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Your mindset is your competitive advantage. It is what separates you from everyone else in business.Your mindset is above all an attitude and attitude is a choice.


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>You deliver Paradise</p> <p>Help customers to get there</p> <p>Problemthe</p> <p>Change</p> <p></p> <p>Disruptive change</p> <p>Compete for the future, not just </p> <p>the present</p> <p>Todays customers are online explorers, seeking out online ratings, </p> <p>peer reviews, videos and in-depth product details as they move through </p> <p>the buying decision process.</p> <p>Move to tomorrows battleground</p> <p>You feel like this? </p> <p>You feel like this? </p> <p>Solutionthe</p> <p>CHANGEbefore you have to</p> <p>CHANGE</p> <p>It is not the strongest of the species that </p> <p>survive, nor the most intelligent, but rather </p> <p>the one mostadaptable to change.</p> <p>- Charles Darwin1809 - 1882</p> <p>If you dont likechange, youregoing to likeirrelevance evenless.</p> <p>- General Eric Shineseki,Retired Chief of Staff, U.S. Army</p> <p>Success is a journey</p> <p>Key to success is alignment</p> <p>erentf</p> <p>difthink</p> <p>Re-think how you think</p> <p>Horizon 10 - 6 months</p> <p>Horizon 26 - 12 months</p> <p>Horizon 312 - 36 months</p> <p>Thinking at 3 Time Horizons </p> <p></p> <p>Get it right</p> <p>Party all night</p> <p></p> <p>Get it wrong </p> <p>25</p> <p>Find 3 Take Aways</p> <p>1. Simple</p> <p>2. Creative</p> <p>3. Actionable</p> <p>See the world through new eyes</p> <p>Think outside the box</p> <p>See outside the box</p> <p></p> <p>What is your Growth Plan?</p> <p>NEW WORLD</p> <p>OLD THINKING</p> <p>FAIL</p> <p>X</p> <p>=</p> <p>Overcoming barriers to change</p> <p>CHOICE</p> <p>Changestarts with</p> <p>Prisoners of the past</p> <p>All failure is failure to adapt, all success is </p> <p>successful adaptation.- Max McKeown, Adaptability: The Art of </p> <p>Winning In An Age of Uncertainty</p> <p>Even elephants can learn</p> <p>Develop a Winners Mindset1</p> <p>Create a Performance Culture2</p> <p>Focus on Execution3</p> <p>What are the </p> <p>characteristics of Top </p> <p>Sales Performers?</p> <p>Question:</p> <p>Rank in order of importance:</p> <p> Creativity Tenacity Integrity Curiosity Passion Empathy</p> <p>1. Empathy </p> <p>2. Integrity</p> <p>3. Passion </p> <p>4. Creativity</p> <p>5. Tenacity </p> <p>6. Curiosity</p> <p>to build rapport </p> <p>to build trust</p> <p>to build interest </p> <p>to build the right solution</p> <p>to close the deal</p> <p>to build understanding</p> <p>Research found:</p> <p>See through the eyes of the customer</p> <p>Imagination</p> <p>Take them here</p> <p>Courage to close</p> <p>Personal Accountability</p> <p>Know </p> <p>Anticipate</p> <p>Catch every opportunity</p> <p>Hate losing</p> <p>You cant teach an old dog new tricks</p> <p>Change your thinking</p> <p></p> <p>The hard way</p> <p>AND Thinking</p> <p>AND Thinking</p> <p>AND Thinking</p> <p></p> <p>AND Thinking</p> <p></p> <p>AND Thinking</p> <p>Prisoners of our own thinking</p> <p>Constraint-based thinking</p> <p>Constraint-based thinking</p> <p>Constraint-based thinking</p> <p>Collective constraint-based thinking</p> <p>Bring about the possible</p> <p>Attitude is a choice, and its available to all.</p> <p>Business Attitude</p> <p>- Seth Godin</p> <p>What actually separates winners from losers isnt </p> <p>talent, its attitude.</p> <p>Sharpen your business attitude</p> <p>Resilient Thinking</p> <p>Develop a Winners Mindset1</p> <p>Create a Performance Culture2</p> <p>Focus on Execution3</p> <p>How would you describe your </p> <p>Performance Culture today? </p> <p>How would like to be able to </p> <p>describe it tomorrow?</p> <p>Question:</p> <p>Are you acompleter?</p> <p>Do-it-yourself mindset</p> <p>You are accountable</p> <p>Knock on every door</p> <p>Always be prospecting</p> <p>Get everybody on the same bus</p> <p>Get the buses aligned</p> <p>Take the right people with you</p> <p>Use subtitle persuasion</p> <p>Values-driven OrganisationTools</p> <p>TeamLeadership Services</p> <p>Creating a Culture of Performance</p> <p>Results</p> <p>Team Management Systems</p> <p> Open to change Future focused Innovative Resilient to challenges</p> <p>S - SelfT - Team</p> <p> Inspired Engaged Committed Motivated EnergisedP </p> <p> -P</p> <p>eop</p> <p>le</p> <p>Leadership</p> <p>Performance</p> <p>Culture</p> <p>Develop a Winners Mindset1</p> <p>Create a Performance Culture2</p> <p>Focus on Execution3</p> <p>What 3 things would deliver </p> <p>maximum short-term results </p> <p>(&lt; 30 days) for your </p> <p>business, your team or you?</p> <p>Question:</p> <p>Personal focus</p> <p>Team focus</p> <p>Future focused</p> <p>Get ready for change</p> <p>Strategic choices</p> <p>Highly adaptable</p> <p>Manage ambiguity</p> <p>Sales Game Plan</p> <p>Lead and they will</p> <p>Lead them one at a time</p> <p>source:</p> <p>Lead them through the Buyers Journey</p> <p>1 32</p> <p>Educate</p> <p>Inspire</p> <p>Create a sense of urgency</p> <p>Recommended reading</p> <p>What did sales winners do?* 1. Educated me with new ideas or perspectives2. Collaborated with me3. Persuaded me we would achieve results4. Listened to me5. Understood my needs6. Helped me avoid potential pitfalls7. Crafted a compelling solution8. Depicted purchasing process accurately9. Connected with me personally10. Overall value from the company is superior to others</p> <p>*What Sales Winners Do Differently, RAIN Group, 2013</p> <p>98</p> <p>DecisionDrivers</p> <p>Price vs Value</p> <p>Products ServicesExperienceCustomer</p> <p>Value = the Customer Experience</p> <p>Value = the Customer Experience</p> <p>Execute consistently</p> <p>When the rate ofchange externally isgreater than the rateof change internally,you have a problem.</p> <p>- Jack Welch</p> <p>External speed of change</p> <p>Internal speed of change</p> <p>1. An unparalleled opportunity</p> <p>2. Yes you can (do it)</p> <p>3. Now is the time to make it happen</p> <p>David R Ednie</p> <p>President &amp; CEO</p> <p>SalesChannel Europe</p> <p>Ph: +33 676 60 09 25 (FR) </p> <p>Email:</p> <p>Website:</p>