PERFORMANCE, BM CONCENTRATION AND PIANO MUSIC EDUCATION/ EDUCATION/CHORAL ... Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of ... 2 Music Education/Choral Concentration and Piano Performance , BM

Download PERFORMANCE, BM CONCENTRATION AND PIANO MUSIC EDUCATION/  EDUCATION/CHORAL ... Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of ... 2 Music Education/Choral Concentration and Piano Performance , BM

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<ul><li><p>Roosevelt University 1</p><p>MUSIC EDUCATION/CHORALCONCENTRATION AND PIANOPERFORMANCE, BMThe Bachelor of Music with a double major in Music Education (Choralemphasis) and Piano Performance is a five-year program whichcombines teacher preparation coursework with the full range ofperformance-related studies for pianists. All requirements and policiesfor the Music Education program apply to the double major programs;please refer to the Music Education ( program of study page.</p><p>Admission requirementsProspective double majors will prepare the audition requirements forpiano, as published on theCCPA Admission and Audition (</p><p>In addition, an interview with the music education faculty is required.</p><p>Grade requirementsSatisfactory completion of the music core is a requirement for licensure.The music core consists of the following required music courses: AppliedMusic 201-204 and 301-303 or 211-214 and 311-314; 6 semester hoursof ensemble; two courses from among MUHL210 VERNACULAR MUSICOF THE UNITED STATES, MUHL251 HISTORY OF WESTERN MUSIC I,MUHL252 HISTORY OF WESTERN MUSIC II, and MUHL253 HISTORYOF WESTERN MUSIC III; MUSC222A MUSICIANSHIP IV:WRITTENSKILLS/MUSC222B MUSICIANSHIP IV:AURAL SKILLS/MUSC222CMUSICIANSHIP IV:PIANO SKILLS; and PERF240 ELEMENTS OFCONDUCTING. Any grade lower than C in any music core (or B- in someapplied music courses; see below), music education, education, orprofessional education course is considered a failing grade and will notfulfill degree requirements.</p><p>At the completion of the second year of applied study, a student mustreceive a minimum grade of B- in PIA 214 to be admitted to the upperdivision. The grade of B- is the minimum passing grade in upper divisionapplied study (PIA 311 through 314).</p><p>Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.7 toremain in good standing and graduate.</p><p>All course requirements must be completed before the semester ofstudent teaching.</p><p>RequirementsGeneral StudiesENG101 COMPOSITION I: CRITICAL READING &amp;</p><p>WRITING3</p><p>ENG102 COMPOSITION II: INTRODUCTION TOACADEMIC RESEARCH</p><p>3</p><p>ACP101 FIRST YEAR SEMINAR 3ACP110 PRIMARY TEXTS 3ELED301 FOUNDATIONS &amp; COMMUNITY 3MATH105 FOUNDATIONS OF ARITHMETIC 3</p><p>HIST106 THE UNITED STATES TO 1865 3orHIST107 THE UNITED STATES SINCE 1865orPOS101 UNITED STATES POLITICSPSYC103 INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY 3READ363 TEACHING LANGUAGE AND LITERACY</p><p>IN THE CONTENT AREAS3</p><p>Non-Western course (Humanities or Social Science) 3Two non-music courses of the student's choice 6Subtotal General Studies 36Performance and MusicianshipPIA211 PIANO (MAJOR) 4PIA212 PIANO (MAJOR) 4PIA213 PIANO (MAJOR) 4PIA214 PIANO (MAJOR) 4PIA215 TECHNIQUE EXAMINATION 0PIA311 PIANO (MAJOR) 4PIA312 PIANO (MAJOR) 4PIA313 PIANO (MAJOR) 4PIA314 PIANO (MAJOR) 4PIA300 PIANO PERFORMANCE CLASS (eight</p><p>semesters required)0</p><p>ENS201 CONSERVATORY CHOIR 6ENS220 PIANO ENSEMBLE I 1ENS221 PRINCIPLES OF COLLABORATIVE</p><p>PIANO I1</p><p>PERF131 COMPREHENSIVE KEYBOARDLITERACY I</p><p>2</p><p>PERF132 COMPREHENSIVE KEYBOARDLITERACY II</p><p>2</p><p>PERF232 KEYBOARD IMPROVISATION 