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<ul><li><p>PERFORCE EMC VNX, VMware, and FLASH 1st improve performance and development processes </p><p>ESSENTIALS Industry </p><p>Software </p><p>Company Size </p><p>SMB </p><p>Business Challenge </p><p> Low performance levels slowed time to market </p><p> Legacy solutions did not support virtualization strategy and lacked </p><p>scalability </p><p>Solutions </p><p> EMC VNX unified storage </p><p> EMC VNX Total Efficiency Pack </p><p> VMware vSphere </p><p>Results </p><p> 60 percent performance increase </p><p> Reduction of server build times from hours to minutes </p><p> Support for virtualization strategies </p><p> Scalability to future proof IT investment for five years </p><p>OVERVIEW As a privately held company with headquarters in Alameda, California, and </p><p>international offices in the UK, Australia, and Canada, Perforce credits its dynamic, </p><p>profitable growth to its robust and flexible version management software and </p><p>technologies. More than 400,000 users across 5,500 companies use Perforce </p><p>technologies to get to market faster. </p><p>To support its growth, Perforces IT department delivers infrastructure that enables </p><p>its many engineers to develop, test, and implement new products and revisions </p><p>quickly. By nurturing a culture of innovation and reducing its own time-to-market, </p><p>Perforce maximizes loyalty among current customers, while also increasing market </p><p>share. </p><p>BUSINESS CHALLENGES Perforces legacy IT systems, however, were a barrier to this innovation. Its slow </p><p>storage infrastructure was a key business challenge. </p><p>We were using low-end infrastructure that could not handle the high product </p><p>development volumes that were coming down the pipeline. Yet our companys </p><p>success is dependent on getting new products to market quickly, says Perforce IT </p><p>Infrastructure Manager, David Ackerman. We had also adopted a virtualization </p><p>strategy driven by VMware and the older infrastructure could not provide the </p><p>integrated VMware capabilities that we required. </p><p>Lack of storage scalability was also a problem for Perforcethe companys storage </p><p>requirements were growing at two to four TB per month and the company did not </p><p>have a way to manage this growth. </p><p>Determined to transform its IT infrastructure, as well as its new product </p><p>development workflow processes, Perforce IT worked with EMC partner Nexus, on a </p><p>new network and storage design. </p><p>Jim Collison, Perforce Storage and VMware Systems Administrator, explains: We </p><p>developed very detailed and demanding specification requirements before searching </p><p>for a new unified storage infrastructure. These requirements revolved around our </p><p>challenge to better manage growing software build needs, while dramatically </p><p>reducing product build times. As Engineering turned to automated software </p><p>solutions, IT leveraged the advantages inherent in VMware and virtual machine </p><p>strategies to enable these solutions. </p><p>CUSTOMER PROFILE </p></li><li><p> Specifications included high IOPS (20,000 at 8K); full VMware integration and VAAI </p><p>support; automated tiering capabilities for enhanced performance; scalability that </p><p>would future-proof the new solution for up to five years (thereby maximizing ROI); </p><p>and a core router backbone that incorporated high-speed Ethernet connectivity. </p><p>Perforce consulted with EMC partner Nexus, who recommended EMC VNX unified </p><p>storage and Cisco Nexus switches. </p><p>Nexus engineering talent is second to none. With advanced certifications from EMC, </p><p>VMware, and Cisco, we have a depth of experience that allows us to make informed </p><p>and thoughtful recommendations, said Colin McNamara, Director of Nexus Data </p><p>Center Practice. The overall solution we designed for Perforce is a perfect fit. The </p><p>speed, flexibility, and built-in VMware optimization of EMC VNX, combined with Ciscos </p><p>Nexus switches, has helped Perforce to transform its new product development </p><p>process. </p><p>Collison adds, We went with EMC VNX because of its revolutionary technologies, and </p><p>the high performance, scalability, and VMware integration it delivers. EMC is the only </p><p>company we found that has converged the technologies that we requirehigh </p><p>performance Flash drives, FAST Cache and FAST VP (Fully Automated Storage Tiering </p><p>for Virtual Pools), unified storage technologies, and the modularity that allows us to </p><p>configure the solution to meet requirements, at a price that small and medium </p><p>businesses can afford. In fact, it was so affordable that initially I thought there must </p><p>be a catch. But there wasnt. </p><p>EMC is the only company we found that has converged the technologies that we requirehigh performance Flash drives, FAST Cache and FAST VP, unified storage technologies, and the modularity that allows us to configure the solution to meet requirements, at a price that small and medium businesses can afford. </p><p>Jim Collison Storage and VMware Systems Administrator </p><p> EMC SOLUTION </p><p>Perforce partnered with Nexus to deploy EMC VNX. The VNX incorporates 10 percent </p><p>Flash drives, 45 percent SAS, and 45 percent nearline SAS drives. Perforce also uses </p><p>EMC Unisphere for simplified infrastructure management and the EMC Total </p><p>Efficiency Pack for VNX (incorporating EMC FAST Suite and a range of security and </p><p>protection suites), and VMware vSphere for virtual machine administration and </p><p>management. In addition, Perforce upgraded its networking core router backbone to </p><p>10 GB Ethernet Cisco Nexus switches. Today, Perforce stores 50 TB of data for its </p><p>Alameda facility on the VNX, as well as 20 TB of data for its UK facility. </p><p>IMPROVING PERFORMANCE WITH VNX AND FLASH 1ST VNX has easily surpassed Perforces performance expectations. VNX has provided 60 </p><p>percent across the board performance increases compared to our legacy solutions. </p><p>What used to take our engineers many hours to build can now be measured in </p><p>minutes. This has significantly reduced our time to market by accelerating new </p></li><li><p> product development processes. In addition, Perforce utilizes a FLASH 1st strategy to further improve performance, </p><p>maximize storage efficiency, and reduce costs. By using the EMC FAST Suite</p><p>consisting of FAST Cache and FAST