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Performance Management Reporting: Quarter 1. Guide to reporting Overall performance for Q1 Key Service Priorities 2008/09 Other performance indicators Next steps. Guide to Reporting. = Work is on target to achieve the objectives as specified. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Performance Management Reporting: Quarter 1 Guide to reporting Overall performance for Q1 Key Service Priorities 2008/09 Other performance indicators Next steps

  • Guide to Reporting= Work is on target to achieve the objectives as specified.= Warning that the achievement of the target in the way specified in the plan may not be possible or the outturn is 10% from the target. This requires a decision about remedial action.




  • Overall Performance for Q1

  • KSPs 2008/09: S&R Committee

  • S&R Committee (contd) 8 Actions at 12 at and one at

    Promoting Sustainability and Tackling Issues of Climate Change

    To Minimise the environmental impact of the Councils own activitiesMeter surveys undertaken and new meter operators appointed.Smart Meters (23) installation date agreed for first week September

    Investigate case for central building management system to better control consumptionPreliminary cost obtained, evaluation in progress for consideration and possible future modifications

    Investigate the case for and potential funding for, the creation of a climate change fundOpportunities being investigated but there is no progress to report to date

    Providing Value for Money

    To agree and implement the first stage of service budget reviews and to achieve a reduction of 250,000 against the budget forecast for 2009/10 by Feb 2009Specification agreed for review of Fees and Charges. Benchmarking underway and service workshops to be held early OctDiscussions with property advisers however, no service has been commissioned to date



  • S&R Committee (contd) Focusing on our Customers To develop customer focus training programme standards Training tender spec has been written. Three quotes are being sought to undertake the training. Completion expected by end of Sep 2008

    Reception survey Results to be analysed by the Consultation and Communication Team

    Valuing Diversity and Equality Attend and carry out briefings with DMTs to identify key policy documents to be impact assessed Attend one DMT which prompted a rethink of the arrangements. Decision taken to postpone meetings pending production of draft documents to be used for consultation.

    Identify and capture all relevant policies, strategies and good practice within the organisation using the data captured form developed Delayed until next quarter due to change in the arrangements for consultation and production of documents. Draft documents now produced.

  • S&R Committee (contd)Consult with Managers to prioritise policies/strategies for impact assessmentConsultation to begin after the holiday period in September

    Publish report in accordance with legislationTimetable available but has slipped to the Q2 due to changes in the process

    One action at:Customer Service Strategy reviewed and necessary actions takenThis has not been fully reviewed yet. Full review and revised action plan expected to be completed by the end of quarter two.


  • Key Service Priorities: Environment CommitteeGreen 50%

  • Environment Committee (contd)There are 7 Actions at 5 at and 2 Actions atTackling Anti-social BehaviourReport to committee on the neighbourhood panels/links councillor pilotDiscussed with new Crime & Disorder Committee. Report on roll out of pilot to go to Env. Comm in Oct.

    Enhancing the Visual Appearance of the Local EnvironmentJoint up working protocol agreed with SCCDiscussion with SCC in progress.

    Complete survey of flats to determine capacity of recycling baysPhysical flats site surveys completed. Survey results to be added to database by Aug 2008.

    Car ParkingSell 45 permits at Wilkinsons car park and 100 at Hook RoadAwaiting handover of car park by developer.

    Issue new residents permits in Community Protection Zones (CPZs)In discussion with SCC.




  • Environment Committee (contd)

    Actions at:

    Complete installation of new pay and display machines in EpsomDeferred

    Completion installation of new signs in EpsomAwaiting new pay and display machines.


  • Key Service Priorities: Leisure Committee

  • Leisure Committee (contd)There are 7 Actions at 3 at no actions at Enhancing Services for Young PeopleInstigate a new Tennis for Free programmeFunding has been identified and discussions have taken place with Tennis for Free and the Ebbisham Tennis Club to launch a new project.

    VenuesComplete review of first year of operation of Catering Contractor (by May) While the formal review of the first year of operation has yet to be completed, monthly meetings have been held and service improvements are identified and implemented.

    Formal press launch of completed worksRe-launch took place 25 July 2008.




  • Key Service Priorities: Social Committee

  • Social Committee (contd)There are 5 actions at 2 at and one at

    Affordable HousingTo complete 20 affordable homes15 completed.

    To complete the grant aided improvement or adaptation of 15 homesDue to financial constraints commencement of works had to be deferred, as a result there were fewer than profiled completions; this is expected to rise over the coming quarters.

    To start construction of 50 affordable homesNo affordable starts on site for quarter one. The housing market may force reconsideration of this target.





  • Next StepsIt is recommended that Financial Policy Panel refers areas of concern to the relevant policy committees, where managers will report on the latest situation and make proposals for action / remediation.

    Particular attention needs to be given to those areas at Red as remedial action needs to be taken to get these back on track.

    Broad areas for 4 year Service Plans and Key Service Priorities for 2008/09 have been agreed in October/Novembers committee cycle; and the SMART targets will be agreed in Januarys committee cycle.



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