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1. REMINDER Check in on the COLLABORATE mobile app PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine Presented by: Alice Zhang HCM Consultant Emtec Inc Utilizing PeopleSoft Approval Workflow to Fit Your Business Needs Session ID#: 106850 2. Silence Audible Devices Note Fire Exits Partake of Refreshments Note Quest Staffers (green shirts) and Room Monitors Complete Feedback Form Ask Questions Administrative Notes Please: 3. Utilizing PeopleSoft Approval Workflow to Fit your Business Needs 4. PS Approval Workflow Engine Overview PeopleTools Requirement Code supporting AWE within PeopleTools 8.48 or greater AWE defined for certain applications in v 9.0 and greater eProfile, eProfile Manager, Job Profile Manager, Absence Management, Form Approval, Time and Labor, Recruiting, ELM, and ePerformance Register custom transaction or additional applications with AWE AWE in v 9.2 HCM 9.2 WorkCenter allows for a single navigation point for approversmanagers and administrators, etc. Application pagelettes on the home screen Access workflow transactions on your mobile device. Approve, Deny, Push back View attachments/ add comments 5. Benefits of utilizing AWE Streamlined, automated workflow within an application Approve, deny, escalate, reassign or cancel approvals. Predefined framework with flexibility in PeopleSoft pages Can be simple and configurable by functional users Can be complex to fit unique business needs Can assign ad hoc approvers/ reviewers per transaction Generic email template notifications Customizable Link to approvals page Mobile friendly (v 9.2) Keeping track of your transactions Visibility for end users Audit your approvals and requests Monitor transaction statuses 6. How it works Key Pieces Process ID and Definition ID Determines which application and which process this approval process defines Example: Process ID= FormApproval, Definition ID= NewPositionRequest Example: Process ID= ePerformance, Definition ID= QuarterReview Define User Lists Role definition, Query definition, SQL definition, or Application Class definition. Notification Templates 7. Understanding Your Approval Process Approval path will not change Indicated on the Process Definition Page User list typically set up as a security role in User Profile page Configuration May only involve PeopleSoft pages Configurable by functional user Example Approval process requires only HR personnels approval Approval path will change May expand and contract based on how each transaction meets criteria User list will most likely be SQL or Application Class Configuration May involve SQL, Application Class Configurable by functional user, however, may require developer assistance Example Approval process requires manager approvals up to a certain manager level Static Approval Process Dynamic Approval Process 8. Stages of approval Your approval process may contain one or multiple stages A stage contains one or more approval paths If a stage contains multiple approval paths, these paths will execute in parallel If a stage contains multiple approval paths, these paths will have different approvers (meaning different user list set up). Define stages for approval process in Process Definition A stage can be Static or Dynamic Meaning, an approval process can be static or dynamic (one static or dynamic stage with one or multiple static approval paths) or have a combination of static and dynamic stages (more than one stage, each stage with one or multiple approval paths). 9. User List 10. Process Definition 11. Monitoring Approval 12. Approver 1 Approver 2 13. Workflow Email Notification Templates Generic email notification templates Navigation Main Menu> PeopleTools> Workflow> Notifications> Generic Templates Stores the approval page URL variable that appears in the email Stores the Subject line and Message Text of the email. Stores additional approval transaction variables such as Empl ID, Employee Name, Submission Date, Priority, etc. Can be removed/ added to message text 14. Generic Templates 15. Key Considerations What is the business process? What are the requirements for the approval workflow? What are some pain points that have prevented the streamlining of workflow? How can we adapt? Who are my users? Do I have a clearly defined group of users for every transaction or do my users change depending on the circumstance? Are there any exceptions that I must consider? Tying it all together with testing, testing, and more testing Are both the requirements and exceptions met? Are requesters, reviewers, and approvers able to perform necessary transactions? Consider ease of use and security set up Are there any hiccups along the way? 16. Please complete the session evaluation We appreciate your feedback and insight Session ID# 106850 You may complete the session evaluation either on paper or online via the mobile app 17. Visit Seth & Dana at the Quest International Users Group Booth #337 Let us show you how to leverage the Quest community to maximize your ERP investment Receive your personalized Quest Activation Plan & learn how to make the most of your membership Plus, find out how you can join us in celebrating our 20th year of success you might just win a special Quest- themed bottle of Kentucky bourbon! Quest is the home for PeopleSoft and JD Edwards Users


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