR PITCHWho are you?Major accomplishmentsWhere are you goingWhat do you want to achieve

BODY LANGUAGEAre you appropriately dressed?Do you exude confidence in your speech and mannerDo you sound confident and not arrogant

Practice, practice and practice some more

Whatever you consistently attach to the words I am, you will become.Zig Ziglar


Its a jungle out there

The EssentialsGoogle your nameEmail and text impeccablyEdit your social networking profileSign up to LinkedIn!!!Create a professional email signatureStay diligent about your online presence

Professional social networking siteBuild a 100% profile.Attach an appropriate pictureInclude all your relevant experienceUpload your contactsJoin relevant groupsPersonalize your add me message

Its important to be brand positioning conscious on Facebook.The DOS are as important as the DONTS!Privacy settings - - Extremely important!Delete and un-tag yourself in inappropriate photosJoin professional groupsBecome fans of relevant companiesPut up relevant posts often.JOIN GRAMMERLY!!!!

There are several other social networking sites as twitter, researchgate, google + etc.The most important attribute of these social tools is that they project the exact image you create and are likely to associate you with a certain image.It is IMPORTANT that you manage your virtual self on social media as actively as you do your real self.

Summing up.Personal brand building is IMPORTANT.Project a COMPELLING POSITIVE IMAGE.GROW and ADAPT with your brand.Get PROFESSIONAL branding help, if you cannot do it yourself!SOCIAL MEDIA is more than meets the eye.Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!

A brands strength is built upon its determination to promote its own distinct values and missionProf. Jean Noel Kapferer

THANK YOUDr. Kwasi Baffour Gyimahemail: gyimahkwasi@gmail.comFacebook: Kwasi Baffour GyimahLinkedIn: KWASI GYIMAHSkype: drqweci