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<ul><li><p>part 1: your pencil self-portrait</p><p>Objectives Studio Skills Presentation</p><p>You completed a self-portrait in pencil using observational drawing techniques, including:</p><p> closely studying your face and drawing from observation</p><p> working from light to dark</p><p> stopping to check for accuracy as you work</p><p> adding a full range of values to your portrait to give it form</p><p>Your portrait shows a full range of values: whitest, darkest, and multiple shades of middle grey. </p><p>You used sighting and making comparisons to other features to ensure that your portrait has accurate proportions and features</p><p>You used your time productively, appropriately, and safely during every class.</p><p>You took care of the art materials and voluntarily assisted in clean-up on a daily basis.</p><p>Your drawings are free from tears, folds, smudges, stray marks, or guidelines.</p><p>You stayed away from smudging when creating value.</p><p>Your work shows effort to complete the drawing.</p><p>you took the time to complete your best work.</p><p>Give yourself the grade you feel you earned:Give yourself the grade you feel you earned:Give yourself the grade you feel you earned:</p><p>/20 /20 /20</p><p>part 1 TOTAL:part 1 TOTAL: /60</p><p>REFLECTION QUESTIONs:</p><p>1. What did you learn about drawing self-portraits during this unit that was new to you?</p><p>2. What advice would you give to someone who was about to start drawing their self-portrait?</p><p>RUBRIC TOTAL: /10</p><p>YOUR NAME:</p><p>alternative materials self-portraitRUBRIC:</p></li></ul>