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The Performance Contract by Derek Hendrikz covers job descriptions, generic competencies, employee standards, appointment, obligation, reviews, position and stakeholders.


  • 1. The Performance ContractDerekHendrikz

2. Copyright 2014Derek Hendrikz 3. The performance Contract is based on thefollowing documents: Job description of the employee. Business plan for the organisation. Applicable project plans. Performance standards for the employee. The organisations generic 4. Sections of the Performance Contract:1. Terms of appointment.2. General employment standards.3. Performance Obligation.4. Performance Reviews.5. Purpose of the position.6. Description of Key Performance Areas (KPAs).7. Stakeholders expectation of employee 5. You will effectively control the employeesperformance through the flowing three steps1. Set standards of performance that must beachieved;2. Measure actual performance against thesestandards;3. Take corrective action when things go