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<ul><li><p>8/7/2019 Pennsbury Budget Committee Hearing</p><p> 1/7</p><p>PEN NSBURY SCHOOL DISTRICTFALLSINGTON, PA 19058-0338</p><p>Ji</p><p>Board Budget Committee Meetingpri1 14, 2011</p><p>Agenda</p><p>5:30 p.m . Welcome</p><p>5:35 p.m . Budget Strategy - Proposed Budget</p><p>5:40 p.m. Fund Balance Projection</p><p>5:50 p.m . Present and Discuss Budgeting Options:30 p.m . Adjourn</p><p>)1JM4-3 Board l3ud2et (ommittee Aenda.doc</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Pennsbury Budget Committee Hearing</p><p> 2/7</p><p>PENNSBURY SCHOOL DISTRICT2011-2012 BUDGET UPDATESUMMARY</p><p>First DraftBudget1/13/11</p><p>Governors BudgetUpdate3/10 111</p><p>Tax Increase - Mills</p><p>Notes:Current RET millage: 150.3Estimated value of a mill: $857,020Value of 1% RET : $1,291,559</p><p>3.6 79 2.1</p><p>Expenditure BudgetRevenue Budget before tax increaseDeficit</p><p>ProposedBudget4/14111</p><p>$ 174970,000 $ 174,970,000 $ 173,301,000171,915,000 168,210,514 171,520,762</p><p>S 3,055,000 $ 6,759,486 $ 1,780,238</p><p>Tax Increase - % 2.40% 5.30% 1.40%</p><p>dudqet 1 1-12xs4/14/2O1 1</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Pennsbury Budget Committee Hearing</p><p> 3/7</p><p>PENNSBURY SCHOOLDISTRICT20102011 BUDGET - PROJECTIONAS OF 03131111</p><p>DISK: BUD2O1O-2011FILE, FUNBALO3</p><p>03/13/11</p><p>REVENUE:Local sourcesState SourcesFoderal SourcesOther Sources</p><p>APPROVED2010-2011 BUDGET</p><p>31 3324893437586,8662,479,200</p><p>0</p><p>PROJECTION3I31I2011</p><p>313239419034,4394034.225000</p><p>0</p><p>BETTER/(WORSE&gt;THAN BUDGET</p><p>(854, 744)(3,147.463)</p><p>1, 745,8000</p><p>TOTAL REVENUE $173,315,000 5171058,593 $2,256,407)</p><p>EXPENDITURES:SalariesBenefitsProfessional ServicesProperty ServicesOther ServicesSuppliesPropertyOther ObjectsOther Uses of Funds</p><p>$97,047,60633,658,6439,039,8721563,07111292,4109,609,551471,249</p><p>6,426,6416,705,957</p><p>$94,847,60630,758,6438,739,8721,463,07111,692,4109,159,551471,249</p><p>6,226,6416,705,957</p><p>$2,200,0002,900,000300,000100,000(400,000)450,000</p><p>0200,000</p><p>0TOTAL EXPENDITURES $175,815,000 $170,065,000</p><p>993.593</p><p>$5,750,000</p><p>AMOUNT ADDED TO FUND BALANCE $993,593 $993,593</p><p>FUND BALANCE AS OF 6/30110PROJECTED AMOUNT ADDED/(USED) 2010-2011ESTIMATED FUND BALANCE 6130/11</p><p>Nonspendable Fund BalanceCommitted for PSERS Employer Contribution ContingencyCommitted for Capital Expenditure ContingencyCommitted for Self Insurance ContingencyAssigned for PSERS 2010-2011 Rate Change</p><p>201 0-2011BUDGET 3/31/2011PROJECTION$8,679,814 $8,679,814(2,500,000) 993,593$6,179,814 $9,673,407</p><p>ESTIMATED FUND BALANCE AVAILABLE FOR APPROPRIATIONIN 2011-2012 $952,482 $4,446,075</p><p>Recommended 2011-2012 Fund Balance AppropriationEstimated Remaining Fund Balance 6/30/12</p><p>(2,500,000)$1,946,075</p><p>OPERATING SURPLUS/(DEFICIT) (2,500,000&gt; 3.493,593LESS: FUND BALANCE APPROPRIATION 2,500,000 0 (2,500,000)$0</p><p>(575,332)(2,400,000)(500,000)(500,000)(1,252,000)</p><p>(575.332)(2,400,000)(500,000)(500,000)(1.252,000)</p><p>PERCENT