VP (Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual </p><p>Pools)combined with Flash drives, Perforce uses storage space in the best possible </p><p>way while eliminating waste produced by manual allocation. </p><p>We have a very high IOPS requirement, and no other vendor utilized cache </p><p>technology as well as EMC. EMC VNX, front-ended with seven 100 GB Flash drives </p><p>that each run at 3,000 IOPS, provides us with read and write rates that amaze us, </p><p>says Collison. Wed have to string together 125 SAS drives to give us the same </p><p>performance as the VNX." </p><p>FLASH 1st automatically moves in-demand data to the solid state drives for high </p><p>performance and high data availability. When demand falls, data is automatically </p><p>migrated to high-capacity SAS or nearline SAS. FLASH 1st matches performance </p><p>requirements to demand peaks and troughs, while fully utilizing scarce Flash </p><p>resources and other storage infrastructure. </p><p>Ten percent of our storage is made up of Flash drives, Collison states. Yet Flash </p><p>provides up to 60 percent of our IOPS capabilities. Mission-critical applications and </p><p>data such as our Electric Commander engineering processes and build systems, all </p><p>running in our VMware virtual cluster, migrate to Flash when demand is high. </p><p>But automated storage tiering rules can be overridden by Perforce, if required. We </p><p>analyze, monitor, and manage IOPS requirements using EMC Unisphere, EMC VNX </p><p>Analyzer, and analysis support from Nexus, Collison adds. Together, they allow us </p><p>to quickly reallocate IOPS to specific tasks, when required. </p><p>NURTURING INNOVATION BY TRANSFORMING PROCESSES VNX, integrated with VMware, has also helped to transform new product development </p><p>processes, nurturing innovation among company engineers. Mission-critical </p><p>applications, including Electric Commander, have been successfully virtualized. </p><p>Our product development processes have been transformed due to EMC VNX and </p><p>VMware technologies, Collison states. This has changed the way we build out and </p><p>test new products. VMware nurtures innovation because engineers can create new </p><p>virtual machines without assistance to try out new ideas, at no additional incremental </p><p>technology costs. EMC and VMware technologies help us to maintain our market </p><p>position and profitability by allowing us to increase our competitive advantage. </p><p>HIGH ROI DUE TO SCALABILITY AND FUTURE-PROOFING VNX provides Perforce with a high return on investment due to its low pricing </p><p>structure, significant increases in performance, in-house productivity and efficiency, </p><p>and scalability. </p><p>Due to its modularity, VNX enables us to scale up IOPS and storage quickly and cost </p><p>effectively. For this reason, VNX will meet our needs for the next five years, says </p><p>Ackerman. Compare that to our older systems where wed often have to purchase </p><p>new infrastructure to meet every new requirement. That older process was expensive, </p><p>and did not produce the performance we required. While specific ROI numbers are </p><p>difficult to measure because most of our EMC storage and VMware cluster usage </p><p>enables new applications and processes, we are confident that the EMC VNX provides </p><p>a great ROI. </p></li><li><p> PARTNERING FOR INSIGHT AND SUPPORT </p><p>Perforce IT management is very pleased with the support and insight that they </p><p>receive from Nexus and EMC. </p><p>Nexus not only helped us to specify, configure, and install our VNX solution, but also </p><p>works as our partner, Ackerman states. The company has provided us with a high </p><p>level of expertise that we combined with our own expertise to design a </p><p>comprehensive solution. This level of design detail is often only done by dedicated </p><p>subject matter experts at much larger companies. In a medium-sized company like </p><p>Perforce, it is just one of many hats we wear, and we needed a partner that fit our </p><p>model. We have been extremely happy with the level of expertise, attention, and </p><p>support we have received from Nexus </p><p>McNamara adds, Nexus has had a longstanding relationship with Perforce, and </p><p>helping Perforce achieve its IT goals and objectives is our number one priority. Our </p><p>unique consultative approach focuses on really listening to the customer to fully </p><p>understand its immediate needs as well as its long-term goals. Together with EMC, </p><p>VMware, and Cisco, weve given Perforce enormous success and a strong platform for </p><p>future innovation. </p><p>EMC also provides this level of expertise, Collison says. When we have an issue, we </p><p>know that EMC personnel located in the U.S., India, Ireland, or elsewhere will always </p><p>be at hand. Often, theyll use WebEx to access our VNX remotely and fix the problem </p><p>on the spot. The quality of support throughout the various support levels is superior, </p><p>and EMC support engineers will escalate an issue instantly if they cant solve it </p><p>themselves. We have never found that high level of support in other IT vendors. </p><p>Collison concludes by explaining the high levels of satisfaction that Perforce engineers </p><p>experience from its EMC VNX solution. VNX has transformed the way that our </p><p>engineers do business. They used to work in a siloed environmentnow everything is </p><p>on a single VMware-driven cluster stored on high performance VNX. The solution </p><p>promotes collaboration among our employees, high levels of innovation, quick time to </p><p>market, and high levels of satisfaction among our end users. </p><p>CONTACT US To learn more about how EMC2 products, services, and solutions can help solve your business and IT challenges, contact your local representative or authorized reselleror visit us at </p><p> </p><p> EMC2, EMC, the EMC logo, FAST, Unisphere, and VNX are registered trademarks or trademarks of EMC Corporation in the United States and other countries. VMware and vSphere are registered trademarks or trademarks of VMware, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions. Copyright 2012 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. Published in the USA. 06/12 Customer Profile H10806.1 EMC believes the information in this document is accurate as of its publication date. The information is subject to change without notice. </p><p></p></li></ul>


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