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<ul><li><p>TUESDAY 19 March 2013 | 0021 910 6500 | Fax: 021 910 6501/06 | Email: | Website: | Mobisite:</p><p>TELLING IT AS IT IS</p><p>ATLANTIC SEABOARD | CITY EDITION</p><p>CNR. FAIRVIEW</p><p>&amp; VICTORIA RD,</p><p>WOODSTOCK</p><p>TEL: (021) 447 4075</p><p>FAX: (021) 447 5375</p><p>CNR. FAIRVIEW</p><p>&amp; VICTORIA RD,</p><p>WOODSTOCK</p><p>TEL: (021) 447 4075</p><p>FAX: (021) 447 5375</p><p>WoodstockWoodstock</p><p>Promotion ends 30 April 2013</p><p>prices include VAT.</p><p>**Only one tape measure per customer.</p><p>Only to the first 50 customers.</p><p>Pine PAR</p><p>22mmx44mm @ R10.50 per meter</p><p>22mmx69mm @ R11.50 per meter</p><p>22mmx94mm @ R18.90 per meter</p><p>22mmx144mm @ R26.50 per meter</p><p>AVAILABLE IN 1.8M, 2.4M &amp; 3M, OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST</p><p>Pine PAR</p><p>22mmx44mm @ R10.50 per meter</p><p>22mmx69mm @ R11.50 per meter</p><p>22mmx94mm @ R18.90 per meter</p><p>22mmx144mm @ R26.50 per meter</p><p>AVAILABLE IN 1.8M, 2.4M &amp; 3M, OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST</p><p>per meterper meter</p><p>eacheach1L</p><p>5L</p><p>1L</p><p>5L</p><p>95</p><p>R89</p><p>95</p><p>R89</p><p>95</p><p>R299</p><p>95</p><p>R299</p><p>eacheach</p><p>Color Tone Exterior</p><p>Wood seal (CLEAR ONLY)</p><p>Color Tone Exterior</p><p>Wood seal (CLEAR ONLY)</p><p>Knotty Pine</p><p>ceiling board</p><p>(UNTREATED)</p><p>13mmx100mm</p><p>Knotty Pine</p><p>ceiling board</p><p>(UNTREATED)</p><p>13mmx100mm</p><p>90</p><p>R11</p><p>90</p><p>R11</p><p>per meterper meter</p><p>95</p><p>R20</p><p>95</p><p>R20</p><p>95</p><p>R27</p><p>95</p><p>R27</p><p>per meterper meter</p><p>22mmx100mm</p><p>22mmx140mm</p><p>22mmx100mm</p><p>22mmx140mm</p><p>Pine T&amp;G flooring boards</p><p>(TBTO treated)</p><p>Pine T&amp;G flooring boards</p><p>(TBTO treated)</p><p>**FREE</p><p>Mirage 5mx19mm</p><p>tape measure</p><p>when you spend R500</p><p>or more on pine PAR.</p><p>**FREE</p><p>Mirage 5mx19mm</p><p>tape measure</p><p>when you spend R500</p><p>or more on pine PAR.</p><p>Chippie is</p><p>CHIPPING</p><p>DOWN</p><p>Pine Prices</p><p>Chippie is</p><p>CHIPPING</p><p>DOWN</p><p>Pine Prices</p><p>TAURIQ HASSEN</p><p>THE Sea Point Holiday Hotel has been listed</p><p>as a problem building following a number</p><p>of complaints from the community.</p><p>Crackedwalls, rodent infestation, hygiene</p><p>issues, damaged bricks, vagrants loitering</p><p>around the property and the general state of</p><p>the building are giving residents sleepless</p><p>nights.</p><p>The property, on the corner of Main and</p><p>Oliver roads in Sea Point, has also been nu-</p><p>merously raided after tip-offs about drugs</p><p>and prostitution.</p><p>Anel Badenhorst has only recently moved</p><p>into the area and questions why the state of</p><p>the property has never been tackled.</p><p>It really is shocking because around the</p><p>apartment block you see these beautiful res-</p><p>taurant and stores opening up. Then you get</p><p>this building, which is starting to look like</p><p>a slum, Badenhorst says.</p><p>She recently jogged around the property</p><p>and claims to have picked up on a foul</p><p>smell emanating from one of the entrances</p><p>to the building.</p><p>Badenhorst then found out from another</p><p>resident that the property had previously</p><p>had a rat infestation problem. This cannot</p><p>be healthy at all. The owners can say we are</p><p>being really petty, but I urge them to spend</p><p>a day in the shoes of the residents immedi-</p><p>ately surrounding this property, she says.</p><p>Oliver Court resident Robert Kirsner</p><p>finds no joy in the view from his balcony,</p><p>as all he looks at is a worn down building</p><p>with huge problems around it.</p><p>Kirsner has been living in Sea Point for</p><p>the past 13 years and claims that the owner</p><p>refuses to tackle the problems around the</p><p>building properly.</p><p>They have made a few subtle changes</p><p>over the years, but the main issues are not</p><p>being dealt with. It really gives off a bad im-</p><p>pression in this area, he says.</p><p>He explains that it is a battle to improve</p><p>their own homes because of Sea Point Holi-</p><p>day Hotel.</p><p>This is the only property that refuses to</p><p>improve. This building is just unsightly and</p><p>a real eyesore in this community, Kirsner</p><p>says. Enough is enough and this owner</p><p>must be taken to task for his actions.</p><p>Ward councillor Beverley Schafer con-</p><p>firms receiving complaints about the apart-</p><p>ment block and started a process involving</p><p>the City of Cape Towns Problem Buildings</p><p>Unit, Environmental Health department</p><p>and various other departments. This prop-</p><p>erty is really bad and we must address this</p><p>issue before it becomes worse, she says.</p><p>Schafer requested that the various depart-</p><p>ments demand that the owners immediately</p><p>clean-up the property, labelling the apart-</p><p>ment block as being in quite a shocking</p><p>state.</p><p>SeaPointCommunityPoliceForumchair-</p><p>person, Heather Tager, confirms that they</p><p>too have received numerous complaints</p><p>about the building.</p><p>We have to act on the complaints re-</p><p>ceived from the public and council must</p><p>work faster to attend to these complaints,</p><p>she says.</p><p>Tager explains that police have also had</p><p>successful arrests in the past in connection</p><p>with drug-related activities inside the build-</p><p>ing. This building has been registered as</p><p>a problembuilding andwewill closelymoni-</p><p>tor the activities at these flats, Tager says.</p><p>Peoples Post contacted the hotel for com-</p><p>ment, but the owner is currently out of the</p><p>country.</p><p>Hotel of</p><p>headaches</p><p>PROBLEM: The Sea Point Holiday Hotel is regis</p><p>tered as a problem building. PHOTO: TAURIQ HASSEN</p><p>The annual Cape Town Carnival saw all things bright weaving its way through the CBD</p><p>on Saturday. The event, featuring dancers, floats, music and pretty girls in colourful cos</p><p>tumes, encompassed a parade which passed through the City centre and along the Fan</p><p>Walk, finishing in an extravaganza in Green Point. See page 4. PHOTO: JACO MARAIS/PHOTO24</p><p>ColourfulColourful</p></li><li><p>PEOPLE'S POST | ATLANTIC SEABOARD | CITY EDITION</p><p>Tuesday, 19 March 2013</p><p>2 WORD ON THE STREET</p><p>MORE GARDENING BARGAINS!!MORE GARDENING BARGAINS!!MORE GARDENING BARGAINS!!MORE GARDENING BARGAINS!!</p><p></p><p>Offers valid till 24 March 2013 while stocks last.</p><p>PHALAENOPSIS ORCHID</p><p>1 STEM</p><p>PHA ENOPSIS ORCHID</p><p>1 STEM</p><p>LA</p><p>BELLVILLE 021 919 1106</p><p>KENILWORTH 021 671 9050/1</p><p>MILNERTON 021 528 4000</p><p>CONSTANTIA 021 794 2221</p><p>SOMERSET WEST 021 852 7400</p><p>ASSORTED</p><p>GROUND COVERS</p><p>6 PACK</p><p>ASSORTED</p><p>GROUND COVERS</p><p>6 PACK</p><p>WAS 22.95WAS 22.95</p><p>RANUNCULUS</p><p>BULBS</p><p>RANUNCULUS</p><p>BULBS</p><p>NOWNOW</p><p>95</p><p>15</p><p>95</p><p>15</p><p>95</p><p>15</p><p>95</p><p>15</p><p>Elk</p><p>TERRACOTTA POTSTERRACOTTA POTS</p><p>10cm 7.95 3.95</p><p>12cm 10.95 5.95</p><p>15cm 12.95 6.95</p><p>10cm 7.95</p><p>12cm 10.95</p><p>15cm 12.95</p><p>3.95</p><p>5.95</p><p>6.95</p><p>PLANT