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  • 1. The Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Are You The Next Master?My Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Review & SummaryDo you love to draw with the use of a pencil then you probably haveheard of the Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery? With this, you willdiscover the secrets of going beyond the nextwhole new real master level of drawing realistic pencil portraits at thetop Artists in the world rarely reach. This guide is said to show you howyou too can draw realistic pencil portraits like a master with his trulystep by step guide. This will also help you to achieve your dream to
  • 2. become a master pencil artist without wasting your precious time goingthrough years of trials and errors.The Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery is made by possible by ChristopherSia. He admitted that he was a struggling so called artist trying to learnhow to draw realistic pencil portraits. But because of his desperation, hewanted to learn more about pencil portrait. This is why he was able tocome up with the Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery guide.Click Here To Download The Full Home Study Course!So that you will have a bigger and clearer idea what this can do for you,listed below are some of the things that you will surely learn with theRealistic Pencil Portrait Mastery.
  • 3. Learn how you can avoid the BIGGEST mistake for people in drawingeyeball, eyelids, and iris Discover my SECRET method for overcoming the complicatedproblem of observing the eyebrows that most people failed to know Discover how to draw the iris in a whole new way without just fillingin with darkness and makes it more realistic. Discover the method of drawing small details on eyes without usinga kneaded eraser. An easier way of drawing an area that looks extremely complicatedwith highlights, shadows, and eyebrows without frustration. Learn the correct way of drawing eyelashes so you wont spoil yourentire realistic eye drawing. Learn how I draw the skin around the eye so you can also copyexactly the same and enhance the realistic effect of your eye drawing. A total of 55 pages, 127 illustrations and images to show you exactlyhow I draw a realistic eye with step-by-step well explained descriptions. Learn the direction of how the lips flow. Knowing this will help youto achieve realistic effect in every of your mouth drawing
  • 4. Learn how to avoid the 3 common mistakes beginners make when itcomes to drawing mouth and teeth. You can literally spoil the realism ofyour mouth drawing even if you make just any one of these mistakes Discover the way how I draw lips vertically and horizontally to createthe complicated texture effect of human lips. An example of drawing lips to create the bumpy effect that makesthe mouth realistic.The list above simply tells us that the Realistic Pencil Portrait Masterycan teach you a lot. It will surely help you improve your drawing skillsespecially with the use of pencils. There are more techniques and othersecrets that you can get here.