OF TOTAL 2010-2011 BUDGET 1.11%</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Pennsbury Budget Committee Hearing</p><p> 4/7</p><p>PENNSBURY SCHOOL DISTRICT R: BUD2OIO-2011PROJECTED REVENUES - 2010-2011 PILE: REVENUEAS OF 63/3 1/2011 PROJECTION-03</p><p>\PPROVED PROJECTION3UDGET S OF PETTER/P010-2011 0/31/2011 WORSE)</p><p>PDCAL SOURCES:Pill Real Estate Taxes $ 125148025 $ 124859.327 $ (288.698)3112 Interim raxes (96.909 500,000 3.0913113 Publlc Utility Tax 175,000 180,863 5,8636153 TransferTaxes 1,800,000 1,500.000 (300.000)3411 Delinquent Taxes 2800,000 2,900.000 100,0003510 Interest on Investments 150,000 100,000 (350,000)(750 Student Activities - Athletics 89,000 89,000 0839 Pass Thru-lU. Funds 1,800,000 1 800,000 0910 Rent of School &amp; Facilities 65,000 165.000 03940 Tuition Students)Receipts Other LEAs 185,000 185,000 /35990 Miscellaneous 40,000 10,000 06990 Refund of Prior Year Receipts 100,000 75,000 (25,000)EQTAL LOCAL SOURCES S 133.248.934 $ 132,394,190 S (854,744)JTATE SOURCES7110 BasicSubsidy $ 15,200,000 $ 13,451,602 (1,748,398)7140 Charter Schools 750,000 750,000 07160 Tuition &amp; Court Placed 128,000 128,000 07270 Special Education 5,378,096 5,378,096 07310 Transportation 2,206,465 2,206,465 07320 Rentals 1,068,000 1,068,000 07330 Medical, Dental and Nursing Services 260,000 236,000 (24,000)7340 State Property Tax Reduction Allocation 4,157,718 4,157,718 07507 State Block Grants 376,385 876.385 07810 State Social Security Paents 3.629,222 3.543,937 (85,285)7820 State Retirement Payments 3.907,980 2,643,200 (1,264,780)7500 Miscellaneous State Grants 25,000 0 (25,000)TOTAL STATE SOURCES $ 37,586,866 S 34,439,403 S (3,147,463)FEDERAL SOURCES:8514 Title I $ 673.000 $ 577,000 (96.000)3515 Title II 318,000 320,000 2,0008516 Title III 50,000 41,000 (9,000)(3517 Drug Free Schools 0 5,000 5.0008701 ARRA- IDEA 1.090,000 1,090,000 0/3708 ARRA-SFSF 0 1,692,000 1,692,0008810 Medical Assistance Reimbursement 348,200 500,000 151,800FOTAL FEDERAL SOURCES S 2,479,200 S 4,225,000 S 1,745,800FOTAL REVENUE $ 173,315,000 S 171,058.593 $ (2,256,407)OTHER FINANCING SOURCES:3300 INTERFUND TRANSFERS SO SO $0500 REFUND PRIOR YEAR EXPENSES 0 0 03500 RECEIPTS FROM OTHER PA LEAS 0 0 0FOTAL OTHER FINANCING SOURCES $ - S - $ -TOTAL REVENUE &amp; OTHER FINANCING SOURCES $ 173,315,000 $ 171.058,593 $ (2,256,407)FUND BALANCE APPROPRIATION 2,500,000 0 (2,500,000)IOTAL REVENUE &amp; OTHER FINANCING SOURCES $ 175,815,000 $ 171,058,593 S (4,756,407)</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Pennsbury Budget Committee Hearing</p><p> 5/7</p><p>PENNSBURY SCHOOL DISTRICT DISK: BUD2OIO-20112010-2011 BUDGET - PROJECTION FIL E: FUNBALO3AS OF 03131111 *11412011</p><p>ObjectiDescription Overl(Under)3alanes (Primarily professional staff changes) 2200000)Medical Benefits (IBC Claims level) 200.000)Social Security (171000)Retirement (Rate change reduced from 8.22% to 5.64%) 2,529,000)I. U, Costs (200,000)</p><p>Legal Fees (100,000)iroperty Services (100,000)Charter Schools 180,000Tuition/Other Services 1 80,000I. U. Transportation 40,000Supplies and Books (150,000)</p><p>Utilities (300,000)Other Objects (Interest on Emmaus variable rate bond issue) (200,000)To tal Expenditure Differences (5,750,000)</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Pennsbury Budget Committee Hearing</p><p> 6/7</p><p>Pennsbury School District1011-2012 Budgeting Options</p><p>To Reach 14%Expenditures</p><p>Il?oduce PHS professional stall positions by ,ittrition. 