SALEPLANT SALE</p><p>ROSEMARY 19.95</p><p>GERANIUM BUSH 29.95</p><p>AFRICAN VIOLET 18.95</p><p>CHRYSANTHEMUMS 19.95</p><p>PORTULACA ELECTRIC SERIES 36.95</p><p>IMPATIENS SUNPATIENS 39.95</p><p>GARDENA GORGEOUS GUCCI 39.95</p><p>ARCOTIS SAFARI MIST 69.95</p><p>SOLANUM BUSH WHITE 69.95</p><p>CONE BUSH SAFARI SUNSET 74.95</p><p>ASSORTED BOUGAINVILLEAS 104.95</p><p>EUGENIA STANDARD 199.95</p><p>FICUS GINSENG IN BAG 119.95</p><p>BAMBOO PALMS 329.95</p><p>9.95</p><p>11.95</p><p>11.95</p><p>15.95</p><p>15.95</p><p>18.95</p><p>19.95</p><p>29.95</p><p>28.95</p><p>32.95</p><p>44.95</p><p>79.95</p><p>69.95</p><p>169.95</p><p>IVY GERANIUMS 39.95</p><p>BONSAI</p><p>15.95</p><p>WAS NOW</p><p>NOWNOW</p><p>95</p><p>99</p><p>95</p><p>99</p><p>95</p><p>99</p><p>95</p><p>99 Elk</p><p>WAS 179.95WAS 179.95</p><p>RAPIDRAPID</p><p>RAISERRAISER</p><p>2,5kg2,5kg</p><p>BOUNCEBOUNCE</p><p>BACK</p><p>5kg</p><p>BACK</p><p>5kg</p><p>WAS 34.95WAS 34.95</p><p>95</p><p>23</p><p>95</p><p>23</p><p>95</p><p>23</p><p>95</p><p>23</p><p>NOWNOW</p><p>25 p/pack</p><p>WAS 99.90WAS 99.90</p><p>95</p><p>49</p><p>95</p><p>49</p><p>95</p><p>49</p><p>95</p><p>49</p><p>NOWNOW</p><p>++++</p><p>JOIN OUR FREE GARDEN CLUB</p><p>&amp; SAVE 5% ON ALL PURCHASES</p><p>JOIN OUR FREE GARDEN CLUB</p><p>&amp; SAVE 5% ON ALL PURCHASES</p><p>JOIN OUR FREE GARDEN CLUB</p><p>&amp; SAVE 5% ON ALL PURCHASES</p><p>JOIN OUR FREE GARDEN CLUB</p><p>&amp; SAVE 5% ON ALL PURCHASES</p><p>COMBO</p><p>DEAL</p><p>The right</p><p>stuff</p><p>O</p><p>N THURSDAY South Africans cele-</p><p>brate Human Rights Day. Is it just an-</p><p>other day off work or do Capetonians</p><p>give special attention to their hard-fought</p><p>human rights? Peoples Post interns Tarren-</p><p>Lee Habelgaarn and Luzuko Zini polled</p><p>readers.</p><p>WENTWENTZEL DZEL DANIEL:ANIEL: He feels the right to education</p><p>is very important, especially for the new genera</p><p>tion. Inmy days we didnt have the opportunities</p><p>the children today have and I dont want my chil</p><p>dren to struggle the way I did.</p><p>ODENDODENDAALAAL GERBER:GERBER: He ismost passionate about</p><p>the right to access to water. People should use</p><p>water sparingly. There are so many people who</p><p>dont have access to drinking water. Yet you get</p><p>others who can afford it and then waste it.</p><p>TTOBIE SOBIE STEENKTEENKAMP:AMP: The right to life is the most</p><p>important right, he says. I feel if you take away</p><p>someones right to live, your life should be taken</p><p>away. In our country that right is absolute, not</p><p>even the State can take away your right to life.</p><p>LEEANNLEEANN PEDRPEDRO:O: She says freedom of speech</p><p>should be supreme and feels it is what our country</p><p>needs to move forward. It is important and will</p><p>help our country if people could expresswhat they</p><p>want, when they want and how they want.</p><p>TERRILEETERRILEE JENSJENSSEN:SEN: She believes it is important</p><p>for people to express themselves. Freedom of</p><p>speech is the most important human right be</p><p>cause people should be able to say what is on</p><p>their minds.</p><p>CHARLESCHARLES MERRINGTMERRINGTON:ON: The right to freedom of</p><p>movement is important. This is not (like in) the</p><p>old days when you needed permission to enter</p><p>certain places. We dont want to go back to those</p><p>days, so that right shouldnt be taken away.</p><p>LALAWRENCE LWRENCE LUBBE:UBBE: I think the right to education</p><p>is the most important because when a person is</p><p>educated, they have a chance to land a decent</p><p>job. Should that right be taken away a lot of peo</p><p>ple would be hopeless education is everything.</p><p>CARYN-ANN NEL</p><p>AMANwas injured when scaffolding fell</p><p>on him at the V&amp;A Waterfront on Satur-</p><p>day.</p><p>The man, Drikes Swanepoel (28), is be-</p><p>lieved to have been trying to protect his</p><p>wife.</p><p>The scaffolding was being used at the</p><p>registration for the Cape Epic mountain</p><p>bike event on Saturday morning.</p><p>Swanepoel was taken to Christiaan</p><p>Barnard Hospital for treatment.</p><p>A witness says Swanepoel was injured</p><p>while trying to protect his wife from be-</p><p>ing harmed by the scaffolding.</p><p>His wife was in shock, but not hurt.</p><p>Christiaan Barnard Hospital spokes-</p><p>person Michelle Norris says Swanepoel</p><p>had undergone an operation on Sunday.</p><p>Hehad sustained injuries tohis leg, pel-</p><p>vic bone and knee.</p><p>In a statement, Cape Epic says it will</p><p>investigate the incident.</p><p>We confirm two people were hurt</p><p>when the scaffolding fell on them while</p><p>it was being dismantled.</p><p>The incident was reported at 21:48 af-</p><p>ter which the V&amp;A Waterfronts control</p><p>room alerted the medical emergency</p><p>staff.</p><p>The structure was signed off by an en-</p><p>gineer who had, meanwhile, revisited</p><p>the scene. Our biggest concern is now</p><p>about the two people who were affected.</p><p>A full-scale investigation has been</p><p>launched to determine the cause of the in-</p><p>cident.</p><p>This is a serious incident for Cape Ep-</p><p>ic and it is receiving full attention. We</p><p>cannot comment further until the final</p><p>findings are released.</p><p>Man hurt in scaffold collapse</p><p>THE inaugural acoustic music festival,</p><p>Parklife, will be held at Kirstenbosch Gar-</p><p>dens on Friday 22 March.</p><p>Theeventwill see international festival fa-</p><p>vourite acoustic folk star Xavier Rudd as</p><p>headliner andalso features a star-studded lo-</p><p>cal support line-up including Farryl Purkiss</p><p>and Jeremy Loops.</p><p>Rudd, well known on the live music festi-</p><p>val circuit throughout Australia, North</p><p>America and Europe, will bring his special</p><p>blend of acoustic folk to SouthAfrica for two</p><p>exclusive shows.</p><p>He is a unique, one-man band and typical-</p><p>ly has three didgeridoos placed in front of</p><p>him on a stand, a guitar on his lap, a stomp-</p><p>box by his bare feet, and an assortment of</p><p>drums, harmonicas and bells.</p><p>Gates to the event open at 18:00 so come</p><p>early.</p><p>VWin!OnePeoples Post reader canwin double tickets</p><p>to the event.</p><p>Stand a chance to win by entering online.</p><p>Visit, click on competitions</p><p>and follow the prompts.</p><p>Winners will be notified by phone.</p><p>AAccoustic foustic festest kickskicks offoff at gat garardensdens</p><p>IN THE report Booze control kicks in</p><p>(Peoples Post, 12 March) it was incorrect-</p><p>ly stated that theapplication to extend liq-</p><p>uor trading hours is free.</p><p>There is, however, a cost for these ap-</p><p>plications.</p><p>Peoples Post regrets and apologises for</p><p>the error.</p><p>V Applications are available from any City Environ</p><p>mental Health office or online from www.cape</p><p></p><p>For the record</p></li><li><p>PEOPLE'S POST | ATLANTIC SEABOARD | CITY EDITION</p><p>Tuesday, 19 March 2013</p><p>NEWS 3</p><p>CAPE ANIMAL</p><p>MEDICAL CENTRE</p><p>Emergencies &amp; 24hr Patient Care</p><p>After Hours Clinic (surcharges apply)</p><p>Clinics by appointment, Monday to Friday</p><p>General Day Clinic (Also open on Sat 8am to 12pm)</p><p>Specialist Physician</p><p>Specialist Dentist</p><p>Acupuncture and Homoeopathy</p><p>Eye Care Clinic</p><p>OPEN 24HRS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK</p><p>Tel: 021 674 0034</p><p>78 Rosmead Ave, Kenilworth</p><p></p><p>Offering exceptional care</p><p>with passion, pride</p><p>and commitment.