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  • Performanta

    Performanta Company Profile

    Company Profile

    May 2012

    Securing Your World, Together

  • Performanta

    Company Profile ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Company Overview

    Performanta was born in April 2010 and is home to over 100 information security specialists. Performanta

    is an information security organisation with its Head Office based in Midrand South Africa, and offices in Cape

    Town, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Lagos and Sydney. According to BMI-T 2015, Performanta is the largest

    information security company in Africa by size and turnover. We provide a practical approach, competitively

    priced services, dedicated client commitment, and a spirit of excellence supported by a team of highly

    motivated experienced professionals. As a committed information security solutions partner to our clients

    and the leverage gained through our continued successes, we bring a personalised approach to transforming

    your security landscape to optimised levels through pragmatic solutions and best practice.

    What We Do

    Performantas enterprise-wide approach offers services, technology and consulting solutions on data

    security, network security, endpoint security, risk and assurance as well as access, authentication and

    authorisation (AAA). Our range of products, services and consulting efforts are tailored and designed to offer

    our clients bespoke turnkey solutions matching your business needs and risk appetite. In need, we provide

    on-going or ad-hoc consultative advice through to dedicated on-site services supported by leading-edge

    information security product suites.

    Our Goal and Mission

    Performantas goal is to be the first choice Information Security Company in the

    environment where we operate.

    Our B-BBEE Status

    In a South African context, in particular The Broad-Based Black Economic

    Empowerment Act (Act 53 of 2003) and based on the Generic Scorecard,

    Performanta has a B-BBEE level rating of 3.

    Performantas Story The Soul Facts

    Our vision: Securing Your World, Together.

    Our employees are our most important asset.

    Combination of employees from three different backgrounds: Reseller, Vendor and Customer.

    With the different background: We grow the maturity of every discussion.

    Our characteristics as a security organisation: Passion. Curiosity. Humility. Confidentiality.

    The market is ever-evolving. So are we.

    We believe in evolution. It all started with product then solution. We believe in journey!

  • Performanta

    Company Profile ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Why Performanta

    At Performanta, you will discover that our DNA is entrenched by absolute honesty, integrity and trust, driven

    by a practical, agile and proficient approach. Ethics, governance and professionalism are fundamental

    considerations in our approach and how we operate.

    When we commence engagement, our clients soon begin to understand and appreciate the Soul Facts

    about our organisation:

    Our clients like us

    Our people are our most important asset

    Our people enjoy working for Performanta

    Our vendors, partners and suppliers enjoy working with us

    We do not compromise on quality

    We listen to our customers.

    Company Structure

    Our Capabilities

    Performanta combines Consulting with Services and selected Technologies in a journey to provide you with

    sound security.


    Technologies Consulting Services

  • Performanta

    Company Profile ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Performanta Technologies From a Technologies perspective, our approach is based upon building the right solution for our clients by combining 3 key elements:

    Technical expertise All our engineers are technical specialists who provide the best advice and guidance. Ongoing technical certification is performed to keep our engineering staff up-to-date with the technology represented.

    Technology of choice Technology selection is through a highly experienced panel and most of our products appear in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and other industry analyst shortlists.

    Customer involvement We are in constant engagement with the customer from the first engagement through to project sign-off.

    Performanta Services Performanta Services provides managed, bespoke and turn-key support services that are uniquely tailored to meet the requirements of our clients. Our approach complements existing business and IT strategy and is designed to be supportive and client centric. Performanta Services explicitly satisfies the needs of our clients. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach, nor do we box drop. For every service, Performanta will:

    First ensure that we clearly understand your business needs.

    Design a solution that is tailored to meet your requirements.

    Select the best fit professional team to support you.

    Monitor, measure and provide feedback on improvements and developments.

    Empower our customer to strengthen their business lines of defence.

    Ensure that our professional staff take ownership of achieving set deliverables and work in partnership with you on site.

    Ensure that our leadership team is easily available.

  • Performanta

    Company Profile ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Performanta Consulting


    Performanta Consulting provides a practical

    approach, competitively priced consulting

    services, dedicated client commitment, and

    a spirit of excellence supported by a team of

    highly motivated and experienced

    professionals. As a committed information

    security consulting partner to our clients,

    and the leverage gained through our

    continued successes, we bring a

    personalised approach in transforming your

    information security landscape to optimised

    levels through pragmatic guidance, and best


    What We Do

    Performantas consulting solutions include

    Privacy Training, Maturity Assessments, and

    Privacy Implementation Frameworks that

    are based on local and global best practice

    standards. In need, we also provide on-

    going or ad-hoc consultative advice through

    to dedicated on-site services supported by

    leading-edge information security product


    Business Solutions

    Performanta Consulting has a range of

    offerings to address the requirements

    of PoPI and structured to address the

    required approach:

    Privacy & Information Security

    Training, to sensitize the organisation

    to the requirements of the Act,

    Maturity Assessment, to evaluate the

    organisations state of readiness,

    incorporating the requirements of

    PoPI, ISO 27001/2, BS10012:2009, and

    Privacy Implementation Framework,

    comprising the required controls

    mapped to the areas where they

    should be implemented.


    Our intention when we partner with new clients is to ultimately become your information

    security consulting partner of choice. Flexibility, being a key attribute, allows Performanta to

    extend the value of our consulting across your Information Security requirements be it ISO,

    COBIT 5, King III, or ITIL.

  • Performanta

    Company Profile ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Performanta Consulting (Cont.)


    Our engagements are designed to assist organisations:

    Sensitize stakeholders to their information security and privacy requirements,

    Identify what the key activities should be addressed (through maturity assessment); and

    Implement solutions that are within appropriate time and budget considerations.

    Our Approach

    We help design, develop and implement

    information security frameworks in line

    with business objectives based on

    security requirement standards like ISO

    27001, ITIL Framework and PCI.

    To achieve this, we:

    Conduct maturity assessments to

    assist to initiate, execute, monitor,

    check and, above all, improve the

    information security risk posture,

    Review the information security

    strategy, plans, policies to create

    robustness, efficiency and optimised

    resources, structures, frameworks

    and solutions,

    Perform risk identification, risk

    mitigation and management of risks

    and information security initiatives,


    Review controls such as identity and

    Access Management, Encryption, as

    well as Application, Perimeter,

    Endpoint, and Network Security

    including Incident Management.

    Privacy Training

    While organisation need to understand the issues around Privacy, they will ultimately be

    responsible to be able to demonstrate reasonable measures to meet POPI compliance.

    Our Privacy training provides sufficient awareness for employees to understand the requirements and implications, prepares them to engage in

    relevant Programmes and address related business concerns.

    The content is structured and designed to meet organizational specific requirements and is


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