2ZlReduce middle school staff positions by attrition, 15IReduce elementary prof stall positions by attrition, 2IlEliminate every day building subs!Reduce summer per diem daysReduce narochial school health staff</p><p>7 [Accept additional risk in personnel budget:1Reduce salary budget for retirementsEslimate d withholding benefits savings</p><p>Estimated health benefits, 5.5 positions11 Accept additional risk in benetits budget12 Reduce overtime13 Increase four day work weeks in summer14[Advance purchasing of NG and electric and energy co ns e15 Revise phone service agreement16 New band width pricing for WAN I1 7 Suspend middle school lightweight football18 Suspend ninth grade wrestling19 Replace SAGE program20 Reduce budget for variable rate debt service21 Reduce federal program medical benefits expense22 Reduce federal program social security expense23 Reduce federal program retirement expense24 Reduce Tech School contribution25 Reduce Tech School contnbution-retirement incentive</p><p>26 Add: One new bond issue payment for ER project27 Add: RELA textbook adoption28 Add: Increase in diesel fuel29 Add: Increase in workers compensation30 Add: New elementary math specialist positions (3)31 Add: New special education positions (4) MA funded32 Add: Van for special education students - MA funded</p><p>Revenues33 Increase budget for January duplicate34 Increase budget for estimated May duplicate35 Increase budget for Matrix interims36 Increase budget for School Media revenue37 Increase budget for finders fee from School Media38 Increase budget for MA reimbursement (Access)39 Decrease state revenues per Governors budget proposal40 Decrease budget for investment earnings41 Decrease budgets for social security and retirement42[Appropnate fund balance</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Pennsbury Budget Committee Hearing</p><p> 7/7</p><p>Pennsbury School District011-2012 Additional Budgeting Options</p><p>To Roach 0%</p><p>FxpendituresFurther reduce PHS professional staff positions by attrition. 2</p><p>IFurther reduce elementary prof staff positions by attrition, 2Reduce part-time school aides. 4Demote 6.5 hr paraprofessionals by I dayFurIough or demote other support staff</p><p>-)IAccept additional risic in personnel budget7Estimated withholding benefits savings for staff reductions above,:3 Estimated health benefits savings for staff reductions above9 Eliminate mid-day kindergarten transportation</p><p>10 Accept additional risk in property &amp; casualty insurance11 Introduce student activity participation fee2 Suspend one ninth grade basketball team3 Suspend one ninth grade football team</p><p>14 Suspend HS winter trackl5lAssign 6% expenditure reduction goals to pnncipals and other budget managers</p></li></ul>