</p><p>TAURIQ HASSEN</p><p>CAPE TOWN city centre has started 2013</p><p>with a clean slate after being recognised as</p><p>the cleanest Central BusinessDistrict (CBD)</p><p>in the country.</p><p>In terms cleanliness, a staggering 88.3% of</p><p>people who use the CBD and were polled in</p><p>the Cape Town Central Improvement Dis-</p><p>trict (CCID) User survey gave Cape Towns</p><p>CBD the thumbs up.</p><p>Looking tobuild on their ratings,CCIDan-</p><p>nounced four new urban management</p><p>projects, all of which has already been rolled</p><p>out in the CBD.</p><p>The projects are state-of-the-art street</p><p>sweeper machines, eco-friendly cigarette</p><p>bins, job creation and decorative and proper</p><p>street lighting in the CBD.</p><p>Loop Street take-aways owner, Basil Phil-</p><p>lips, has traded in countries such as India,</p><p>Pakistan, Turkey andmore recently Indone-</p><p>sia, but is most impressed with Cape Town.</p><p>I have been here for nearly three years</p><p>now and I never once had issues around dirt</p><p>around my shop or people dumping things</p><p>outside. Everything is always clean and</p><p>there are constantly people working on the</p><p>streets at cleaning the area, he says.</p><p>I have been around, but Cape Town cer-</p><p>tainly cannot be compared to some of the</p><p>countries I have been to.</p><p>This place is a world apart and Im not</p><p>speaking about the distance, Phillips</p><p>laughs.</p><p>The new CCID sweeper machines have a</p><p>circular sweeping capacity which allows</p><p>faster and more efficient cleaning of Cape</p><p>Towns streets.</p><p>The user-friendly sweeper machines will</p><p>be used in areas like St Georges Mall, the</p><p>Company Gardens, Thibault Square, the</p><p>Fanwalk and Lower Long and Jetty streets</p><p>daily between 11:00 and 15:00.</p><p>New cigarette bins designed to extinguish</p><p>and lock in smoke fumes are also being im-</p><p>plemented across the CBD.</p><p>Thestronger and tamper-proof cigarette</p><p>bins will be emptied weekly.</p><p>Currently, there are 300 bins installed</p><p>across the CBD.</p><p>To go the extra mile in keeping the CBD</p><p>clean,wehave introduced the MyAshBox</p><p>pouches, which will encourage smokers to</p><p>stash away their butts conveniently, instead</p><p>of littering, says Chief Operations Officer</p><p>for the CCID, Tasso Evangelinos.</p><p>The survey also revealed that users would</p><p>feel a lot safer if the CBD had proper and ef-</p><p>fective lighting.</p><p>This has led to the introduction of a tree-</p><p>lighting project in Greenmarket Square.</p><p>The square isnow lit up from18:00until 01:00</p><p>throughout the year. Plans are now in place</p><p>to roll out a similar project in other parts of</p><p>the city centre.</p><p>We never underestimate the important</p><p>role that well-maintained public spaces</p><p>plays in attracting and retaining investment</p><p>in the CBD, Evangelinos says.</p><p>We encourage everyonewho lives, works</p><p>or visits the central city to takepride in their</p><p>environment and to play their role in main-</p><p>taining a world-class and beautiful CBD.</p><p>Ward councillor Dave Bryant applauds</p><p>theCCIDs efforts andbelieves their success-</p><p>es can be improved.</p><p>The cleanliness of the CBD is something</p><p>we are very proud of. If you saw the area 10</p><p>years ago, it looked...</p></li></ul>