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1. Penny StocksAnd What You ShouldKnow About Them 2. Risk Comes From Not KnowingWhat You Are Doing~ Warren Buffett 3. By Definition:Penny Stocks AreCommon Stocks That AreTraded At Low Prices 4. Below $5 In The US,Below 1 In the UK, andStocks Traded In Cents In SG 5. Penny Stocks AreCheap In Disguise 6. Consumer Behavior Is OftenInfluenced By The Pricing ofProducts At Certain Price Points 7. As Such Since Penny StocksIs Cheap, They Are UsuallyVery Attractive Especially ToNovice Investors 8. The Danger of That IsNovice Investors Tends ToFocus On The Stock Price toGauge A Stocks Value 9. Instead of Price,One Should Always PayAttention To The OverallMarket Capitalization ThanJust The Price Alone 10. For Example, In Singapore 11. SBS Transit Is Trading At $1.70SIIC Environment Is Trading At $0.18 12. Does That Mean That SIICEnvironment Is A SmallerCompany Since Its Share PriceIs 10 Times As Cheap ? 13. A Further Check Will You ThatThe Market Cap of SBS Transit Is$523 Million While SIICEnvironment Is $1.38 Billion 14. RememberPrice Does Not Equate To Value 15. So Its Important That YouDont Judge The Cheapness ofA Stock Based on Price Alone 16. Another Thing That You ShouldKnow About Penny Stocks IsThat They Are Often TargetedBy Speculators 17. The Low Price of The StockCombined With Billions ofOutstanding Shares MakesTrading of Penny StocksExtremely Easy. 18. In Many Cases,You Might See A Shark FinChart From Penny Stocks 19. This Is Usually Caused ByOperators Who EmployedA Pump & Dump Strategy 20. Which Artificially Inflate aStocks Price Through false,Misleading Positive StatementsBefore Selling Them at Sky-HighPrice 21. As A ResultMany Novice Investors WillLose Their Pants When TheseThings Happen 22. Which Is Why You Need To BeExtremely Careful When TradingAnd Investing In Penny Stocks 23. Another Thing AboutPenny Stocks Is ThatThey Are LovedBy Stock Brokers 24. Stockbrokers Earn a CommissionFrom Executing Stock Trades. 25. There Is Nothing Wrong With Itas They Do This For a Living... 26. But If a StockbrokerContinuously Lures You to BuyAnd Sell Stocks for The Sake ofCommissions 27. They are More Likely to HaveTheir Own Interests at HeartThan Yours 28. In a Nutshell, You Should TreatPenny Stocks Just Like AnyOther Stocks. 29. You Need To Look At BusinessModels, Earnings, Performance,And The Direction of TheCompany 30. Do Not Buy Them Just BecauseThey Look Cheap 31. If There Is No Growth AndProfitably To A Company 32. What Seems CheapCan Become Cheaper 33. And You Dont Want To BeCaught In That Situation 34. Full Step-By-Step Case StudyOn How We Discovered,Evaluate & Sold This StockFor A 243.5% ReturnIn 18 Months 35. Questions?Feel free to reach out to usWebsite: