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Presented to high school students. Why using social media is important and how to maintain a brand.


  • 1. What are you DOING?
    140 characters that make a difference

2. Twitters core:
It's a new and easy way to discover the latest news (whats happening) related to subjects you care about.
3. Somehow that turned into this
Things that dont matter:
So. Many. Links.
4. STOP.
5. Be selfish. Make social media about you.
6. Put yourself online.
7. Who are you?
Journalist? Student? Activist? Musician? Artist? Writer? Chef?
8. Decide what youll put where.
9. Tools to tell your story.
10. Heres where I tell you to be careful
Does a FB profile or a website prejudice me before I meet a candidate?
Yes. Absolutely.
- Harvard admissions officer
11. But dont listen to me.
12. The best branded journalists
They take advantage of opportunities, write well-crafted tweets and choose niche blog topics that as a whole clearly indicate the type of specialized journalist they want to be. In this era of the journalist as brand, theyre playing really good offense.
Jennifer GaieHellum
13. 3 things to do today
14. Look at your profiles. No, really look at them.

  • Embarrassing photos?

15. Privacy settings? 16. Do you really want your Mom to see this?