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Personal Branding: How To Brand Your Talents To Further Your Career - from Jason Falls for the American Marketing Association Louisville, May 28, 2009


  • 1. Personal Branding How do you brand your talentsto further your career? Jason FallsDoe-Anderson American Marketing Association Louisville, Ky. May 28, 2009

2. What well learn

  • What is personal branding?
  • Why is it important?
  • How do you establish a personal brand?
  • Whats the negative?

3. What is personal branding? 4. Why is it important?

  • Helps You Get Jobs
  • Helps You Get Clients/Customers
  • Leads To Personal & Professional Opportunity
  • Protects Your Reputation

5. How Do You Establish Yours?

  • Discover Your Brand
    • What sets you apart?
    • What do you want to set you apart?
    • What will make you happy

6. Activate Your Brand

  • Resume
  • Social Profiles
  • Images/Avatars
  • Videos
  • It All Leads To SERPs

7. How To Grow Your Brand

  • Be Bold
  • Be Nice
  • Be Real
  • Be Involved
  • Be Available

8. Proof

  • First 5 Pages of Google
  • All but 5 entries on first 5pages of Yahoo
  • Jason Falls Politician inNorth Carolina
  • Jason Falls Movieblogger
  • Damn Metallica bassplayer is clumsy

9. Network On- and Off-Line

  • Fish Where The Fish Are
    • Blogs of others in your field
    • Local voices in your space
    • Clients, Customers, Potential Employers
  • Never Underestimate The Value Of Face-To-Face
    • Professional Organizations
    • Conferences
    • Youre Always On

10. Whats The Negative?

  • Keep Your Ego In Check
  • Company vs. Personal Time
  • Company vs. Personal Benefit
    • Theres A Difference Between Empowerment And Power
  • Your Brand Isnt The Only One

11. Consider The Company

  • 2009 Deloitte Survey
    • 60% of executives say they have right to know
    • 53% of employees say social networking not an employers concern.
    • 30% never consider what their boss or customers think before posting
    • 74% believe activity make it easier to damage a companys reputation
    • Only 17% of executives have a monitoring and mitigating program
    • Only 24% have formal guidelines for the use of social media

12. Lets Connect Jason Falls VP, Director of Interactive & On-Line Communications Doe-Anderson Louisville, Ky. [email_address] Twitter: @JasonFalls O: 502.815.3257 Theme images from SXCH.HU