2MUSC121A&amp;MUSC121B</p><p>MUSICIANSHIP I:WRITTEN SKILLSand MUSICIANSHIP I:AURAL SKILLS</p><p>3</p><p>MUSC122A&amp;MUSC122B</p><p>MUSICIANSHIP II:WRITTEN SKILLSand MUSICIANSHIP II:AURAL SKILLS</p><p>3</p><p>MUSC221A&amp;MUSC221B</p><p>MUSICIANSHIP III:WRITTEN SKILLSand MUSCIANSHIP III:AURAL SKILLS</p><p>3</p><p>MUSC222A&amp;MUSC222B</p><p>MUSICIANSHIP IV:WRITTEN SKILLSand MUSICIANSHIP IV:AURAL SKILLS</p><p>3</p><p>MUHL210 THE VERNACULAR MUSIC OF THEUNITED STATES</p><p>3</p><p>MUHL251 HISTORY OF WESTERN MUSIC I 3MUHL252 HISTORY OF WESTERN MUSIC II 3MUHL253 HISTORY OF WESTERN MUSIC III 3Select two of the following: 6</p><p>MTA304 COUNTERPOINTMTA305 FORM AND ANALYSISMUHL351 SPECIAL TOPICS IN MUSIC</p><p>LITERATURE (may be repeated forcredit)</p><p>PERF240 ELEMENTS OF CONDUCTING 2Subtotal Performance and Musicianship 78Music Education/Professional EducationME149 CAREER SEMINAR PUBLIC SCHOOL</p><p>TEACHING1</p></li><li><p>2 Music Education/Choral Concentration and Piano Performance, BM</p><p>ME161 CHORAL METHODS FORINSTRUMENTAL MAJORS</p><p>2</p><p>ME200 MUSIC EDUCATION LAB (sevensemesters )</p><p>0</p><p>ME243 CONDUCTING:ART &amp; TECHNIQUE 3ME310 STUDENT TEACHING INTERNSHIP 5-12ME311 CHORAL METHODS FOR</p><p>ELEMENTARY/JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL3</p><p>ME312 CHORAL METHODS FOR SENIOR HIGHSCHOOL</p><p>3</p><p>ME350 METHODS FOR THE ELEMENTARYMUSIC CLASSROOM</p><p>3</p><p>ME352 SECONDARY GENERAL MUSICMETHODS</p><p>3</p><p>ME351 ISSUES IN MUSIC EDUCATION 3Select two of the following: 2</p><p>ME152 BRASS TECHNIQUESME153 WOODWIND TECHNIQUESME154 STRING TECHNIQUESME155 PERCUSSION TECHNIQUES</p><p>EDUC202 CHILD DEVELOPMENT, LEARNING, ANDMOTIVATION</p><p>3</p><p>SPED219 EXCEPTIONAL CHILD &amp; YOUTH 3Subtotal Music Education/Professional Education 34Total Credit Hours 148</p><p>Your degree map is a general guide suggesting courses to completeeach term on the academic pathway to your degree. It is based on themost current scheduling information from your academic program. Yourprograms degree map is reviewed annually and updated as scheduleschange (although you retain the same course requirements as long asyou are continuously enrolled in your degree program).</p><p>Always work closely with your academic advisor to understandcurriculum requirements and scheduling, as each students academicplan can look slightly different.</p><p>Year 1Fall Credit Hours Spring Credit HoursACP101 3 MUSC122A 2ENG101 3 MUSC122B 1ME149 1 PIA212 4MUSC121A 2 PIA215 0MUSC121B 1 PIA300 0PIA211 4 ENG102 3PIA300 0 ACP110 3MATH (105 orhigher)</p><p>3 ME152, 153, 154,or 155</p><p>1</p><p>Ensemble 1 Ensemble 1</p><p> 18 15Year 2Fall Credit Hours Spring Credit HoursPIA213 4 ENS221 1MUSC221A 2 ME200 0MUSC221B 1 MUSC222A 2ENS220 1 MUSC222B 1</p><p>MUHL210 3 MUHL251 3ME200 0 PIA214 4PIA300 0 PIA215 0AcademicElective1</p><p>3 PIA300 0</p><p>ME152, 153, 154,or 155</p><p>1 READ363 3</p><p>PERF131 2 PERF132 2</p><p> 17 16Year 3Fall Credit Hours Spring Credit HoursME200 0 PIA312 4PERF232 2 Ensemble 1MUHL252 3 MUHL253 3Music AcademicElective</p><p>3 Music AcademicElective</p><p>3</p><p>PERF240 2 ME243 3PIA300 0 PIA300 0PIA311 4 ME200 0Ensemble 1 ME350 3</p><p> 15 17Year 4Fall Credit Hours Spring Credit HoursME311 3 PIA314 4ME352 3 Ensemble 1PSYC103 3 ME312, 314, or</p><p>Sr.HighSchoolMethods3</p><p>ME200 0 EDUC202 3PIA313 4 Academic</p><p>Elective3</p><p>PIA300 0 ME200 0Ensemble 1 PIA300 0SPED219 3 </p><p> 17 14Year 5Fall Credit Hours Spring Credit HoursME161 2 ME310 5-12ELED301 3 ME200 0 HIST106, 107, orPOS 101</p><p>3 </p><p>ME351 3 Non-WesternSocial Scienceor HumanitiesElective</p><p>3 </p><p> 14 5-12</p><p>Total Credit Hours 148-155</p></li></ul>